Facebook Photo of the Week (May 10 ~ May 16)

This week we celebrated another week of awesome sales and promotions. While the promotions are over, there is still time to enter our Make it Month Contest. It has been so fun to see all your creations made with the Sunny Herb Garden and Carnation Fragrance Oils…keep em’ coming! We’ll do a blog post featuring all the entries in early June.

If you are looking for more soapy projects inspired by the garden, this week was full of floral projects. The Rose Garden Cold Process Tutorial is an advanced project utilizing soap frosting, mica swirls and the hanger swirl technique. If you enjoy the hanger swirl technique, this Tiger Stripe Hanger Swirl Tutorial is right up your alley. If you are looking for an easier project, these Elegant Coffee Filter Flowers can be made in minutes. The Victorian Heart Melt and Pour Tutorial is another project perfect for the beginner crafter. If you have never made melt and pour soap before, the Free Beginner’s Guide to Melt and Pour is full of information and tips.

Bath fizzies are another fun and easy project, and our Facebook Photo of the Week from Holly of Lotion Bar Cafe is a great example of a bath fizzy done well.

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Facebook Photo of the Week (February 1st ~ February 7th)

Welcome to Friday, everyone! Hopefully you’re staying warm despite the insanely cold weather that has swept through many parts of the U.S (the Pacific Northwest even woke up to snow on the ground this morning). Even with the weather outside, this soap is bright and cheery Dandelion Zebra Cold Process tutorial and sure to liven up your soap lab and who doesn’t love a pink cupcake (which feature a secret ingredient)? Thank you for the amazing comments on the new soapy tools post. A few lucky people will find a brand new Silicone Tool Set on their doorstep next week. Expect to see more Bramble Berry customized soaping tools in the future.

Show Your Love week is over and ended with with a pink salt foot scrub tutorial and a blow out 15% off fragrance oils sale. That sale may have ended, but good news: today is the last day to use the LOVE30 coupon, which is good for 30% off every item in the Mini Heart Bath Bomb kit.

With a certain heart-themed holiday ahead of us, it’s all about pink this week, and the Facebook Photo of the Week is no exception. Take a look:

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Facebook Photo of the Week (January 11th ~ January 17th)

This week we made two exciting announcements, including the winners of our S.M.A.R.T. Goals Post. Thanks again to everyone who shared their 2014 goals with us — we had such a fun time reading them.

We also announced the beginning of our 2014 Soap Swap! In case you are unfamiliar with our Soap Swap, it’s a fun way to swap your creations with fellow soap makers, learn new techniques and receive 12 bars of unique soap. Hurry and sign up now, spots are filling up quickly.

An Instagram collage of some of the lovely soaps we received during last year’s Spring Swap.

This week we also shared our Honey Kisses Sheer Lipstick Tutorial, which is an inexpensive way to recreate my favorite store bought lipstick. Looking for more lip recipes? First, learn all about the process in our Talk It Out Tuesday: Lip Balm post, then give these tutorials a try! We also have you covered when it comes to cleaning up your lip balm project.

As for the Facebook Photo of the Week, this whimsical swirl caught my eye. Bonus points for their awesome use of natural colorants!

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Facebook Photo of the Week (December 7th ~ December 14th)

And just like that, another week has flown by! This week we shared a simple and quick tutorial on how to make your own Cucumber Melon Deodorant using our sample of the month, Cucumber Melon Cybilla Fragrance Oil. In addition to this fresh deodorant, we also made a Fall Sherbet Cold Process soap made with pretty pastel hues.

We also explored different preservative options with a guest post by Susan Barclay-Nichols — the woman behind the fantastic Point of Interest cosmetic chemistry blog — who shared great information regarding preservatives as well as a body butter recipe in our Perfectly Preserved + Body Butter Recipe post (want more cosmetic chemistry goodies? We carry a few of Susan’s books, including Back to Basics, Lotion Making 101 and Formulating Lotions & Creams). And even though we are only halfway through December, we shared some Valentine’s Day inspiration with our Valentine’s Day Roundup. Never too early to plan your gift giving! =)

Speaking of holiday inspiration, we have loved seeing all the festive holiday soaps on our Facebook page! This week’s Facebook photo is full of holiday cheer and sparkle.

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Facebook Photo of the Week (September 27th ~ October 4th)

Happy October, everyone! We’ve officially entered the season of pumpkin patches and trick-or-treaters, and we’ve been keeping warm by making batches and batches of soap. Earlier this week, we showed you a rustic Leopard Spot Melt & Pour project, discussed pesky (or awesome, depending on what you’re after!) vanilla discoloration in soaps, and capped off the week by introducing you to the Frog Foot Swirl.

We’ve been busy coming up with tutorials for the holiday season and we can’t wait to share more of them with you in the following weeks. Are you ready to see which soap inspired us this week?

Our Facebook Photo of the Week is a layered soap with a very artistic twist.  Patricia, owner of Lathered Pony Soap Company, made a soap she said imitates the “…evening sky when the Montana mountain moon rises.”  Using Bramble Berry’s Indian Sandalwood Fragrance Oil and vibrant, deep colors, she definitely pulled off the imagery she was going for. The soap almost looks like an oil painting! She has even made her own versions of the Peacock Swirl, Swirled Hearts and Leopard Spots (see below). Thank you so much for sharing your soapy creations with us, Patricia. Expect a lovely soapy package on your doorstep soon.

For the rest of our fellow soapers, we encourage you to keep posting and sharing your soapy creations with us on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page — we love seeing what you create!

Patricia’s Facebook Page: Lathered Pony Soap Company

Post pictures of your soap creations on the Facebook page each week for a chance to be featured on the Soap Queen blog and receive a sweet soapy package from Bramble Berry.

Facebook Photo of the Week (July 19th ~ July 26th)

I’ve been in and out of the office this week on account of  Norm, our COO, mandating me to take it easy (little does he know, no one can stop me from checking emails on my phone!) I’ve been able to spend plenty of outside in the sunshine with Lily, and Jamisen even helped me build a trellis in our backyard garden.

In soapy news, we’re smack dab in the middle of #HomeSpa. Hopefully you’ve been taking advantage of our super special 24-hour flash sales, and if not, sign up for our newsletter to be in-the-know about next week’s coupons. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest because we’ll announce deals there too! Along with the sale, we’ve also rolled out a few luxurious tutorials that follow the spa theme. As usual, there was no shortage of gorgeous soap photos on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page. Seeing the inspirational soaps made for a great way to end my mini-staycation week. Are you ready for this week’s feature? It might make you green with envy!

This week’s entry comes to us from Shelly at Green Apple Soaps & Sundries. She told us this was her version (and I’d say a very successful one at that) of the Violet Gradient Glitter Melt & Pour Tutorial. Instead of the glitter, she used mica and the fun and fruity Crisp Anjou Pear Fragrance Oil to come up with what she calls “Layered Pear.” Thank you for being a part of our amazing soapmaking community on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page, Shelly. It’s so invigorating to see the many variations of Soap Queen tutorials (and original ideas) that are shared with us every week — keep it up!

Shelly’s Website: Green Apple Soaps & Sundries

Shelly’s Facebook Page:  Green Apple Soaps & Sundries

We also wanted to share Shelly’s entry to the Make It: #WoodlandElves feature, and remind you that there is still time to make bath & body products with your free sample fragrance oil from this month. We’d love to see what creative ideas you come up with, and don’t forget to share them on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page with the hashtag #WoodlandElves. We’ll showcase all the photos we receive in a Facebook album. For some inspiration, take a look at past MIM albums such as Make It Month Baby Powder, Make It Month Photography and Make It Month 4th of July. Happy Soaping!

Be sure to post pictures of your soap creations on the Facebook page each week for a chance to win a gift package from Bramble Berry, and don’t forget to check Soap Queen regularly for soapy news and updates!

Facebook Photo of the Week (July 5th ~ July 12th)

With all the fun happenings at Bramble Berry and Soap Queen, this last week has just flown by! We’ve had one of our last guest posts from the Soap Guild show (written by our very own Kat Hackney), a brand new Make it Month with Woodland Elves, the sample fragrance of the month, and a unique chance for you to inspire a Soap Queen tutorial. And, if you want to be prepared for a fun promotion that is happening later this month, be sure to sign up for our newsletter (we’ve been dropping little hints as far as what’s to come!) ! Are you ready for the photo of the week? A soapy piano scale please…

This week’s photo comes to us from the very talented Lena at Lena Alma Handmade. This masterfully executed piano keys soap was created using Bramble Berry’s new 4″ silicone mold that was part of our Soap Guild Conference Goodie Bag earlier this year. Did you know I play piano? I took lessons for 13 years and enjoy playing to this day. Her soap caught my eye with its crisp black embeds in a milky white background that resemble adorable piano keys. Expect a soapy little package coming your way, Lena! Thanks again to everyone else who is part of our soap making community each and every week. Your photos truly make the Bramble Berry Facebook page what it is!

Lena’s Website: Lena Alma Handmade

Lena’s Facebook Page:  Lena Alma Handmade

Be sure to post pictures of your soap creations on the Facebook page each week for a chance to win a gift package from Bramble Berry, and don’t forget to check Soap Queen regularly for soapy news and updates!