Don’t Forget to Play

“Life is more fun if you play games.” ― Roald Dahl

Happy Easter Weekend =) We did an Easter Egg hunt with Jamisen. He was beyond euphoric about the whole concept of sugar. Trying to explain to him why Easter happens was a little tricky. The internet was no help either. I stumbled over an explanation to him but had vastly underestimated the need for an actual explanation. Jamisen didn’t ask one single question about why he was made to get dressed up, carry a pink basket and go find plastic eggs filled with candy. Ah, so sweet: childhood innocence.

The whole “candy candy candy” thing worked so well that we told Jamisen that the Easter Bunny had left some more eggs out along the road. This convinced him to go on a very long family walk. It worked like a charm. I think that the Easter Bunny might be leaving little happy sugar eggs along the road for many more months. I am not above light bribery to get more fun family outdoor activities happening.

Lily gamely played along with her rabbit outfit though did not get any candy because I failed to get any candy for gumless babies. I will make it up to her by mainlining sugar into her morning meal. (Joke. That’s a joke. Just in case anyone thinks I feed her anything besides delicious green smoothies in the morning).

We also managed to get some of our garden planted today. We planted kale, chard, spinach, and broccoli separated by rows of marigolds for their anti-slug properties. We’re hoping to plant blueberries, potatoes, corn, cucumbers, zucchini, garlic, tomatoes and peppers later in the season. The weekend feels like it went way too fast but it was happy and full.

I hope you had a laughter-filled weekend with your family and friends. =) Also, if your Easter Egg hunting was creative or cool, I would love to hear how you made it extra great. I need to plan for next year because I’m pretty sure just plastic eggs + candy won’t make it past Jamisen when he’s the wise old age of 4.

Saturday Night Spotlight: Argan Oil

Nearly unheard of 5 years ago, you can’t pick up a bath and beauty product now without it touting the almost magical properties of Argan Oil. While usually I take outrageous beauty claims like that with a grain of salt, this is one oil that packs a serious punch.


Facebook Photo of the Week (April 12th – April 18th)

With just a few days until Easter, we are in full spring mode. To celebrate, yesterday we kicked off our Easter Egg Hunt. Participating is easy: simply find ten Soap Queen Egg gifs on and then email to receive two exclusive cold process recipes along with a PDF on how to use colorants in cold process. But don’t wait, the egg hunt ends on April 21st.

Speaking of contests, we’ve got plenty more going on. If you’re thinking ahead to Mother’s Day, there is still time for the ShowMomLove Contest. Simply post an image of a handmade gift on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest by April 20 to enter to win a kit from the Soap Crafting Club. If going green is your thing, there’s also an Earth Day contest. Show us a photo of your recycled soap mold on our Facebook page with the hashtag ‘#BBEarthDay’ to win an Eco Chic Melt and Pour kit.

This week we shared a comprehensive list of tips, tricks and information for beginning soapers. Whether you want to start working with melt and pour or cold process, the Beginning Soaper Resource Roundup has you covered. If melt and pour is your soapy method of choice, this Carnation Cube Cuties Melt and Pour Tutorial is perfect for beginners. Featuring the unique Carnation Fragrance Oil (our sample of the month) and Jojoba Beads, this project will leave your skin smooth and smelling of fresh flowers.

Speaking of fresh flowers, our Facebook Photo of the Week from Whitetail Lane Farm was clearly inspired by spring:


Bramble Berry Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday is coming up this weekend, which means lots of sweet goodies, egg-dyeing and of course, Easter egg hunts. But who says Easter egg hunts have to be for kids only? The Easter bunny has gone digital, and from now until April 21st we’re inviting you to participate in our online Easter egg hunt.


The River Runs Deep: An explanation of glycerin rivers

Soapmaking is as much a science as it is an art. Countless variables can affect the look and feel of your soap. Temperature is a huge factor in soapmaking, and today we’re tackling a phenomenon that occurs when soap gets too hot.

An extreme example of soap “cracking,” also known as glycerin rivers.


Carnation Cube Cuties Melt and Pour Tutorial

  • Difficulty:Beginner
  • Time:1 hour
  • Yields:9 cube soaps

We’re getting back to the basics today with this cute cube melt & pour. This project is great for beginners and it’s also an excellent way to build some basic melt and pour skills. It requires that you keep a close eye on your temperatures because you don’t want to melt the delicate jojoba beads or break the smooth layers. The project also uses the Carnation Fragrance Oil, which is our sample of the month for April. With every order, you’ll receive .5 oz. of this unique spicy floral fragrance (yes, I said “spicy” and “floral”!).


Beginning Soaper Resource Roundup

If you’re a new soaper, the amount of resources, guides and tutorials to sift through can seem overwhelming. To make things seem a little less daunting, we’re collecting the best resources from around the Bramble Berry network. We’re always excited to welcome new soapers in our community, and hopefully this post will serve as a hub of information to get you on the right track.

Some of you may remember the “choose your own adventure” books that were popular 90s. Well, think of this post in the same way! If you want to start soaping, you’ll need to figure out whether you want to tackle melt and pour or cold process soapmaking. Both methods of soapmaking have their own set of techniques, challenges and new things to explore, and there is certainly no reason you can’t master both. We just recommend starting with one so you can focus your learning. Get ready to dive in, immerse yourself in information and choose your own soapmaking adventure!


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