Soapy Session Preparation and Setup Guide

You have done your soapy homework: the recipe is created and prepared, the design is fully thought out, and time has been scheduled in your busy day. Now, it’s time to prep your ingredients and set up the soaping work space.

Having your supplies and space fully prepared before making cold process soap is extremely important. Occasionally you need to think on your feet while soaping, and having all tools on stand-by can make all the difference!

Sunday Night Spotlight: Jojoba Oil

When you’re formulating for anything skincare, there are a wide variety of oils available. One that is a favorite for skincare is jojoba oil; it acts somewhere between an oil and a liquid wax, jojoba oil is a versatile ingredient that can instantly enhance any bath & beauty product. Pronounced “ho-ho-ba,” this oil joins the ranks of Chia and Argan oils as a fast absorbing, super-skin nourishing oil.

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seed of the Jojoba shrub. The shrub is native to southern Arizona, California and northwestern Mexico. In it’s natural state jojoba oil is a thick, light golden liquid with a slightly nutty odor. It has an extremely long shelf-life because it does not contain triglycerides (basically fats) like other oils do. In fact, according to the Alternative Field Crops Manual, jojoba oil is “relatively pure, non-toxic, biodegradable, and resistant to rancidity.” These qualities make it an excellent, hardy option for massage oils, lotions and cold process soaps. Technically, because jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, the shelf life is long-lasting (decades even). Even being a liquid wax, the oil has similar properties to skin, making it a light-weight, easily-absorbable skincare option.

Due to its versatility, indefinite shelf life and nourishing properties, jojoba oil has been used in a wide variety of soapy projects on the Soap Queen blog. You can use varying amounts of jojoba oil in scrubs, lotions or lip balms, but it shouldn’t be used more than 10% in cold process soap because it tends to weigh down lather. Below are just a few projects where we’ve used jojoba oil:

Top: Mango Avocado Balmy Salve, Loofah Cold Process

Middle: Radiant Red Lipstick, Mini Heart Bath Bombs

Bottom: Massage Oil, Cuticle Oil

Have you made products using jojoba oil? What did you think? Leave a review on the product’s page to let other crafters know what you thought!


Facebook Photo of the Week (July 19th ~ July 25th)

It was a rainy week here in Washington state, but lucky for us we were still in Rome! Well, in spirit anyway. The Roman Holiday series of tutorials featuring Neroli and Shea Blossom Fragrance Oil wrapped up, with projects ranging from the simple Neroli & Shea Solid Perfume to the intricate Tile Inlay Cold Process Tutorial.


Roman Holiday Series Wrap Up

With rich history, fabulous food and gorgeous architecture, it’s easy to understand why Rome was the source of inspiration for our Roman Holiday series. The past week was full of Mediterranean-themed projects and sales, but all good things must come to an end, the Roman Holiday series included.


Roman Holiday: Vespa Melt & Pour

  • Difficulty:Advanced
  • Time:Varies
  • Yields:Varies

Imagine zipping through the beautiful city of Rome on a scooter, as wonderful sounds and smells fill the air. Thanks to Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, Vespas are now an iconic symbol for Rome and Mediterranean transportation. While a moped ride in Rome may not be a possibility, this moped Melt and Pour project scented with Neroli & Shea Blossom Fragrance Oil brings the sense of Roman adventure into your home.

To create the scooter-shaped mold, we used Flexy Fast Molding Putty. Fast drying and easy to work with, this molding putty is perfect for creating a wide variety of mold shapes. If you’d like to see this molding putty in action, check out this Special Edition “Back to School” Soap Queen TV video! For this project we used two small containers of putty, but the amount may vary slightly depending on the size of your molding object.


Handmade Beauty Box Contest Winner!

Today is a great day to give away a free three month subscription to Handmade Beauty Box. Wouldn’t you agree? Thank you to those who voted, offered project suggestions, and liked/followed/shared/pinned Handmade Beauty Box on social media. We read every single comment and created a master list compiling all of your project ideas. Four pages later, we’re swimming in DIY inspiration. You guys rocked it!


Give it all You’ve Got, and Then Some

I recently had a mentoring session with a smart woman named Kay. She had been out of work for a while but had finally landed a job. It was 50% under what she wanted to be paid, but it was a job. The company itself was in disarray; it was a serious mess. After just the first week, she knew she could help them dramatically, but she was not being paid what she thought her help was worth. She asked for my advice — should she go in, take charge, and make a difference even though she was not being paid for it?

Upon more discussion, she had a fear that she would be taken advantage of and that her efforts would not be recognized financially. She worried that the boss would take her gift and leave her at the same financial status. It’s been a long time since I was an employee and I’ve forgotten many of the games that unscrupulous employers play. But ultimately, this is about Kay, not her boss.


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