Snowy Forest Melt and Pour

  • Difficulty:Intermediate
  • Time:2-3 hours
  • Yields:About 3 pounds of soap

Preparing handmade holiday gifts requires a little bit of planning. That’s why Soap Queen holiday projects have come early this year! This modern holiday melt and pour project features festive layers and embeds to create a snowy forest landscape. With glitter and the piney Christmas Forest Fragrance Oil, this soap is the perfect holiday gift.

When making melt and pour soap in advance, it’s important to store and wrap it properly in order to keep it in tip-top shape. This Packaging Soap Queen Tv Episode shows you how to protect your melt and pour from glycerin dew (aka: sweating) and fading. Storing your melt and pour in a dry, cool place also helps extend the life of your creations.

Ready to kick off your holiday crafting? Now until September 18th at noon, PST, all fragrance oils are 20% off! Use the code: SAVESCENTS during checkout.

6 Simple Strategies for Better Time Management

My job changes from day to day. It makes life interesting. I am never bored. It also means I am consistently running from thing to thing, often without the time to reevaluate how or what is working. Over the years, I have developed a system to ensure I’m moving ahead and going in the right direction. Like any system, it’s always in process and will inevitably change over the next few years as my business, life and technology changes. But for right now, at this snapshot in time, this system helps to keep me sane. Below are six ways I manage my time, keep on schedule and move forward.

Soap Queen Cuisine: Chocolate Chai Tea Mix

On a cold day or night, there is little better than snuggling up on the couch with a book and a warm drink. Sweet, spicy and o’ so comforting, chai is a favorite treat of mine during fall and winter. Unfortunately chai can be expensive, and chai tea lattes contain a lot of sugar (a Starbucks chai tea latte packs in 42 grams!). Luckily, recreating chai tea lattes at home is easy. Made with a combination of milk powder, spices and instant tea, this chocolate chai mix cuts back on the sugar content while saving money.

Soapy Social Media Roundup

The morning air is becoming crisp, and some areas of the country are even experiencing brrrr, snow…fall is coming! This weekend, the kiddos and I are spending as much time as possible outside. Soon, it will be too cold and dark to enjoy the backyard and parks without bundling or gearing up with flashlights. While we will all miss our walks around the neighborhood, I’m excited for cuddly hot cocoa filled evenings.

On the blog, the holidays are in full swing with the Handmade Holiday series. The holidays are a few months away, but if making holiday gifts is on your to-do list, now is the time to get started. I have started gathering gift inspiration via Pinterest; in particular, I’m loving all the beautiful packaging ideas. Keep your eyes on the blog for cute holiday ideas and in the meantime, in case you missed any of my social media posts, here are the favorite pins, tweets and instagrams from the past week. 


Top left, clockwise:

  • “Do What You Love.” Such a simple statement, but it says so much! It’s amazing how doing more of what you love improves all aspects of your life. I started that process 16 years ago and haven’t looked back. I feel so lucky and #blessed.
  • This raw, vegan Cream of Green Soup looks beautiful. Made with coconut milk, kale and broccoli, I’m sure it tastes decadent.
  • Made with Green Clay, this Green Clay Cold Process Soap is stunning! While I’m a huge fan of swirls and intricate design, the simplicity of this soap really shines.
  • How cool are these Ringly rings? They connect to your phone, and send you notifications of texts or phone calls via vibrations in the ring.


The feather swirl design continues to be a challenge, but practice makes perfect. What technique are you attempting to master?

Another technique I attempted this week was making a new negative space embed soap! Keep your eyes on the blog, in the next few weeks there will be a tutorial for this soap, which is made the same way. 


Have a great weekend! To keep up with the latest soapy social media throughout the week, you can follow me on TwitterTumblrInstagramPinterest, Vine and YouTube.

Facebook Photo of the Week (Sept. 6th ~ Sept. 12th)

Handmade gifts are a special treat during the holidays. Giving someone a gift you worked hard on is a great feeling. Handmade gifts – especially cold process soap – do take time to prepare. That’s why it’s a good idea to get started now. If you need some ideas, there is plenty of Handmade Holiday Gift Inspiration to go around.


Making Lip Balm on Soap Queen TV

Handmade Lip Balm in a variety of containers

It’s another throw-back Thursday video on Soap Queen TV! This video was originally filmed in 2009 (check out the background on the set). This recipe is still a favorite and the label templates are remain cute and functional.  The label template will be free to download for the next week and after that will be available for purchase.

Too early for Christmas? If you are like me, every year you say you are going to make gifts for the holidays and every year you run out of time (or like me, end up pulling an all-nighter). So let’s make this the year we plan ahead. The trick is to get your supplies now and make your projects in those few hours here and there. Before you know it, the holidays will be here and, you’ll have no stress because you’ll have a wonderful gift for everyone on your list.

This video features two recipes. One for a small batch and one for a large batch of lip balm.

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Recipe for the small batch:

Recipe for the Large Batch:

Tools and Containers:

Handmade soap, lip balm and candles make a festive ensemble!


Today marks the 13 year anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001. While this event happened over a decade ago, the effects of this tragedy are still felt today. Sometime today, take a moment to remember all those affected.

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