Neon Embed Cold Process Soap Video #tbt

Neon Embed Cold Process Soap

It’s another throw-back Thursday video! This one features Kristy Schemrich, an amazingly talented soapmaker and teacher at our 2011 Soap Weekend Intensive (when we filmed this video). This soap has many steps but once you break it down the technique is surprisingly easy. It’s been wonderful looking back through the archives, we clearly had so much fun filming with Kristy as you can see from this blooper reel.

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Sculpting Mustache Wax


Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are mustaches of every kind - some flipped up, some with a little curl added. If you'd like to add a little  flair to your facial hair, this Sculpting Mustache Wax is the product for you! Made with whipped cera bellina wax, this wax is a great firm yet spreadable … Continue Reading

DIY Ornament Party for the Kids


I'm a firm believer in engaging kids in crafty projects at a young age. Arts and crafts enhance confidence and teach children to think creatively and problem solve. Not to mention, kids love creating! A great way to entertain the kids this holiday season is by throwing a DIY party for the little … Continue Reading

Soapy Social Media Roundup


This weekend, I'm enjoying the California sun during a UPS event for west coast clients. It's been wonderful to escape the Pacific Northwest rain! When Monday comes around, Thanksgiving prep will be in full swing. Jamisen's interest in helping in the kitchen is growing, which is both fun and messy … Continue Reading