Monarch Butterfly Swirl Cold Process Tutorial

Monarch Butterfly Swirl Cold Process Soap

With gorgeous orange, yellow and black wings, the monarch may be the most recognizable type of butterfly. It lives in warm climates such as Mexico, California and along the Gulf Coast, and is known for its annual migration from Eastern North America to Mexico. This Monarch Butterfly Swirl Cold Process was inspired by these gorgeous insects. Layers of monarch-colored soap are poured into the mold and swirled with a hanger swirl tool to create the effect of butterfly wings.

The fun part about the butterfly swirl is that every bar looks unique. When the bars are placed side by side, the butterfly image really pops. This technique was created by Zahida of Handmade in Florida, click here to read our interview with her. As a bonus, now until May 26th, a collection of items inspired by bees and butterflies are 20% off with the code: BUTTABEES. Click here to see the full list of items which include Pure Honey Fragrance Oil, Yellow Oxide and the Tall Narrow Wood Loaf Mold.

Monarch Butterfly Swirl Cold Process Soap DIY

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