Back to Basics: Beginner Project Roundup

Last week featured two recipes perfect for beginners: the Simple & Gentle Cold Process Soap and the Creamy Orange Cold Process Soap. Both of these projects are made in a recycled box and do not contain complex design elements. If you have never made cold process soap before, I highly recommend starting with a simple recipe like these to get a feel for soaping. Once you have a few basic cold process recipes under your belt, it’s time to challenge yourself with more complex techniques. These include swirls, layers and embeds. This upcoming week will feature two starter tutorials, specifically designed for beginners who are ready to challenge themselves.


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Sunday Night Spotlight: Lotion Bases

Lotion Bases Spotlight

Making lotion from scratch is a fun project. The process includes emulsifying water and oils, much like making soap. Other additives such as extracts, vitamin E and DL-panthenol can also be added to increase benefits to the skin. If you love the feel of homemade lotion but don't want to formulate it … Continue Reading

Soapy Social Media Roundup


It's always fun to try new soaping techniques, but it can also be valuable to revisit the basics. The past week I shared two tutorials perfect for the beginner soaper as part if the Back to Basic series. If you have never made cold process before, the first tutorial in this series, Simple & … Continue Reading