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5 Tips to Create Professional Looking Soap

When making soap to sell or give as a gift, it needs to look polished and professional . Unfortunately, not every batch comes straight out of the mold this way! Whether the soap has a bit of soda ash or uneven edges, there are several tricks to making each and every bar picture perfect. Here are my top five finishing touches to create soap that looks professional and finished.

Soap Queen Cuisine: Homemade Pumpkin Puree

With the change of seasons, new fresh produce comes available. Although it’s sad to say goodbye to berries, I’m excited for squash, pumpkins and apples. During fall and winter, I make sure to have plenty of pumpkin puree on hand for making breads, soups and yes, soap. While buying puree at the store is always an option, I prefer to make mine at home to freeze for later (especially if it’s for soap making because, no additives). It’s easy to make, and freezes well.
When making pumpkin puree, remember to use baking pumpkins rather than carvings pumpkins. When hollowing the pumpkins I like to save the seeds to roast and snack on later. If you’re looking for another way to use the pumpkin puree, the Pumpkin Puree Cold Process recipe uses real puree to create a luxurious bar of soap!

Soapy Social Media Roundup

Happy first official week of fall! The Pacific Northwest certainly received the fall-memo, as the weather changed suddenly from sun to pouring rain this week. On the bright side, the garden is receiving plenty of water and the kiddos are utilizing their inside toys. Gotta stay positive!

With the grey weather comes more crafting and inside activities. Today, I’m whipping up some pumpkin puree (blog post about that tomorrow) and gathering inspiration via Pinterest for upcoming Halloween/fall projects. If you haven’t already, there is still time to enter to win one of SIX Bramble Berry gift certificates, simply for following Soap Queen on social media outlets. Click here to enter the contest! Speaking of social media, here are my top pins, tweets and instagrams from the past week. 


Left to right, clockwise:


This week, I have been practicing my squeeze bottle skills. It can be tricky to find the right squeezing consistency, and to keep a steady hand! Practice makes perfect.

I’m thrilled with how this dandelion soap turned out! This soap has real dandelions on top, and the swirl in the center is called the Dandelion Zebra Swirl, first featured by soaper Vinvela Ebony. If you want to try the Dandelion Zebra Swirl, check out this tutorial.

Top Tweets from Twitter:

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! To keep up with the latest soapy social media throughout the week, you can follow me on TwitterTumblrInstagramPinterest, Vine and YouTube.

Facebook Photo of the Week (Sept. 20th ~ Sept. 26th)

This week was all about bright cheerful color! Jojoba beads are a great way to add a pop of color to your soapy projects. They also provide all-natural, bio-degradable, gentle exfoliation. Check out some tutorials using them in this Sunday Night Spotlight: Jojoba Beads.


How to Make Fresh Rain Sugar Scrub – Short Video

DIY Sugar Scrub Tutorial on Soap Queen TV

Today’s video is a Soap Queen Short. These are different than the regular, full length videos in that they are quick and show a fun, easy recipe that doesn’t require much explaining.

This Fresh Rain Sugar Scrub is so easy to make and a really nice alternative to traditional oil & sugar scrubs that can be greasy and slippery in the shower. Potassium Cocoate is one of the key ingredients in this scrub. It’s a soap concentrate made from coconut oil that contains glycerin resulting in a lovely, moisture-rich scrub. Plus, Jojoba beads add a pretty sprinkle of color, and, as highlighted in this Sunday Night Spotlight, they are an ideal alternative to plastic micro-beads.

 Click here to get everything you need to make this scrub.

Recipe to make 3 jars of scrub:

Chatting with Zahida of Handmade in Florida

Zahida of Handmade in Florida creates stunning cold process soap featuring signature swirls and gorgeous colors. With numerous soap challenge wins under her belt, Zahida has popularized several soaping techniques including the “Butterfly Swirl.” Her passion for creating and eye for design shines through in her blog and YouTube videos.
Before diving into soap, Zahida worked in corporate management and was an active member of the aviation industry, serving on several boards including the Pass Bureau Association. Zahida took a break from the corporate world after the birth of her son, and began soaping shortly after. Read on to learn more about Zahida, her business, and what inspires her to create such gorgeous soap!


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