Leopard Spot Melt & Pour

After we posted our Cold Process Leopard Spot Tutorial, one of the commenters asked if we could make this out of melt and pour. Challenge accepted! You could easily whip a top to make this look even more similar to its cold process counterpart. This is a fun project that utilizes our Ice Tubes Mold to creatively make leopard inspired-spots. This is a multi-part tutorial that requires several days to complete, but we think the result is worth it. For even more animal print goodness, check out the cold process version of this tutorial.

What You’ll Need:

50 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Base

Black Oxide Color Block

Electric Bubblegum Color Block

Ultraviolet Blue Color Block

Titanium Dioxide Color Block

.7 oz. Mango Peach Salsa Fragrance Oil

Ice Tubes Mold

2 lb. Wood Log Mold with Silicone Liner

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NOTE: You may want to give yourself a few days to complete this project. After you create the spots, you’ll need to let them sit in the freezer overnight. After that, assembling the rest of this recipe is a breeze!

ONE: Cut 10 oz of Clear melt and Pour into 1 x 1 inch chunks and then add chunks of the Titanium Dioxide Color Block. Melt the soap in a heat safe container on 30 second bursts and stif to mix the base and colorant.

TWO: Once the soap has been fully melted, add 3 mL of Mango Peach Salsa Fragrance Oil.

THREE: Make sure the blue bottom is securely snapped onto the Ice Tubes mold, and then pour the white soap into the mold. You should have enough soap to fill 9 cavities completely full.

FOUR: Give the soap 10 minutes to set, and then put the entire mold in the freezer overnight. Freezing the soap will make it much easier to unmold from the tubes.

FIVE: After allowing the soap to sit overnight and then, pull off the blue bottom of the tube tubs mold and push the soap out. It may take some coaxing, but it should slide out eventually. Once the soap is out, allow it to thaw for 2- 3 hours, then use a Soap Cutter to cut the soap cylinders in half. It’s okay if shards break off unevenly, that will add character to your leopard spots!

SIX: Reassemble the Ice Tubes tray mold by snapping the blue bottom back onto the mold. Fill 12 cavities with the white soap shards.

SEVEN: Cut another 10 oz. of Clear Melt and Pour and add 4 mL of Mango Peach Salsa Fragrance Oil. Then split it equally into two containers (with 5 oz. of soap each). Shave of chunks of the Ultraviolet Blue Color Block to color one container and chunks of the Electric Bubblegum Color Block to color the second. Melt the soap in heatsafe containers on 10 second bursts, stirring between each heat. Spray the white soap liberally with isopropyl alcohol, and then once the soap has cooled to 130 degress or below, pour the soap into the mold over the white chunks. You should have enough of one color to fill about 6 cavities, so you’ll have 12 full cavities total.

Just like before, place the mold in the freezer and allow it to sit overnight. This will make the tubes much easier to unmold.

EIGHT: Cut and melt 30 oz. of Clear Melt and Pour base and color with chunks of the Black Oxide Color Block. Fragrance with .5 oz. of Mango Peach Salsa Fragrance Oil.

NINE: Pour a thin layer (about 2 – 4 oz.) of soap into the mold. Spray with isopropyl alcohol and wait 15 – 20 minutes for the soap to form a thick skin.

TEN: Once the soap has formed a thick skin, unmold your colored “spots” and place them in the mold.

ELEVEN: At this point you may need to reheat the black soap. Melt the soap on 30 second bursts, and then once it has cooled to 130 degrees or below, pour the remaining black soap over the spots.

Let the soap harden overnight and it’s ready to use right away!

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  1. Maria Smith says

    When I tried using black oxide it stained the white flannel I bought to test it with. Is this something that normally happens or did I just use to much oxide?
    I had the same problem when I made my green and red apples, the flannel was multicoloured after :-(
    I’m new to using oxides/pigments but I really want to use them more because they don’t bleed.
    Could you rough guess how much pigment I should use in aprox 140 grams of soap base? I had mixed the pigments etc at 30% powder to 70% glycerine to get the lumps out and make it easier to add into the soap.
    Any help would be gratefully received.
    Thanks guys
    Maria :-)

  2. Leanna H. says

    Hi! I liked the black for the tutorial! I am actually making a 3D black tea FO soap for my boyfriend for Christmas (one of his favorite scents!) using black mica. But I have a question: My boyfriend wants me to use the Olive Oil base to make his gift but I haven’t used it. Will it have a smell/color that will change my soap? I don’t want the Black Tea FO from Brambleberry smelling like it was brewed in olive oil! :O

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