Soapy Session Preparation and Setup Guide

You have done your soapy homework: the recipe is created and prepared, the design is fully thought out, and time has been scheduled in your busy day. Now, it’s time […]

Sunday Night Spotlight: Jojoba Oil

When you’re formulating for anything skincare, there are a wide variety of oils available. One that is a favorite for skincare is jojoba oil; it acts somewhere between an oil […]

Facebook Photo of the Week (July 19th ~ July 25th)

It was a rainy week here in Washington state, but lucky for us we were still in Rome! Well, in spirit anyway. The Roman Holiday series of tutorials featuring Neroli and […]

Roman Holiday Series Wrap Up

With rich history, fabulous food and gorgeous architecture, it’s easy to understand why Rome was the source of inspiration for our Roman Holiday series. The past week was full of […]

Roman Holiday: Vespa Melt & Pour

Imagine zipping through the beautiful city of Rome on a scooter, as wonderful sounds and smells fill the air. Thanks to Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, Vespas are now an […]

Handmade Beauty Box Contest Winner!

Today is a great day to give away a free three month subscription to Handmade Beauty Box. Wouldn’t you agree? Thank you to those who voted, offered project suggestions, and liked/followed/shared/pinned Handmade […]

Give it all You’ve Got, and Then Some

I recently had a mentoring session with a smart woman named Kay. She had been out of work for a while but had finally landed a job. It was 50% […]

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