Once Upon a Dream Cold Process Tutorial

Once Upon a Dream Cold ProcessPrincess stories often include themes of true love, happiness, magic and morality. They are universally appealing. When these themes are mixed with plenty of sparkle and beauty, what’s not to love? This Once Upon a Dream Cold Process was inspired by the magic of fairy tale princesses. In particular, the new Cinderella movie served as a direct inspiration for the soft color palette and girly design. Of course, there is lots of shimmer and sparkle!


This project features a hanger swirl technique. Best suited for more advanced soapers, this technique involves layers and swirling with the use of a bent hanger or wire tool. Scented with the crisp and fresh White Rose Fragrance Oil, this soap smells as feminine as it looks. Like many florals, this fragrance does slightly accelerate trace, so be prepared to move quickly. Sparkly melt and pour spheres on top give the allusion of pearls for added charm and elegance. A big thanks to the.balm.boutique on Instagram for the “Once Upon a Dream,” name idea!

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How to Care for Silicone and Wood Molds

Investing in quality soap molds take your products to the next level. Soap making molds come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Among the most popular kinds of molds are silicone and wood molds. With proper care, both wood and silicone molds will last for years.

How to Care for Silicone & Wood Molds

Caring for Silicone Molds:
Silicone molds are great for both melt and pour soap, and cold process soap. Durable yet flexible, silicone molds make unmolding easy. Silicone molds also eliminate the need to line the mold with parchment paper, making them extremely convenient. The glossy inside gives soap a smooth and professional finish.
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How to Use 2-Part Silicone Molds on Soap Queen TV

How to Use 2-Part Silicone Molds on SoapQueen TV

If you’ve ever wondered how to use 2-part silicone molds, this Soap Queen TV Short is here to help! Made of durable silicone, the 2-part silicone molds are great for creating soapy embeds. Simply secure the two ends pieces together , and place the molds into a container to position the molds upright. Then fill up the molds, and trim the soap as necessary. Looking for the next step? Check out the How to Make Rainbow Heart Soap video to watch these embeds in action!

Have you used a silicone column mold before? I would love to see photos of your projects on the Bramble Berry Facebook page!

Best Selling Bramble Berry Fragrance Oils + Discoloration

Choosing a fragrance from all the fragrances out there is a big choice!  There are sooooo many good ones =) One important factor to consider is fragrance discoloration. Some fragrance oils change the color of soap due to various components within the oil. The most common type of fragrance discoloration is vanilla discoloration, which changes the soap to a deep brown. Fragrance oils can also turn soap various shades of yellow, tan, and orange. Fragrance oil discoloration can dramatically change the colors created in soap, so it’s important to choose your fragrance oil (FO) wisely.

Best Selling Bramble Berry Fragrance Oils + Discoloration

Vanilla discoloration is a natural occurrence. Fragrances containing vanilla notes are created with a component called vanillin, which is the primary component of the extract of vanilla bean. Vanillin is the organic compound that gives vanilla its flavor, and is widely used in fragrances to impart gourmand sweetness. The chemical nature of vanillin leads it to cause a darkening or browning, especially of white products. This effect also occurs with natural vanilla extract.  The higher the level of vanillin within the fragrance oil, the more darkening will occur. Even fragrances with a small amount of vanillin content of .4% (such as Almond Fragrance Oil) will still cause slight discoloration.
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Avocado & Dill Deviled Eggs Recipe

Avocado and Dill Deviled EggsWith Easter less than a month away, it’s officially “egg” season. It’s time to decorate eggs, hide eggs and of course, eat eggs! Hands down, my all-time favorite egg dish is deviled eggs. It’s such a classic appetizer, and is always a crowd pleaser. These deviled eggs feature creamy avocado in the filling. The avocado gives a smooth texture, in addition to healthy fats. Fresh dill, pickles and dijon mustard give these eggs a nice tang.

I love to bring deviled eggs to parties. Boiling the eggs the day before makes prep a breeze. Sprinkling the top with paprika and adding a small sprig of fresh dill makes these eggs look extra fancy. If you really want to wow your guests, place the filling into a piping bag and fill the egg whites (I am not that fancy; I use a spoon to plop in the filling!). I also love deviled eggs with pickles in them (sounds crazy, but they’re delicious!).

I made these eggs during a simpler time…back when my house was still in one piece! Yesterday, I’m had fun getting away from the chaos and spending time with fellow soapers at the Central Soapers Workshop in Kansas City.  I can’t wait to share my experience at Central Soapers; look for that post in the coming week. Also, the COHE team was in DC this week. If you’d like an update on that visit, be sure to join the Coalition of Handmade Entrepreneurs to get all the updates.
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Sweet Sea Dreams Roundup

SweetSeaDreamsThe ocean is an abundant source of inspiration. It’s full of color, texture, sounds and smells. For the past two weeks, the ocean influenced a wide range of projects. From eye shadow to cold process soap, the Sweet Sea Dreams projects featured plenty of sparkle, aquatic color schemes and fresh scents.

The Mermaid Tail Cold Process was inspired by the colorful scales of mermaids. This project uses the petal technique made popular by Kenna of Modern Soapmaking. A range of oceanic colors create interest, and really make the scales pop. Plenty of Iridescent Glitter is sprinkled on top to give a magical feel.

Mermaid Tail Cold Processcollage1Can’t get enough sparkle and shine? The Mystic Mermaid Eye Shadows create a shimmery makeup look. Full of color, these cool tones are great for a night out or a special occasion. If you’re wondering how to apply these vibrant hues, the blog post also includes an application tutorial. If you have never made mineral makeup before, check out this Soap Queen TV video to learn how. It’s incredibly easy and fun!

MysticMermaidEyeshadow3The Under the Sea Nail Polish Collection on Tumblr completes your mermaid inspired look. With five colors to choose from, these shimmery polishes will make you feel like an underwater maiden. Creating nail polish is incredibly easy; simply add the colorants and glitters to the Suspending Nail Polish Base and shake! To learn more about making unique nail polish shades, check out the Talk It Out Tuesday: Nail Polish blog post.

Under the Sea Nail Polish

finalCrazy about the blue and green color palette? The Mermaid Shell Melt and Pour soap features beautiful blue tones created with the Cellini Blue, Aqua Pearl and Opalescent Turquoise Micas. This project is a spin on this Clam Shell Soap Queen TV video. To create the textured clam shell look, a fork is used to create lines into thin layers of melt and pour. The result is soap that’s both realistic and eye catching. Crisp Cotton Fragrance Oil gives these soaps a slightly sweet, clean scent.

Mermaid Shell Melt and Pour3Crisp Cotton Fragrance Oil is also used in the Shimmer Sea Salt Scrub. The combination of skin-loving shea butter and coconut oil create a smooth, spreadable texture when applied to the skin. Fine grained dead sea salt removes dead skin, leaving skin feeling silky soft. The addition of Gold (light) Mica adds a subtle shimmer.

ShimmerScrub5x7Looking for even more aquatic inspired projects? The Stormy Seas Cold Process uses embeds and layers of color to create a oceanic landscape. The Sea Clay Swirl Cold Process features sea clay and pink sea salt for exfoliation. Melt and pour embeds and plenty of glitter creates the look of stained glass in the Shimmering Sea Glass Cold Process. If you prefer working with melt and pour, the Inspired by the Sea melt and pour project creates guest sized sea shell soaps.

Have you created a ocean inspired soapy project? I would love to see a photo on Instagram, simply tag your photo with the hastag #SoapShare. Doing so also enters you into a weekly contest to win a Soap Crafting Book! You can also share your photos on the Bramble Berry Facebook page.

Facebook and Instagram Photo of the Week (March 14th ~ March 20th)

As many of you know already, it was a hectic week for my family and I. We are currently working on cleaning up after a boiler in our house exploded. The great news is my family is safe and doing well. You can read more about that in the Soap Queen Has a Mess to Clean Up post.

One of my favorite ways to reduce stress is crafting, so I’ve been squeezing that in when possible. This weekend I will be speaking at the Central Soapers Workshop, so crafting is definitely on the agenda! One of my favorite recent projects is the Mermaid Tail Cold Process, which uses squeeze bottles and a spoon to create scales. It takes a bit of planning, but once you get going the technique is simple. It creates an interesting and unique look. The soap has some sparkle from Iridescent Glitter and smells fresh from Crisp Cotton Fragrance Oil.

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