Cold Process Soap Swap 2015

Handmade soap is fun to make – and, to give and receive. If you make soap , it’s inspirational to see what techniques other soapers are creating. The Bramble Berry Soap Swap gives you a chance to share your soap with others, while receiving a variety of bars for yourself! Sound fun? Read on to learn all the details, including how to sign up (and, hurry, spaces are limited!). Sorry! We are all filled up for this Swap. If you sent an email we will reply to let you know for sure whether you are in the swap or not. Thanks for your enthusiasm and excitement!

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Soap Swap Update

When the Winter 2014 Swap was announced back in January, we knew it would be big — we just never anticipated how big! This has been the largest swap to date, with more than 200 swappers from across the country sending in melt and pour, cold process and hot process soaps.

A snapshot of a few of the soaps that have arrived at our warehouse. Keep an eye on the Instagram account for more.

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Amethyst Garden Soap Tutorial + a Soap Swap Reminder

We’re midway through our Winter 2014 Soap Swap, and dozens of Swap boxes are arriving daily. If you’ve signed up and haven’t sent your box yet, you have until Monday, March 17 to get it to the Bramble Berry warehouse. You can send Swap boxes to:

Bramble Berry Inc.
C/O Soap Swap
2138 Humboldt Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Soap Swaps are a fantastic way to practice your soaping skills and get inspired by fellow soapers. If you haven’t signed up, you still have time! Simply email to sign up. Be sure to include your name, the fragrance you’d like to use and what type of soap you’re making. If your soap won’t be cured into time to send in, that’s okay too. Simply include a cure date so the recipient knows when they can use it.

We hold swaps three to four times per year, and the best way to find out about the next one is to keep a close eye on the Soap Queen blog. We tear into every box that arrives to the warehouse. These are just a smattering of some of the fantastic soaps that have arrived:

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And there are countless boxes still to come! The first swappers who send in their boxes will receive a mini handcrafted soap featuring one of my favorite new fragrances. Below is the recipe for the Amethyst Garden Soap, which will be included in every box that arrives to the warehouse early.

This is such a large batch of soap (12 lbs.) that you might want to scale it down to fit in a smaller mold. It would work wonderfully in the 18 or 9 bar mold, for example. This recipe contains 30% Palm, Coconut and Canola oil and 10% Avocado oil.

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Soap Swap Extravaganza: Winter 2014

Soap swaps are one of the most popular things on the Soap Queen Blog. Whether you’re a new soaper and want to learn, or an experienced soaper looking to get inspired with new ingredient options, there’s something for soapers at all experience levels. Our Soap Swap is a great way to discover new soaping techniques, get packaging ideas and maybe even meet new soapers. Think of it as a mini-soaping skill share! Read on to learn about how you can get in on the fun.

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Soap Swap Splendor

Let the countdown begin — our August Soap Swap is now less than a month away! If you aren’t familiar with our Soap Swaps, they are a wonderful way to connect with other soapers, be inspired by new techniques and designs, and experience a wonderful array of fragrances. If you’ve swapped before, you know that the day your swap box arrives is practically the equivalent of Christmas morning for a five year old.

Keep in mind that swap entries should be in batches of twelve, 4 oz. soaps. Swap boxes are due to our warehouse by August 12, so we recommend getting them packed and shipped by August 5. We will ship out the swap boxes no later than August 23. Swap boxes should be addressed to:

Bramble Berry Inc. C/O Soap Swap, 2138 Humboldt Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

Cold process, melt & pour and hot process soaps are all perfectly okay, and if you haven’t made your soaps yet be sure to consult the chart in the swap post to make sure the fragrance you want to use is still available. The swap is free, but you will need to pay for your own shipping. To do so, be sure to purchase the Magical Swap Express Item before the August 12 deadline.

Keep in mind that if you make cold process, you will receive a batch of cold process in return. The same applies to melt & pour. Along with your soaps, don’t forget to include a list of ingredients and the fragrance you used in your soaps — this is helpful to the swappers who will receive your soaps. Feel free to get creative with your packaging and labeling because it’s all part of the fun!

For those of you who want to participate in the swap, there’s still time! Simply email Swap(at)BrambleBerry(dot)com with the type of swap (cold process, melt & pour or hot process) and the fragrance. Be aware that if you decide to do cold process, your soap may not cure in time for the recipient to use. If that’s the case, simply add a cure date along with your ingredient list.

Sounds easy enough, right? It is! To spark your creativity, take a look below at some of the wonderful soaps we’ve received so far. Happy Swapping!


Soapy Social Round Up: May 10

The week is technically over but there is still so much to be excited about! We announced a new Soap Swap, our Bramble Girl is almost due, and my book is ever closer to publication. In fact, here is a Vine video I shot last week while making a super secret bonus project that goes along with the book:

This week we also worked on a fruity Strawberries & Cream soap using fresh strawberry puree and real cream. Keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial =) [Read more…]

Soapy Swap Showoff + a New Swap

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Soapy Swap. We received some ridiculously fabulous soaps, and I know everyone will be totally soap nerded out upon receiving their Swap packages. It’s been just like Christmas morning around here as the boxes have trickled in this week and last. We had so much fun this go round that we decided to do another swap…details are below. In the meantime, take a look below at a few of the awesome soaps we received for this round:

Like what you see? Don’t miss out on the fun… We’re announcing our August Soap Swap! [Read more…]