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Get ready, get set, SOAP! It’s time once again for a Bramble Berry Soap Swap! Our soap swaps are easy to participate in, and you may even meet a few fellow soapers or learn some new techniques yourself. Our last soap swap was a huge success, and we can’t wait to see what soapy surprises we get this year! Interested in swapping? Read on to find out how to get started!

How it works:

Anyone can participate in the swap, so if you’re a new soaper don’t worry. Our international friends can participate as well, but just expect to pay a bit more for shipping.

  • Choose from our Bramble Berry fragrance oils and email us at Swap(at)brambleberry(dot)com telling us which ones you’re going to use. Also include whether you are going to make cold process or melt & pour soap. Whatever you send us you’ll get in return, so if you send us cold process, we will send you cold process soap in return.
  • To ensure a good mix of fragrances, only 2 swap participants may use the same fragrance or essential oil per batch of soap.
  • You’ll craft 12 bars of soap that are at least 4 oz. each. If you want, you can participate in both MP and CP swaps, just make sure they are “full batches” — twelve 4 oz. bars of each process. Don’t forget to label them with the ingredients you used and your company name or soaping alias.
  • Soaps are due to our warehouse by Monday, May 6, so we highly recommend sending them by Tuesday, April 30 to ensure they arrive on time. Bramble Berry’s address is:

Bramble Berry Inc.
C/O Soap Swap
2138 Humboldt Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

  • There is no charge to participate in the swap, but you do have to pay for shipping. To make things easy, all boxes will be shipped at a flat rate of $12.35. To pay, just add the Magical Swap Express item to your cart and checkout! Your swap items will not ship until we have received payment for your shipping.
  • Once you pay for shipping, the rest is up to us! We will ship out your goodies by May 17.
  • As an added bonus, the first 30 people to send in their boxes will receive a bar of soap made by me using one of the new recipes and techniques from my Soap Crafting book (which isn’t available for sale until August 30, but you can pre-order it here!)

To break it down:

  • To make sure we have a good mix of fragrance examples, we will only allow 2 people to use the same fragrance. We will keep a list at the bottom of this post so you can check and see if your fragrance choice is still available. Fragrance and essential oils allowed will be first come, first serve, so be sure to email us ASAP!
  • Please send 12 bars of soap that are at least 4 oz. each. It’s no fun to send full size bars and get teensy tiny ones in return.
  • Please label your soap with the ingredients you used. Feel free to get crafty with your packaging too! Here are some examples from a past soap swap.
  • Worried about your cold process soaps not curing in time? You can put use-by dates if you’re cutting it short!

Ready to swap? Sign up here! If you have any questions, email us at swap (at) brambleberry (dot) com! Happy soaping!

P.S. Like the color fade soap you see at the top of this post? Check out our post about the SoapyLove 3 Color Fade to learn how to do it yourself!

Cold Process Fragrance Oil Requests:

1 Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Cybilla – Victoria C.
1 Blackberry Sage Cybilla – Jennifer H.
1 Ginger Lime – Debby L.
1 Cherry Blossom – Tanya R.
1 Energy – Scherry C.
1 Lilac – Catherine W.
1 Anise – Sarah T.
1 Oatmeal Stout – Heather C.
1 Wasabi – Jennifer R.
1 Yuzu – Kelly J.
1 Summer Fling – Nyota F.
1 Vanilla Oak – Michelle U.
1 Meyer Lemon – Ashley S.
1 Passionfruit Rose and 1 Kumquat/Fresh Mango Blend – Cassandra P.
1 Island Coconut – LeAnn N.
1 Vanilla Vanilla Cybilla – Christine K.
1 Crisp Apple Rose – Abby T.
1 Almond – Lori S.
1 Lemon Cake – Adrianna M.
1 Patchouli – Jamie C.
1 Lovespell – Alison D.
1 Grapefruit and Mint Essential Oil – Heather J.
1 English Rose – Erin C.
1 10x Orange,  Bergamot EO and Patchouli EO – Dana W.
1 Blackberry Cybilla – Emily T.
1 Pineapple Cilantro  – Melissa P.
1 Cranberry Pomegranate – Mary L.
1 Vetyver – Tami D.
1 Leather – Jessica
1 Beau Brummel – Jessica
1 Spellbound – Catherine W.
1 Fresh Zucchini Flower – Toni K.
1 Herbal Essence – Ann C.
1 Lavender Bouquet Cybilla and 1 Lavender Forest – Liz R.
1 Arabian Spice – Jeanette M.
1 Ginger Ale – Robert W.
Sweet Pea, Lavender & Chamomille Huggies and Bonsai – Toni B.
1 Lemongrass & Patchouli – Lisa H.
1 Energy & Lemon Verbena – Hilda B.
1 Rise and Shine – Marg P.
1 Cucumber Melon – Ashley Pruitt
1 Lime & Mint – April B.
1 Dragon’s Blood – Jen F.
1 Nag Champa – Amy B.
1 Black Raspberry Vanilla – Heather F.
Chamomile Bergamot – Sharon H.
1 Lavender 40/42 – Gretchen O.
1 Blend of Ginger Ale, Champagne and Kumquat – Leslie I.
1 Pumpkin Lager – Richelle M.
1 Lavender – Audra W.
1 Soapy Clean – Nikki H.
1 Blend of Dark Rich Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Coconut Cybilla – Kelly O.
1 Blue Man – Shalene M.
1 Black Tea and 1 Black Amber and Lavender – Kim G.
1 Sun Ripened Raspberry & Dark Rich Chocolate – Holly K.
1 Wake Up Rosemary – Kristie M.
1 Dark Rich Chocolate & Cream Cheese Frosting – Elizabeth M.
1 Pink Grapefruit – Christina M.
1 Baby Powder – Shannon M.
1 Relaxing – Michelle
1 Chipotle Caramel – Melodie C.
1 Tangerine & Vanilla Select – Sarah B.
1 Dark Rich Chocolate & Chai Tea – Shawna F.
1 Relaxing – Michelle A.
1 Vetyver & Mandarin Myrrh – Sylvia
1 Lime – Amy
1 Cherry Blossom – LuAnn R.
1 Spearmint Eucalyptus – Debra K.
1 Lavender Chamomile Huggies – Susan C.
1 Oatmeal, Milk & Honey and 1 Ginger – Wanda A.
1 Black Raspberry Vanilla & Champagne – Nancy R.
1 Rise & Shine – Dawnia R.
1 Apricot Freesia – Cathy J.
1 Lemon Poppy Seed & 1 Lavender and Orange – Francis S.
1 Fresh Linen and Lavender – Joy H.
Clementine Cupcake – Amy T.
1 Cedar and Saffron – Miranda B.
6 Bars Berrywine, 6 Bars Watermelon/Pearberry – Mary S.
1 Lavender 40/42 – Leilani O.
1 Energy & Sun Ripened Raspberry – Tanja K.
1 Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary – Erin R.
1 Moroccan Fig – Hayley M.
1 Black Raspberry Vanilla – Sabine M.
1 Spiced Mahogany (hot process) – Nikki W.
1 Raspberry Porter and 1 Baby’s Breath – Caron W.
1 Beau Brummel – Victoria S.
Eucalyptus Blossom and Peppermint  – T.A. H.
1 Summer Melon Spritzer – Renee
Patchouli, pink grapefruit and tea tree oil – Karin M.
1 Pepperberry – Michele C.
1 Plumeria (hot process) – John D.
1 Crisp Apple Rose – Ariane A.
1 Passionfruit Rose – Aurora G.
Chipotle Caramel and Strawberry/Vanilla/Dark Rich Chocolate Blend – Rachel Y.

Melt and Pour Fragrance Oil Requests:

1 Ocean Rain – Rachel E.
1 Mint Chocolate Chip – Tricia R.
1 Amber – Kelli G.
1 Cherry Almond – Marilyn P.
1 Energy – Toni K.
1 Oatmeal, Milk & Honey – Ashley P.
1 Apricot Freesia – Kymberlee
1 Bay Rum – Elly I.
Almond Biscotti, Hyacinth, Feliz Navidad, Monkey Love – Jaslind G.
1 White Tea & Ginger – Kelly M.
1 Grapefruit Lily – Leah W.
1 Fresh Bamboo – Rosemary R.
1 Wasabi – Rosetta M.
1 Lemon and Lavender – Erin R.
1 Cherry Pop Lemon Drop – Carlee S.
1 Peach Champagne – Jamesha B.
Almond Biscotti, Chocolate EspressoExotic Fruit Smoothie &  Toasted Rice – Karen H.

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  1. Natalya says

    Dear Brambleberry,
    I love the idea of soapy swap, but I am only interested in CP/HP soaps made with all-natural ingredients. I would love to know how fellow soapers mix essential oils or use natural colorants, and will be very happy to share my 13 years of experiences. However products with fragrance oils and synthetic colorants would not help me at all.
    I know that there are lots and lots of soapers who make all-natural soaps. Would you consider having a separate All-Natural CP/HP category in your future soap swap?

    • says

      Hi Natalya!

      I think this is a great idea, thanks so much for your feedback! A natural soap category would be a lot of fun, and I’m sure a lot of other soapers would enjoy it as well. I will share this idea with the team. Thanks again for the input!

      -Amanda with Bramble Berry

  2. Christy Lee says

    Hi Brambleberry,

    Oh wow~I did not know about Brambleberry’s soap swap. I would love to participate next Soapy Swap! Please let me know by email regarding Brambleberry’s next soap swap!! Do you have next year’s soap swapping date?

    Thank you.


  3. John D says

    I am pretty pumped about my first soap swap everyone. The Plumeria turned out great! I do the hot process until I can really learn the cold. a lot of folks love my soap. I hope the 12 do too! Let me know if you got mine and what you think.



  4. says

    I’m super excited for another swap!

    Just wondering if We can blend other fragrances along with the fragrances we are using from bramble berry? Or does our soap have to contain only bramble berry scents and no others?

    • says

      Hi Dana,
      Great question! We would love to have you blend any of Bramble Berry’s fragrances together to create that perfect blend for your soap. Which ones do you plan on using? Can’t wait to hear more about your soap!

      -Kirsten with Bramble Berry

      • says

        Hi Kirsten!

        I will be using a blend of 10x orange EO/patchoili EO/clary sage EO in a goat’s milk soap.

        I am thinking of doing a second set with another scent for this swap. But not sure what scent I will use for that yet.

  5. says

    I’ve officially signed up for the swap! :-) What pushed me over the edge to participate? The fact that NO ONE is using a super (UBER) fantastic FO… and I’m on a MISSION to introduce it to more soap makers.

    Count me in!!

  6. Sly says

    I looked at the related Posts and viewed last years Soap Swap, which was announced a month earlier than this years. I would like to recommend you go back to that procedure, which gives people about 7 weeks to order the ingredients, wait for delivery, make the soap, let it cure, and still have time to ship it to you.

    I could only go with what I had in my stash, and of course I had just used the last of my Palm Oil making the Cube Swirl soaps the week before.

    I made some Palm Free today, which seized on me, so I may not have time to try another Palm Free & give it a couple weeks to cure before mailing out. And of course, I don’t have anymore of the FO I had used either.

    Why the rush? Or is the Soap Swap geared towards professionals that have a large inventory of soap supplies and soaps on hand?

    • says

      Hi Sly!

      Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it when our customers let us know what works (and doesn’t work) for them. We apologize for not having a reminder earlier. We were faced with the option to not do the swap or try to do a slightly compressed timeline so we went with compressed timeline and I hope we can make it work for you. We’d love to see your soap! =) You can still send your items, with a little note that says they need an extra week or so to cure. We’d still be absolutely ecstatic to have your soaps in the swap with that little note. We saw that a lot with our last swap, even with a longer timeline. =)

      I know how frustrating it is when you recipe doesn’t turn out how you expected and it looks like Anne-Marie is working with you on the in the comments for the Palm Free Twist Tutorial. We definitely want to help you get to the bottom of this soapy frustration.

      Thank you so much for being such an active part of our soapmaking community. I hope we get to see your soaps in person =) -Becky

      P.S. If you haven’t already posted pictures of your soapy projects to Facebook, I’d totally love to see some of them, I’m a sucker for any bath and body project photos. =)

  7. Michelle says

    Thanks Becky. I did it the first time though the link when the soap
    Swap was first posted. Maybe the link wasn’t working.
    Working with Kirsten now :)

    • says

      Hi Michelle,

      I’m sorry to hear you haven’t gotten a response! I had customer service look through their e-mails and they weren’t able to find yours. Did you send it to swap(at)brambleberry(dot)com? I’ll make sure to get you on the list and have our coordinator send you an e-mail. Make sure you purchase our Magical Swap Express so that you can pay for shipping. Thanks! =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  8. says

    The little hamster in my head is running his tiny paws off to turn the rubber band connected to my brain. What can I come up with? Hmmmm. I better get a move on it!
    Can’t wait to check out all the other goodies!

  9. Lianne Van L says

    Can we participate all the way form Canada? (Provided I pay for the shipping that is, it will peobably cost more than $12.35)

    Also tried to pre-order the soap craft book, it wasn’t letting me because of my shipping address. :(
    Could that be an international shippping issue as well?

    • Lianne Van L says

      Nevermind about the soap swap question about shipping! I hust read up there that I can still do it, lol . :)

    • says

      You can totally participate from Canada if you’d like! If you would like to do it, make sure to send us an e-mail at the above address and we will be able to give you a shipping quote as well.

      With the Soap Crafting book, we are unable to do any pre-orders in our system for international customers, but we will have it available for you when it comes out in August. If you e-mail sma(at)brambleberry(dot)com, we will send you an alert e-mail as soon as the book is in for purchase. =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

    • Cassi says

      I just sent in the email typing it in (the old fashioned way, lol!)so hopefully that will be sufficient!

      • says

        Yeah, it took a while for my computer to cough up the address. It just kept rolling into the ‘page not found’ thing. I totally forgot the address was higher up in the article. *doh* :)

    • says

      Hi Kymberlee! It looks like all the links are working for us. If you ever seem to have a problem with a link, I’d try clearing your cache and restarting your browswer. Can’t wait for you to participate. =)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry