Pin it To Win It : Bramble Berry Style!

To kick off Givember, we have an exciting contest for you to participate in. It’s Bramble Berry’s first ever Pin it To Win It (PITWI)! The team and I love Pinterest (check us out here) and all the fabulous and fun new ideas it gives us and we want to pass this fun onto you. Over the next week we want you to pin your very favorite Soap Queen tutorials (such as Easy Whipped Shea Butter or How to Make Cupcake Bath Bombs — two of our most popular tutorials to date) and Bramble Berry products for the chance to win a $50 Bramble Berry Gift Certificate. We’re giving away 4 certificates so there’s 4 chances to win!

Pin It To Win It


  • Choose three Bramble Berry products and two of your favorite Soap Queen tutorials and pin them to any of your boards!
  • Be sure to include the hashtag #soapmaking on Pinterest (we can easily search for your hashtag to help keep all the pins straight).
  • Link back to us in the comments below with your Bramble Berry Style pin and a couple of reasons why you chose those products and tutorials. Or, you can also just link us up with your user name URL for Pinterest and we can find them that way too.
  • You have until November 10th at noon to enter.  At the  end of 1 week we will randomly pick 4 winners to receive a $50 Bramble Berry Gift Certificate.

While you’re pinning, check out our super fun community board, the Soapy Pinsters!

Ready! Set! Pin!

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    • Kelsey says

      Hi Margene!

      Thank you so much for pinning that! This contest is actually over now, so we’re not taking any more entries. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for our next contest. :)

      -Kelsey with Bramble Berry

  1. says

    I blog frequently and I truly appreciate your content.
    The article has truly peaked my interest.
    I’m going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information about
    once per week. I opted in for your RSS feed as well.

  2. says

    Ok, so here is my pin board where all 5 pins are located.

    Now, I picked the ones I did very specifically. I don’t know where I would be without my 12 bar basic square mold. Also, the peacock swirl tutorial is a must-watch for every soap maker, in my opinion, as Anne-Marie does such and incredible job explaining the process. The other pins are simply my favorite products! :)

  3. says

    I chose products of calendula extract, 2nd dill peppermint EO and shrink bands.

    The shrink bands are simply the best thing in the world for selling soap at faires, people can smell the soap but not dirty it up.

    Calendula and peppermint are mine personal stash products. I use calendula based soap and face cream for adult acne and it does wonders. And the peppermint EO smells just like a York peppermint patty.

    My tutorials are the swirled hearts and impressionist swirl. I can do hearts and am in awe of the impressionist swirl but its wonderful inspiration and something to work too. That’s what I love most about the tutorials they take the intimidation out of advanced techniques and actually inspire your craft.

    Thanks Anne-Marie & the Bramble Berry crew for all you do :)


  4. says

    This is such a great idea! I <3 Brambleberry! Thank you so much for your tutorials- so much awesomeness!

    The 2 tutorials and 3 products I chose are:

    1. Pretty in Pink: Salty Cold Process tutorial – This is such a great tutorial and recipe. It turned out great and is one of my faves!

    2. Palm-free in-the-pot swirl tutorial:
    Awesome tutorial for swirl technique and a great recipe for palm-free soap. I'm trying to do my part and not contribute to the destruction of the natural habitat of orangutans and am so pleased that Brambleberry offers sustainable palm oil.

    3. Brambleberry's sustainable palm oil- I can now purchase palm oil with a clear conscience!

    4. Brambleberry's Pink Soapmaking goggles- Cute, sassy while being safe!

    5. Brambleberry's alkanet powder – I just tried it for the first time and am really impressed with the colors.

    <3 <3 Brambleberry!

  5. Michelle Holtzclaw says

    1. Soap Puffed Marshmallows Tutorial – People are AMAZED at the good-enough-to-eat look of these marshmallows. They’re just like Rice Crispy Treats – people think you’ve spent hours making them, even though you haven’t. :)

    2. Modern Cherry Blossom Tutorial – I love the retro look of this technique, and the end result is always groovy – no matter what colors you use.

    3. CP Soapmaking E-Book – This book was the catalyst for getting me to venture further out into the wide, wide world of soapmaking and helped me discover my own creativity. I love it.

    4. Vertical Mold – The possibilities of this mold are endless: faux funnel, vertical twist, divided, multi-divided, slanted-divided…every technique I have used with this mold has worked amazingly.

    5. Acrylic Soap Stamps – Often times when I feel like a soap isn’t as spectacular as I had hoped, a simple impression from one of these stamps seems to make the soap pop!

  6. Wicks Way Candlea says

    My all time two favorite tutorials is how to make Sugar Cubes and Garden Soap these are the Best ! I love,love to make M&P soap white/clear combo of both it does not matter to me as long as I can be creative incorporating a variety of different materials such as loofah, walnut seeds,embeds of all types, a variety of molds, stamps,and colorants. I can go on , and on.How to make the Garden soap introduced me to layers and its been game on ever since! I love Soap Queen… and Bramble Berry products. My two favorite fragrance aaah three shucks ,could not decide are: Grass Stain, Sweet Grass, and Zucchini Flower -they have such a pleasing, clean natural scent I tend to use them more often and my customers love them.. Rock on “Bramble Berry” team! You continue to Soapaspire me!!!

  7. Kelli VanDeusen says

    I’m in love – my Christmas wish list has officially begun. I’m new to soaping having just taken a class with Marla – curing soap is beginning to take over my apartment! I’m gearing up for Christmas gifts! The Bramble Berry products I chose as I’ve been eyeing them for some time — making their way onto my Christmas wishlist… the Soap Queen tutorials were chosen to become my next project, they are beginner/intermediate – a perfect starting point!!

  8. Jen says

    I’m new to Pinterest also so I believe I did this right lol.
    I wish I could pin your customer service because it’s always been top notch to me :)
    My fav tutorials are the MP loves cp, I just love the idea with the cubes and the little hearts. It’s so inspiring. I’m into faux funnel swirls too so I love that one too. They are so much fun to make!

  9. Theresa H. says

    Hope I did this right, wasn’t sure how to hashtag something I already tagged. But almost all in this album are BB

    Love the onsie mold! That’s always a huge hit! Fav FO’s are Pineapple Cilantro, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Red Apple to name just a few. Love Bramble Berry products :)

  10. Theresa H. says

    Here’s my pinterest link. I’m new to pinterest so not sure how to retag a hastag to something I’ve already tagged? But almost all in my album from soapqueen
    BTW I love the onsie mold/tutorial, when I make this it’s always a huge hit!
    Love the Pineapple Cilantro frgrance and Red Apple FO too. Love Brambleberry Products!!!!

  11. says

    I pinned the tutorial of shampoo bars because I’m just learning to experiment with that! I also love the products Hungarian Lavender EO and Kentish Rain EO (haven’t found anything quite like it!).

    P.S. I have wished BrambleBerry were more pin-friendly, ie photos for the products…..

  12. K8theCurst says

    Here’s my Craftsy Pinterest board, with pins galore!

    I chose all of those because my holiday crafting instincts are starting to kick into full gear. I’m baking and knitting up a storm, and this year I want to try making some lotions and soaps too. A friend of mine pointed me your way, and I’m super excited to start trying out recipes! Thanks for the great tutorials!

  13. heidi collins says

    Calendula petals: Not only does it have nourishing qualities, but I love the way it looks in MP and CP soap. It can even be used in Bath Fizzies.
    Cappucino mica: In fact all micas. I really like how the mica refracts in the light..shiny, shiny.
    Multibar cutter: simply awesome.
    Tutorials: 3 way scrubs..I’ve admired Erin Pinkor for a while..actually it was her vreative soaps that got me interested in this adventure, and the soap tutorial that kick-started it all was the Gardener’s Soap.
    Link: porn.

      • heidi says

        I don’t know what I’m doing wrong to give you the link to my pinterest page.
        Hopefully you can find me from my name:
        Heidi Collins and my board is labelled: soap porn.

        • says

          Hi Heidi!

          You aren’t doing anything wrong, sometimes technology just doesn’t want to work! Could you just link us to your main Pinterest page? I could find your soap board from there if you could do that!

          -Becky with Bramble Berry

          P.S. I tried searching for Heidi Collins and there were so many of them, I didn’t know which one was you!

  14. says

    For my products I chose OMH fragrance oil (it smells amazing more of a natural scent than others), silicone square tray mold (this mold is amazing and I use it for many m&p projects), and your clear melt & pour soap base (it’s one of the best I’ve ever used).

    For my tutorials I picked the cupcake bath bombs (these are amazing and the frosting gets really hard love it) and chocolate lip balms (one of the most moisturizing tutorials I’ve found yet).

    Love all your products, videos, and tutorials! Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  15. Mandara says

    I love the whipped shea tutorial, can’t wait to make that soon, focusing on soaps right now but that’s my next project! I already make non-emulsified scrubs, but emulsified scrubs are another coming soon project and I LOVE rose clay so this will be fun to do!
    I adore Woodland Elves fragrance oil, it’s so beautiful and love the name! Both the lavender and calendula I purchased from Brambleberry over a year ago and they both still look great!!! Thanks for having such awesome products and tutorials, have learned alot from them.
    Moonchild Soaps

  16. says

    I’m swirled obsessed, so my top two tutorials are: Palm Vertical Twist Tutorial and Three Color Mantra Swirl.

    For BB products, the mini-mixer for mixing oxides, followed by Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera Liquid for CP soap. I think it would make a nice addition to my CP soap.

  17. Connie Lucot says

    I have chosen several, several things… I’m new to soap making and I am having a blast learning everything. I have been watching the tutorials like crazy, repeatedly to learn and understand while I wait each week for my next shipment of supplies. I have researched other vendors and educational resources and I have say, Bramble Berry has been the easiest and most trusted in my opinion. I am hoping to make some pretty Christmas CP soap in time for Christmas for my self, but if all turns out well, then I may give some as presents.

  18. AJ says

    I love the basic how-to tutorials for cold process soap making. That is why I pinned the Burping the soap bubbles and lining the mold tutorials. I also pinned the gingerbread man tutorial and cupcake soaps because I make those to give away during the holidays.

    Let’s see I just purchased the mini-mixer for mixing colorants – love it. Goodbye spots. And I also picked the multi-bar cutter. Maybe Santa will see that!

    Thank you


  19. says

    I love color and decided long ago when I first ventured into soapmaking that the neon brites were my faves- so I’ve pinned all 3! They are eye-catching and always seem to be wallet-catching too! My username on Pinterest is “Jabonita,” and my soap board is “Soap Queen and Brambleberry.” I love making soap and I love sharing what I love too. Thanks BB for being so awesome.

  20. says

    My pins are in here:

    The tutorial for fizzy bath truffles I loved because I had been fiddling with a recipe for about a year that I just couldn’t get right. Thanks for yours!

    The nail polish tutorial is just begging for me to find yet *another* hobby. :)

    And the three BB products are all ones I use and love. :)

  21. Brynn says

    Well I picked the two tutorials because:
    1. Salt soak: I have wanted to make soaks for gifts this year and I have been dragging my feet on getting started.
    2. Easter Ducky Soap: because I have made a modified version of that for a friends bridal shower. BTW it was a huge hit.

    I picked the three products because:
    all kits because I want to start making CP soap (really really badly) and the makeup would be fun to play around with and it would be so easy to actually match skin tone with out looking up looking cross-eyed at the powder section.

  22. says

    I pinned the solid sugar soap scrub and how to make three scrub recipes- I had never seen the solid sugar scrubs before, what a neat idea! Also added three new BB product pins to my collection as well: the 13#scale (I NEED a new scale), the EO sampler kit (a nice variety to have in the house) and 25 cube silicone mold (how neat is that?)

  23. Lori F says

    Ohhh I hope I am doing this correctly!

    I picked tutorials that use your melt and pour soaps. I LOVE your goat milk soap, it is hands down, the best soap ever!!!!! I would love to start doing more creative work with the m/p’s….it’s so easy, super fun and VERY addicting :)

    also, just a quick shout out to your Facebook page. When I have a question, the response time is QUICK!!!! which is important because I’m often in the middle of a project and I need help! So a big thanks to everyone on there for great advice and support. I appreciate it!!!!

  24. says

    When I got my Pinterest account, one of the first things I did was set up a running “wish list” board. You’ll notice that half the Brambleberry store is at the bottom of this board – it was the first place I started pinning things from for this board! (

    And, of course, a few tutorials for products to try when I make my next order and get the supplies I don’t have yet… Vanilla Latte Lip Balm and Bath Truffles! (

    WizardAtWork (at Etsy)

  25. Leilani says

    I picked some of tutorials that really pushed me to try something new – thanks. As for products, I picked your wood 18 bar mold, it’s the perfect size for swirl tops; metal bath bomb mold; cupcake kit and Yuzu fragrance!

    My pinterest board:

  26. says

    I love doing my nails so I was happy to see all the frankenpolish supplies. I love making soap, so any tutorial with soap in up there for me, but I haven’t tried the Impressionist one yet and the design appeals to me. I like the products because I like having to get everything at once with the nail polish kit. I love infused oil especially calendula. I like being able to buy Palm oil at a reasonable price and know that you are letting me buy Sustainable Palm Oil.

    I have to say it was difficult to pick favorites because I love a lot of your products and tutorials. :)

  27. Janet says

    Chocolate Espresso Cybilla fragrance is a big favorite with my family. Got some Tuberose Moss and love it. The knitting needles mold combines two of my favorite things: soapmaking & knitting! (side note: I’m 29 years old, I just have the hobbies of a granny! lol) Love swirling CP and making things as colorful & creative as possible so I picked a swirl tutorial. :) Haven’t tried a shampoo bar yet, but would love to cut all ties to commercially made bath products. I figure it’s probably better for the environment, and better for me, too!
    Thank you for having this great give away!

  28. says

    I chose the products and tutorials I did for a couple of different reasons…they are either things I have already used or things I can’t wait to try.

    I have another board called “gypsy concoctions” full of natural remedies and natural body products and I already had some brambleberry/soapqueen stuff pinned so I just moved them over, which is why I have a few more than the required 5. 😉

    • Debby says

      Oops I forgot to choose my reasons why I love these products!
      1) 5LB silicon mold liner- I don’t know how I lived without this! I hated lining molds, and now I don’t have to! I actually own 2 of these, and I want more. They save my so much time, and my loaves always look so nice and clean.
      2) Tangerine Wow- This color is amazing. I wasn’t too excited about it until I saw it in person, and I’m stuned and how bright it is! It works great in CP soap. I actually ordered a few other neon colorants and I can’t wait to get home tonight and open up my BB box!
      3)Hot Cocoa FO- I would never have thought I would want chocolate scented soap until I tried this FO. It works great in CP and people love it this time of year. It smells very realistic, and maybe even better than real hot cocoa.
      4)Avocado Sea Clay Bars- This was one of the first “intermediate” recipes I ever tried. I add ground walnut shells for exfoliation and I love the way it makes my skin feel. The lather is amazing and I use this sopa every morning.
      5) Foaming Bath Whip Frosting- I actually chose this tutorial because I haven’t tried this recipe yet. I’m played with the foaming bath whip a little, but now I really want to try it on my fizzies. I think it would be amazing in buttercream and snickerdoodle!

  29. Megan says

    Link to my pins:


    The first tutorial that started my whole soap making adventure was the How to Make Cold Process Soap. I watched this series probably 3 times in a week and go SO excited for all of my materials to arrive from BB so I could start!

    Next was the Calendula 1/2 and 1/2 soap. I loved how this looked, but didn’t have all the proper ingredients to make it at the time so I used this look to make a 1/2 and 1/2 lemon poppy seed bar!


    I have some oxides for colorants in my soap, but would love to get the LabColor trials because I’ve never used them and don’t typically try too hard to gel my soap, so this would be a fun new thing for me to try

    I think the vertical mold looks AMAZING! I want this so badly so I can try the trick of spinning the divider before removing it to transfer colors to opposite sides!

    And Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey–who could NOT like this fragrance?! Uuuuuuh, it is to DIE for! One of my staple fragrances–I love it so much!


  30. says

    I have used and loved each product and tutorial pinned. I have changed elements of the recipes up a little to suit my needs, but the Soap Queen tuts have been an absolutely amazing beginning source for good bases. There are still so many recipes and products I want to experiment with!

    • says

      All you need to do to add a #hashtag is add this symbol: #, with the words #soapmaking after it! To edit already pinned products, just find that particular pin and hit edit! Thank you so much for your entry, Marie. :)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  31. says

    What a fun contest! I chose the following:

    Gold Mica : Love LOVE this sparkle Mica! It goes into maaaany of my soaps to add that extra little bit of shimmer & interest.

    12 Bar Round Silicone Mold: This is my go-to mold! Soaps pop out perfectly & easily everytime, with a gorgeously shiny finish that really helps them to look professional.

    Calendula Extract: I love this extract! Goes into my lotion bars, balms, scrubs and shaving creme to help soothe skin.

    As for the tutorials, I chose the Bath Bomb Surpise tutorial because I thought it was a really fun and easy craft anyone can try (the ingredients are nice and safe so even kids can help out). As well as the Champagne & Cream facial mask tutorial because it sounds soooo lovely and decadent!

    Here’s my spot for soapy things! (Although many are also laced throughout the rest of my boards).

    Thanks very much! Enjoy your day

  32. says

    Here is the link to my Pinterest board with my pins!

    The 3 BB products I chose were Shea Butter, Litsea EO, & Pumpkin Spice FO. I chose shea butter because I think it is an amazingly versatile products that works in many applications. I love Litsea EO and it is a best seller for me in my facial bars. Even men love it! I also chose Pumpkin Spice FO cause I think it makes the perfect fall fo and when you add a bit of Cream Cheese Frosting FO it turns it into the perfect Xmas fragrance!

    I chose the tutorials I did because each one has a unique and creative twist on my making cold process soap and I think they are both fun tutorials!

  33. Katydid says

    I chose the Solid Scrub and ITP Swirl tutorials because they are both things I love to make and am always looking to improve my technique

    My fave products are the 12bar round mold, hydrated chrome green pigment, and the scrub/lotion kits.
    The mold makes my round soaps easier to wrap, the green is my favorite colorant, and the scrubs kit will make my Christmas gift giving super simple!

  34. Katherine Osman says

    I love this contest AND everything Bramble Berry. I chose your soap mold and the crinkle cutter because they’re simply the best, and the cold process beginner kit because it’s a great way for people to try their hand at making cold process soap. Once someone uses cold process, they’re ruined for any other type of soap (in my humble opinion!).

    I made Bramble Berry its own board, BUT you’re featured prominently in my “Soap” board as well as the “Soapy Pinsters” (of course!).

  35. says

    the tuts i chose where the most inspiring for me.. the frosting was the first tut that i ve found soapqueen so it’s a little sentimental value hehehe…. the cinamon scrub is my most favorite scrub i love the smell of it…ofcourse the ones i make is a little short on the ingridients cause i cant find them all here in greece but there re still wonderfull…and the BB’s product is the ones that i reeeealy want to buy… stay tooned ppl Soapqueen ROCKS!!!

  36. says

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii from greece……….i see and read that everyone is fine and your big boy is getting bigger…
    im so glad you post this so we have a chance to win something cause you know the shipping costs are way expensive for us so now if i win i can only pay for those costs hehehehe… love you ppl keep it up… i m still waitting for someone of you to come the invite is still open… my link from pinterest

    goodbye from greece

  37. Sabine says

    I picked the giraffe baby stamp as one of my pins. I’m patiently waiting for it to be delivered to my house! I also picked the shpere because it’s so unique and I love the rainbow look. Who doesn’t love a rainbow!
    I also love the glitter sample pack. you get just the right amount to decotate the tops of soap with! So fun :)

    Easy Whipped shea butter was and is my favorite thing to make and BB made it so easy for me to follow and create a product that is hands down one of the best ever.
    I also love the ITP swirl tutorial. It is my got to technique for CP soaping.

    BB rocks! You always inspire and keep me making new and better soaps! Thanks, Sabine

  38. Suzanne Alexander says

    This time of year I am thinking of “soapy” creations for gift-giving. The Solid Bath Sugar Cubes and Cinnamon Sugar Scrub, with the directions on the Soap Queen tutorials, make perfect gifts. I love Bramble Berry’s Foaming Bath Whip, Sweet Almond Oil, and Abstract Leaves Mold which are wonderful for helping create these products. I provide links to all of them on my “Soaps and More Ideas” board.

  39. Chandra Handeland says

    I am new to soap making and I have learned so much from Bramble Berry and Soap Queen! I have made a lot of M&P projects and I am making my first order for cold process supplies today!

    I choose the vertical mold, the apple jack peel soap kit, and making sunshine cp soap because those 3 are huge goals of mine. I can’t wait until I learn enough to be able to make beautiful things with the vertical mold. I also choose neon colorant and the neon ambrosia tutorial because I love the bright colors. I have made one batch of ambrosia soap and it turned out beautiful!!

    • says

      Love your entries into the contest with all the bright and funky colors! We are so happy that you have started soaping and if you ever have any questions, please let us know. :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      P.S. Thank you for your entry, Chandra!

  40. Emma says

    Hi Anne-Marie!

    It was really hard to only choose 5 of your products! but here it comes:

    1. I Love the Candy Jar Fragrance Oil Set!
    Fragrance is my absolute MUST have in all my soaps.

    2. The Vertical Wood Mold is a brilliant, easy way to get a perfect swirl!

    3. My third choice was BB La Bomb Colors!
    When I started out with bath bombs,I always got a color ring around the tub, but no more with the la bomb colors! 😀

    1. I love the Palm Free Vertical Twist Tutorial!
    It was my first batch of palm free soap,and it turned out really great! I only do palm free recipes thanks to this :)

    2. Your Watermelon soaps is so pretty! I thought it was so creative! It will be my next project! 😀

    Thank you for all your great tutorials, looking forward for more!
    /Emma from Sweden

    • says

      I’m with you on the Candy Jar Fragrance Oil set. I use it all the time, especially in my new nail polish sets…I can’t stop smelling my fingernails! :)
      Thank you for your entry, Emma.
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  41. says
    I enjoy the tutorials and Soap Queen videos, and appreciate your generous sharing of tips, techniques, and formulas. I’ve pinned an older tutorial, Summer Strawberry Scrub, which I’d shared on my Artfire blog:,
    and the Tea Tree Shampoo Bar, which I’ve made and enjoy using.
    I confess that I’ve been coveting the 9 bar birchwood mold, the heart tree soap stamp, and the pink goggles.
    Thank you for this opportunity to Pin it to Win it!

    Oh, and I’m going to check out all the other pinterest boards that others have posted. Love to see all the pretty soaps that are out there!

  42. Alisha says
    Not sure if I linked right but I did add hash tag to all of my pins! I absolutely love all products I have received. Being a new soaped soap queen videos and bramble berry products make my soaping adventures super easy and fun! Thank you for caring for your customers!!

    Thank you
    Alisha Blair

  43. Donna Lueders says

    I chose these items (which was hard, because I just love everything here) and pinned them to my pinterest board under Soap/Candlemaking. My username on pinterest is
    I hope I have done this right. I do not have a website of my own.

  44. Rebekka says

    Link to my pins:

    I love the BB tutorials as they are giving great step-by-step information as well as need to know information, like preservatives in creams. I have leardt so much from you guys :-). The products are extremely good quality, this justifies the shipping costst to Europe, I have not found any better yet. Especially the molds are highly recommended. Love this contest and love to discover all the other soapy pinboards. love, Rebekka

  45. Autumn says

    I had to pin the tutorial of Whipped Shea Butter. It looks like heaven and I have been meaning to get around to making it. With the holidays coming up I have to get cracking on my to-do list. Same goes for the exfoliating kisser scrub. With the oh so cold air coming off the rivers here in Pittsburgh, it will come in quite handy.
    The products I pined, the coffee butter <3, eyeshadow kit and the bath bomb maker I went with the a little for me, a little for them method. They are things I want/love but can share with the fam/friends this winter. Sadly I think the bath bomb maker is still a bit off…unless I hit the lottery this weekend. =)

    Thank you for all of the great tutorials. I always read them, and sometimes actually get around to making the lovely treats.

    • says

      I just recently made another batch of the Whipped Shea Butter and I’m in heaven. I absolutely love how smooth it feels and it super moisturizes my hands and feet in this cold weather.

      Thank you so much for your entry, Autumn!

  46. says


    Gosh, it was so hard to just choose two. I probably could have done more, but I like to be fair and let other people get a chance to win as well.

    All the reasons why I like the tutorials/products are written as the description on the pins :]

    Good luck everyone! Afterall, it is luck that will get you to win.


  47. Jolene Mathew says

    I chose the cupcake video because I LOVE making those cupcakes and have sold quite a few of them at fairs.

    I chose the bath scrub video because those are cute and unique, and I made some for myself with rosemary mint eo for those achy muscle days.

    I chose a third video, the how to make perfume, because I love being able to make my own and wanted to share with others.

    I love the natural soap bases from Bramble Berry for my fun projects like watermelon pop soaps, etc, so I had to put that one down. When making cp soap, I use a silicone mold just like this one…super easy to clean up, nice clean edges on soap, no paper to deal with.

    I about have gave up on coloring cp soap though, because I either add to much or not enough and the soap seldom turns out like I vision…so I chose the color with confidence book because I have no confidence in my coloring soap abilities….a one hour project turns into four with me.

    I also chose the glycerin soap projects because they look so fun and cute.

    Thank you and this is a fun project. I hope my pins gain you some new customers since Bramble Berry rocks and has been such a blessing to me with all your tutorials and blogs. And I read all your blogs and love your products.

    Be blessed.

  48. says

    I forgot the “why’s”. I chose these project ideas because of their basic simplicity. Simple is often the best. I also chose the products because of their uniqueness and quality, however, I like all of Brambleberrys products. I wish shipping laws made it easier to the “prohibited” items over that I would love to order :-(

      • Annie says

        Aloha Becky!
        I don’t mean to sound like a ditz, but I’m not getting the hash tag thing. What is it? Where does it go? Etc. Mahalo!


        • says

          Good morning, AnnaMarie!

          When you are pinning your favorite Bramble Berry product or tutorial, just add the #soapmaking hashtag in the description! If you click on other Pinterest links on this page, you can see examples of it! :)

          -Becky with Bramble Berry

  49. says

    We worked directly with a local web development company to help us design the blog. I would suggest posting an ad in your local area asking for help — I’m sure there are many talented people who would be willing to help you out! :)