Soap Queen TV: Making Vintage Inspired Soap

  • Difficulty:Intermediate
  • Time:20 minutes
  • Yields:4 - 6 bars

Inspired by some cool antique keys and escutcheons (key hole covers) I found, I made soap molds so I could have vintage themed soap. Learn how easy it is in this episode of Soap Queen TV!

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What You’ll Need:

Flexy Fast Molding Putty (available in single or multiple serving sizes)

8 oz Clear Melt & Pour

8 oz White Melt & Pour

Liquid Black Colorant

Liquid Brown Colorant

Vanilla Bean Fragrance

Heavy Metal Gold Mica

Cappuccino Mica

 Want to see this soap in real life? Well you can! Get your very own bar in our Etsy shop, includes full-color printed instructions.

11 Responses to “Soap Queen TV: Making Vintage Inspired Soap”

  1. Marianela says:

    I haven’t worked with micas yet, but will the metallic micas stain the hands or body?

  2. Jennifer says:

    love this project A-M! On a side note, what nail polish are you wearing? Its adorable!

  3. I did this with the Green Man Tree Mold and I love this so much.Ann Marie you are a genius!
    I dont know if you have a spot for customer creation pictures but I would love to see what you think of how it turned out.Thanks for another great tutorial.

  4. You mention “great guest soaps” in your video. What are guest soaps?

  5. Robin says:

    Those look beautiful!
    Does the mica set into the soap? Or does it rub off on your hands when you use the soap – do you know?
    Thanks, Robin

    • Good morning, Robin!

      Unfortunately, the mica does come off within 2-3 uses of the soap and is there for decoration purposes only. If you want it to set into the soap a bit more, you can try add in the mica while the soap is hardening up. I hope this helps! :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  6. Scherry says:

    This looks phenomenal!! I love antique/Victorian things and this fits right into that theme. I might just have to get me some of that flexy putty taffy stuff?


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