How to Make Cupcake Bath Bombs on Soap Queen TV

I posted my first bath bomb cupcake tutorial in 2007, check it out here. I sure have learned to take better pictures since then (embarrassed grin). Last year I posted my revised recipe (with much better photos) here. This tutorial is still incredibly popular, so I thought it would be fun to show how to do it in an episode of Soap Queen TV. Enjoy!

You can purchase our Bath Bomb Cupcake kit here, and get everything you need to make 6 cupcakes. (Please note that the frosting recipe I use in the video makes closer to 12. So the kit recipe is slightly smaller than the one I demonstrate. Just be sure to use the recipe instructions that come with the kit.)

Or you can get the ingredients separately:

Bath Bombs:
1 cup Citric Acid
2 cups Baking Soda
Orange Sherbet Fragrance Oil
Coral LaBomb Colorant
Cupcake Liners
Cupcake Mold

1 1/2 cups Meringue Powder
1/2 cup warm water
8 tablespoons Jojoba Oil
2 cups Powdered Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
1 3/4 cups Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)
Vanilla Frosting Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Color Stabilizer
Tropical Pink LabColor
Jojoba Beads or Glitter (optional)
Dust Mask


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  1. Linda Miller says

    I absolutely love these bath bomb cupcakes and I have made a few batches now. It was going great for the first few batches but now I’m having problems with my frosting.
    I tried substituting the meringue powder for dried egg whites and found my mixture went really lumpy so I switched back to the meringue powder but I’m finding I’m still getting lumps in my frosting mixture.
    I’ve tried sifting all the ingredients and mixing for at least 15 mins with my mixer. Could it be the SLS?as this does seem to be very clumpy before it goes in.

    • says

      Good morning, Linda!

      With this particular recipe, the more you mix your frosting, the lumpier it actually can get. The next time you try out this recipe, don’t mix it for as long as see if that helps. :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      • Linda Miller says

        Thanks I’ll definitely try that for the next batch. I was getting really frustrated with it as it turned out so well the first few times.

  2. Jennifer says

    You have the most amazing things on here! I love love your videos and all your creative ideas. I am going to try and make myself and my friends some of these! Thanks so much~

      • Jennifer says

        Becky, Not only do I love all of the wonderful ideas and the videos and all of that but above that I truly love that you all take the time to answer our questions and help us all that you can.This really is a one of the kind place and I wanted you all to know how much we all appreciate the participation from you guys! Thanks so much for being an above and beyond company!!!

  3. Louise says


    I am in love…. your website is fabulous!!

    I live in Ireland and I am having trouble getting my hands on Meringue powder for the frosting for my cupcake bath bombs. Is there anywhere you could recommend me trying online, and in bulk as the 4 oz carton I can get is very expensive and not suitable for making large batch’s.

  4. Allison says

    Hi again!
    I was just wondering if I had to dilute the LaBomb colorants before I use them. If so, how would I do it? Also, as it says above, can I use a hand mixer for the frosting? Just another quick question- when I sell these how would I label the ingredients? Thank you!

  5. Allison says

    I was just wondering if I can use a hand mixer for this recipe, and can I use LaBomb colorants for the frosting? Thanks so much!

  6. says


    I love all your videos and would like to start making cupcake bath bombs = )

    I live in New Zealand and I am finding it hard to find a Vanilla Color Stabilizer

    I can only find: Clear Vanilla Extract

    Is that the same ?

    Thank you so much = )

  7. Kimmy Ma says

    HI :) I wanted to sell these and wanted to know how should I price them? Will $7.00 be too much? Thanks, I love this blog :)

  8. ariana towell says

    hey guys! amazing project 😉 but you guys are out of jojoba oil for i just realized im missing the jojona oil, is there something else i can substitute it for that will work that can be found on BB’s website? thanks guys. Looking forward to these!

  9. says

    Could I replace the jojoba oil for melted coconut oil in the bath bomb recipe? Also, about how many tbsp are in an ounce of jojoba oil? Thanks!

  10. says

    Me and my friend have been wanting a buisness to start thats simple so we decided to make soaps and cosmetics into sweet treats and watching this confirmed our love for the idea, They’re so realistic and beautiful and thankyou for helping us decide,<3

  11. Cassie says

    Can I ask a really silly question? When making Bath & Body products that contain water, it’s always necessary to add in a preservative. Why is that not the case when making this frosting? Maybe I’m just not thinking this through all the way and am just missing a thought here or there… (that’s totally possible today :-D)

    • says

      Not a silly question at all Cassie! We don’t use a preservative in this recipe because the water completely dries out of the recipe. It’s similar to the royal frosting that you see in cake frosting at bakeries that have been sitting out. But, you could totally use a preservative if you felt like your frosting needed one. =)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

    • says

      We haven’t experimented with cocoa butter in this frosting recipe but it sounds like a great idea. Yes, it will be moisturizing in the bath and it would probably harden the frosting as well. I would definitely experiment with a small test batch. Keep us posted =)

      Courtney with Bramble Berry

  12. Tanya Brown says

    Hi, I tried to do the frosting but for some reason, it’s runny. I think it’s stiff until I get it to my piping bag and then once on the cupcake it flops. At first I didn’t use the cream of tartar but I went back thinking that could be the problem but now I’m really scratching my head because I’ve tried adding more powdered sugar also but I can’t get it to stiffen up the way I need it to apply it to the cake. There’s one other thing that I think could be a problem but I’m not sure. When you said add the warm water to the meringue, was it to be distilled water? If so, that could be where my problem is, Was I suppose to use distilled water?

    • says

      It really sounds like you have too much water in your recipe. It needs to be really thick and stiff to hold up once it is piped. SO if you want to try to still use this batch I would add more powdered sugar. Or start over and use half the amount of water and add more at the very end if you need to.

    • says

      In this recipe, the cream of tartar actually helps to harden the frosting. If you don’t use it, it’s totally okay, but the frosting may not setup as hard as it did in the tutorial. :)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  13. Ines says

    hi, im new to all of this. i want to make the frosting, but i dont know where to find meringie powder in France… What should i do?

  14. Deanna says

    Do I have to dilute the LaBomb dye before using? I made the cupcakes and after a couple days the frosting had brown spots. I did not use any vanilla fragrance.

    • says

      Hi Deanna! Could you tell me a little bit more about the brown spots that you are seeing? Sometimes brown spots appear in the frosting if the colorant hasn’t been fully mixed in. What fragrance oil did you use in your cupcakes?
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      • Deanna says

        They are brown spots came in once they were drying, over time the spots became darker my green frosting now looks like a tan color. I used sweet pea fragrance oil

          • Anne-Marie says

            I doubt that it’s the sub. Can you email me photos? Would love to see – and is it just the bottom? Did you use a different fragrance in the frosting than the cupcake? My email is info (at ) brambleberry (dot) com


  15. Pam says

    Thanks Becky…I tried baking them and they crumbled. Today I found that my cupcake crumbled and my icing won’t stick. Something so easy and simple seems so hard

    • Anne-Marie says

      I don’t bake the fizzies. Did you try some without baking and they didn’t work out either?

      Icing not sticking is pretty common as an issue. Try with slightly wetter frosting and that should help the issue.

  16. Pam says


    I am at the end of my bath bomb rope!!! I use the standard BB recipe and the stainless steel mondo mold..I CANNOT get the bomb to stay together. I have added clay, removed clay, spritz, not spritzed, I let the mold sit, I don’t let the mold sit, EVERYTIME it stick valiantly to each half of the mold but not together. What in the world am I doing wrong?

    • says

      Don’t fear, you probably aren’t doing anything wrong at all! :) Are you in an area with high humidity? That can cause the molds not to stick together and form a bath bomb. How long did you let the molds sit? If you live in a high humidity area, you may have to wait 45 minuts or longer.

      Another thing to do is to make sure that you aren’t using any water-based colorants (if possible) so it has more of a chance to solidify. I’ve heard of some people using witch hazel to keep their bath bombs together.

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  17. Dawn says

    Hi Anne-Marie, I have a off the wall question. I am going to make these this weekend and was wondering if active charcoal would he safe to use? Also was going to use it in my candles would it work?. I am new to this so please help, thanks Dawn.

    • Anne-Marie says

      Technically it would be safe but I haven’t actually tried it so I don’t know how well it would/will work in bath fizzies.

      Definitely don’t use it in candles. It will clog up the wick.

  18. anna says

    Good Morning Anne-Marie! These are on my list now too! I just have to laugh whenever I hear your camera director’s laugh! She makes me giggle every time! Love, love, love your bluppers! Oh!and the Bath Bombs too!

    • Anne-Marie says

      That’s Amber, and we are SO lucky to have her! We love her and she makes us laugh too =)

  19. Cody Wellard says

    These are awesome! Thanks for the wonderful explanation. The photos and video are great. Have put on my to do list.
    Cody Wellard

  20. Khris says

    I love the cupcake bath bombs and so do my girls…:) But one little problem like with some of the women here saying the icing popped off. Well same with mine but that’s not really the problem, the problem was when they popped off there was mold in between the icing and the bomb part. So my question is what can I do about the mold.

    • says

      I’d love to see a photo of the mold? Can you email it to me at info at brambleberry dot com? That’s the first I’ve heard about that happening. And we did years of testing with this recipe – and kept them out in our retail store for a long time (lots of handling etc). It’s definitely something about the consistency of the frosting that makes the difference between sticking and not sticking – a little wet is key. Too dry and the frosting pops off.

      • Khris says

        I didn’t think to take a photo of them, but I will make a new batch and I will see if it happens again…OK I will add just a little more water to the icing as well….Thank you so much for all of your help and ideas….:)

        • Khris says

          OK I made another batch of them and it happened again…So this time I did take photos of them and sent them…I also explained what I was doing and where I store them…So hope to here from you soon….:) I sooo need help…:)

          • Khris says

            Thank you Courtney and Anne-Marie for all of your help. I figured out what was wrong with my bathbomb cupcakes, I was not mixing the fragrance in as well as I thought and that is what was discoloring it.
            The icing works great now as well *It Sticks*….Yay!!!!

          • Anne-Marie says

            Wow! That is SUCH a relief. I couldn’t imagine what was going wrong and you just made my day. YAY! =))) Thanks for letting me know.

  21. Angie Westback says

    Can I make the cupcake bath bombs in a mini-cupcake version? Would it have the same effect?

    Also, I am a cake decorator and anytime you make Royal Icing and oil comes in contact with it it effects the hardening process. Are some of the supplies being used to make the icing oily?

    • Anne-Marie says

      Great question – YES it will be but make sure to clean, clean, clean it well. Citric Acid and fragrance don’t taste great =)

  22. amanda zaremba says

    i did exactly what the recipe said and the tops all the icing came right off can you recommend doing something different so this doesn’t happen?

    • says

      Make sure that the bath bomb is super duper hard! The frosting has a better chance of staying on the bath bomb that way. If it falls off…you can always “glue” it back on with melt and pour!

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  23. Bekah Jones says

    I used the Adobe Brick LaBomb coloring on the frosting and after a week I had yellow spots on it. Could it be that I just didn’t mix it good enough or could there be another reason causing this?

  24. donna says

    Hello i made your cupcake bath bombs but my frosting did not get hard what can i do to save it?
    They are ferm but not hard please help

    • says

      How long have they been drying? If you followed our exact recipe then just give them another couple of days to harden up…our frosting was rock hard after a couple of days.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  25. Heidi says

    Wow! how hard is it not to lick the frosting in the bowl!! Made some this afternoon and they look amazing. Thanks

    • Anne-Marie says

      So glad to hear that you had a super successful batch – thanks for coming back to report. Woo Hoo!

  26. Nikki says

    Hi, Anne-Marie!

    I have tried the cupcakes again and this time without any SLS or in my case SLS-acetate and they actually hardened! Yay! That is my only suggestion! Almost double the amount of powdered sugar instead of SLS and see how it works. Now onto my new problem! I do not have any melt and pour soap, although it looks like I am going to have to invest in some. Is there anything else I can glue these back on with? Any ideas would be appreciated! I think also, I put the frosting on when the bombs were not dry maybe 5-10 minutes after I made them. Could that have been the problem, I have never run into this issue before, but maybe that is because I always wait at least a few hours to let them fully dry. Thank you!

    • Anne-Marie says

      You could try making Royal Icing and using that to glue it on and see if that worked if you don’t have any MP around?

      Glad that you got the frosting recipe to work for you =)

  27. Allison says

    I love these cupcakes! I made them and they were so cute! I did have one problem, however. I couldn’t get the frosting to stay on the cupcakes. I mounded up the center like you show in the video, but the frosting kept falling off. Should this happen?

    I made it per the exact recipe. The frosting was nice and hard. The fizzies were nice and sturdy…I can’t figure it out.

    • says

      That’s a common problem with cupcake bath bombs. Just make sure that the cupcake is super hard and dry before frosting the cupcake. You could also try “gluing” the frosting on with melt and pour as the glue. That has worked for me in the past.

      So glad you liked the project!

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  28. Bekah says

    Some people say they use these as air fresheners. How long will the scents last if you leave the bath bomb out on a shelf?

  29. says

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the great recipes!
    I keep telling my 2 little boys there not to eat!

    After I was done and they look so beautiful I realized I forgot the cream of tartar. How will this effect them?

    Thank you,

    • says

      Should be fine – might not set up as hard but should be fine =) And I am so glad that your cupcakes turned out so well that your little boys think they are real food!

  30. Nikki says

    Hi again!

    I have deduced that it is in fact the vanilla notes in the fragrance oil that is causing the bomb to discolor. I just figured it would happen a lot quicker than a week! The vanilla color stabilizer that you have for purchase on says for use ONLY in soaps. Can I not order that one for the bath bombs? If not can you recommend where I could find it? How is no one else having this problem? Crazy! I do not need the whole kit from soapylove, do you just sell the vanilla stabilizer on it’s own? BTW, like you asked previously, I am following the recipe exactly, except I am using sodium laurel sulfacetate instead of sulfate. That really shouldn’t make a difference considering I could sub it out anyway in Anne Marie’s alternate frosting, right? I still cannot get the frosting to harden, not even a little bit and not even after weeks! I am about ready to upload a video of me doing it so you can see what the problem is :) Thank you so much!

    • Anne-Marie says

      Ah ha! Yes, the Vanilla definitely can cause anything to discolor, including Bath Fizzies.

      Here is a link to the VCS:

      Your frosting isn’t hardening? Just to be on the safe side, I’d try SLS but if it’s not hardening, I’d wonder about the meringue powder. There are some out there that didn’t work the same way when we were testing so try subbing that out and see if you have better luck?

  31. Nikki says


    I have tried your recipe for the cupcake bath bombs and other than the frosting not hardening after even a week, I am having what I believe to be MOLD problems! I have read on other forums it could be the vanilla in the fragrance oils that cause it to discolor, however it is only happening in spots and it really isn’t forming under the frosting, rather everywhere! I have tried 4 batches and all of them are beginning to brown in spots. Would the browning from the lack of stabilizer happen that late or would it happen within a day or so? I cannot afford any more mistakes. I litterally watch the video and pause after every single step. I have no idea what the problem could be and I am scared to sell them! So, what would you suggest about the hardening of the frosting and how long should I wait before packaging them even if they do not harden?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers :)

    • says

      Can you tell me a little more about your recipe and are you following our recipe exactly? I would also love to see a picture.

      Our recipe gets hard as a rock and we’ve never had mold problems so I’m a little bit baffled. Can you email pictures to info(at)brambleberry(dot)com? We can definitely help you troubleshoot.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

      • Nikki says

        I have sent a picture illustrating the issue. If it is too small, please let me know and I will try to resend it larger. Thank you!

  32. Melissa says

    I made the cupcake bath bombs last night and all turned out well on the bomb side of things. But my frosting didn’t adhere to the “cupcake”. What should I do differently? Thank you for your help and advice!

    • says

      That’s fairly typical for the frosting to come off of the bath bomb (your bath bomb may have been a little on the dry side). Try “gluing” the frosting back on using a little bit of melt and pour.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  33. says

    I had the very same problem! This was my first attempt at these and even though I followed the directions exactly, my frosting was very thick and my old hand mixer died right at the beginning of this recipe. The frosting was far too thick for my stick blender to work either. So I had to mix the frosting by hand which was extremely difficult. But I did the best I could then spooned it into my pastry bag.

    The frosting was very thick when I put in in the bag and started piping it onto my cupcake bottoms. It was even hard to squeeze out of the pastry bag, it was so thick. But by the time I got my last cupcake frosted, the frosting on the first ones had started to droop and flatten and almost look melted.

    I’m wondering if it has something to do with the meringue powder not getting mixed well enough and long enough. Since my hand mixer died right at the beginning, maybe there was not enough air in the frosting to lighten it, and the frosting mixture turned out too heavy. I have never worked with meringue powder before so I don’t know how it’s supposed to work. I just know my frosting was a flop. An expensive flop :-(

    BTW, I seemed to have far more frosting than cupcake. Don’t know how that happened.


    • says

      This is the craziest problem. I’ve never heard of this before. Since it’s so thick in the mixer my gut reaction would be to add a little more liquid. But then it’s melting on the cupcake, which makes me think too much liquid. Are you in a hot and humid climate? Could the frosting literally just be melting once you put it on the cupcake? I’m just trying to think of all of the possibilities.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  34. Sheliths says

    Hey love the soap queen tv/blog. My daughter and I tried the
    Bath fizzies and frosting recipe, bath fizzies turned out great
    Frost although smelled wonderful (used the strawberry scented
    Oils very yummy) was stiff in the bowl while mixing (used hand
    Mixer) but once applied to the cupcake became runny and took
    Forever to harden. She also blew up the hand mixer too. Is this from
    Not blending/mixing enough – daughter is upset hasn’t perfected
    It yet. Any ideas thanks

    • says

      That’s very odd that the consistency in the mixing bowl would be different once it hits the cupcake. I’ve never heard of this problem. Did you make any changes to the recipe?

      We let our cupcakes sit out for a couple of days. After the second or third day the frosting was hard as a rock. Just give it a little more time =)

      Also remind your daughter that frosting is just like any new skill. It just takes time to learn.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  35. Marsha says

    Hi, I love the way your cup cake bath bombs look…can the SLS be avoided? I’ve heard it’s hazardous.

      • teodora says

        grazie per la tua creatività,voglio imparare molto da tuo blog,è straordinario,mi dispiace solo non poter ordinare da Bramble Berry perchè vivo in italia e i prezzi sono veramente alti,sigh….

        • says

          Hi Teodora!

          We’d love to be able to ship to Italy, but at the current time we are unable to. If you are interested in starting soapmaking, I’d try to find local soapers and see where they get their supplies! =)

          -Becky with Bramble Berry

          Hi Teodora!

          Ci piacerebbe essere in grado di spedire in Italia, ma al momento attuale siamo in grado di. Se siete interessati ad avviare saponificazione, cercherei di trovare suddetti produttori locali e vedere dove si riforniscono! =)

          -Becky con Bramble Berry

  36. Brenda Dobbs says

    Hi Courtney – thanks I will try your recipe for sure – and I’m also considering using whipped soap for an Icing…but, first I’ll try yours.

    The royal icing hardened within 2 hours and the cupcakes were gorgeous…so much so that I just kept making them…so, when My friend told me about the mold (and I’m so glad she did)…I went and checked the others…and sure enough there was mold on them…I still am stymied about what happened..but am grateful to have found your site…Bren

    • says

      Keep us posted after you try the recipe. Since we didn’t have any mold problems, I’m confident that you won’t either.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  37. Brenda Dobbs says

    Hi Courtney – I found your blog and am glad that I did. I made cupcake bathbombs with the “royal icing” and they turned out lovely (not your recipe but, similar).

    I gave one to a friend as a gift and she told me that mold had formed between the icing and the bath bomb. Can you tell me how to prevent this?

    I have about 3 doze made and I will have to throw them out (and they are so beautiful)…as I don’t want anyone else to run into this problem.

    Can you help me?


    • says

      Really? Mold? I’ve never seen that happen with our recipe, we even have some bath bombs on display in our soaping lab that are 2 years old…no mold. How hard is your frosting recipe? Does it stay moist and soft for a long period of time? Our bath bomb frosting gets hard as a rock so it doesn’t have a chance to start mold growth.

      My advice would be to try our recipe. We’ve already done the testing for you =)

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

    • says

      We have bathbomb cupcakes in our soap lab that were made over a year ago and they are still in perfect condition. They weren’t even wrapped =)

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  38. mary says

    Is there something I can use instead of the sls. That is out of stock. I have everything else I need.

  39. mary says

    Ok thanks. I about fell out of my chair when I saw the price. I thought it was for real gold.

  40. mary says

    What else would you suggest we use instead of the jojoba oil? You have been out , and I think I read there is major shortage this year for that oil. I did find it somewhere but the price was through the roof. Thanks

    • says

      Yes, we are just sick about it. There is a shortage in the entire industry. I would sub Sweet Almond Oil for the Jojoba Oil (but really, any liquid oil will work).

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  41. Mary says

    I think I gained 5 lbs watching this video. They do look so good. I saw some strawberry seeds, could you get pinks and something that smelled berrish. I guess what I am aksing is strawberry seeds ok to use on them. Also what is the shelf life on these. How long will they keep.

    • says

      Definitely, although I’m not sure how much the seeds would show. Here’s a link to our Strawberry fragrance oil that smells so yummy

      Bath bombs won’t go bad in the sense that they will grow mold. They will last a long time if you store them properly in an air tight container. If moisture gets to the bath bomb it might start to fizz. Keep them in a dry, cool place.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

      • Mary says

        I was thinking more along the line of using the seeds as a topping instead of the glitter and other toppings. I am thinking of making some up and taking them to the farmers market. would zip lock bags work or should I seal them in my kitchen sealer. I would like for them to be smelled before people buy them. My mind is racing on ideas.. I just need to order and be done. We live in a humid area. Thank you so much for these videos. It has given me so much confidence to make these. I am a visual learner. I think I have every book in print, but was to scared to try it. Esp with the cp soap.

        • says

          The sprinkles on top make much more sense. Love that idea. Zip lock should be fine. What about cellophane wrap with a little ribbon, that would look nice.

          I say package them all up and leave one out for people to sniff. That’s important =)

          Courtney from Bramble Berry

  42. jana says


    i made these and followed the instrustions to a T and they looked and smelled fantastic but i was sad when my frosting did not go hard? Do you have any ideas why this might have happened as i am really want to have another go at them asap but dont want the same problem again

    thanks :)

    • jana says

      oh i live in australia so i used the pavlova magic eggs instead of the merguine powder could have this been the problem?

      • says

        That may have been the problem, Jana, if that’s the only thing that you changed in the recipe. The Meringue powder acts as a hardening agent and helps it whip up like real frosting. The ingredients may be different. I would try adding a little more if you try the recipe again. You may also find that your frosting will dry and get hard over time. So give it another day or so and keep me updated!

        -Courtney from BB

  43. Isabella says

    I have a lot of hobbies but soap making is one of my favorites! I love baking so this is one of my favorite kinds of soap!

  44. Patty says

    This is a great recipe! I would like to know if I can substitute liquid SLS, instead of the powdered one, cause is not available where I live. Do I need to change all proportions in the remaining ingredients then? Can I use castor or almond oil instead of the jojoba oil? Thank you very much!

    • Anne-Marie says

      No, you cannot sub liquid SLS because it will throw off your dry to wet ratio and you’ll end up with a pretty wet, runny frosting mixture. I’m sorry – I wish I could tell you a different answer – but I want your project to work! =)

  45. Nicole says

    I am from Germany and your video together with the printed recipe explains it all. Now I can try to make it by myself.
    Thank you so much, this is a wonderful bloc.
    I just want to learn this – its great!

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  47. N2joi says

    Thanks soooo much! You’ve really helped! I will use a dryer mix and hope for the best…. :o)

  48. Anne-Marie says

    Try using a dryer mix if you don’t want the liners to stick. I like mine to stick because it looks cuter, then just tear it off before use. You can use any liner or mold that you want, just make sure it has a little bend to it so you can get the cupcakes out.

    If you do want to remove the liner, I would wait a few hours until they are totally dry. And the fragrance shouldn’t “stick” to the silicone tray. I use mine all the time with different fragrances and no problems. I hope this helps =)

  49. N2joi says

    Okay, this may be a silly question, but how do you keep the cupcake liners from “sticking” to the ccake bath bombs? My first batch of ccakes are just doing to many things…lol! can I use silicone ccake liners or ccake tray instead? Should I remove the liner after an hour once the mix has set? Will the fragrance stay in the silicone tray and would it interfere with the next fragrance that goes in there? Sorry for all the questions. I went to one site and I guess I was asking too many questions cause the “chat” operator ended the session. How rude! lol!

  50. N2joi says

    Thanks so much! The other problem I’m having now or rather from the first batch I did, is the “stale-like” scent after the ccakes have been sitting for a bit. Two of the fragrances doesn’t even smell like the scents they represent anymore. Do I need to add more FO?

  51. Anne-Marie says

    Fizzies should be hard when they’re dried out but they go in pretty wet – sort of like a pie crust that is all dry until you press it together. But too much witch hazel and whoops, it gets all ‘warty’ too.

    Back to the frosting, next time, try the recipe to a ‘t’ again but when you add more water, definitely 100% only add the water in like 1/8 tsp amounts because it changes consistency quickly. Your next batch will be perfect!

  52. N2joi says

    lol – yes! I’m not sure how the fizzies are actually suppose to be. I’m going to try it again sometime this week. I made some smaller fizzie items for part of my decorations for the ccakes bombs, and I actually sifted the product before putting it in the molds. It came out nice and smooth almost “cake-like” lol – now I have to see how it will do for the actual ccakes. Thanks for replying!

  53. Anne-Marie says

    So you followed the recipe to a ‘T’ and then it didn’t come out perfectly so you added more water. Is that right? And then it got to be too watery?

    And, then the bath fizzies cakes came out too dry.

    Is that correct?

    I’m sure we can get to the bottom of this for you! =)

  54. N2joi says

    I made the cupcake bath bombs/fizzies and I think they came out okay. I couldn’t get the icing right like forever. At first I had to add more water…cause 1/2 cup was not enough, but then I ended up adding a LOT of powder sugar just to be able to see the ridges/design from my piping tip. I think my “ccakes” came out a bit too dry…but not sure if that’s how they’re suppose to be. I got great comments on them looking so real that people wanted to order them – I’m a personal chef. Can you suggest what I can do to make them look less dry? and how to make my frosting the right consistency? I did follow the recipe to the “T”…but I don’t know what happened? Thanks Anne-Marie!

  55. Anne-Marie says

    Meringue powder is a little more than just dried egg whites, but the main advantage is that it won’t spoil or go bad (at least it never has when I’ve used it!) I have seen many recipes for royal frosting that use real egg whites. But I have to say I don’t really like the idea of bathing with raw eggs. :) In the very least would strongly recommend that you use pasteurized eggs – to avoid the possibility of salmonella.
    Hope this helps!

  56. Patty says

    Thanks Anne-Marie!! but since meringue powder is just dried egg whites, could it be possible to substitute meringue powder for real egg whites? because there’s no meringue powder available where I live :(

  57. Anne-Marie says

    Funny – that’s exactly what I’ve been saying about my food pantry lately too! =)

  58. Anne-Marie says

    That’s great to hear. My first passion in life is teaching and mentoring so I’m glad you’re getting value from my posts/videos. Yay!

  59. Lianne393 says

    The only thing I find disappointing is I won’t be able to eat the leftover frosting!! lol

  60. Anne-Marie says

    The SLS I use is a dry powder, so a liquid oil like Castor oil would not be a good substitute. But you could sub the Castor for the Jojoba. I haven’t tried Sodium Laurel Sulfoacetate in this recipe – but I think that would be a fine substitute for the SLS. Let me know how it works for you!

    • Emily says

      I have a few questions :)

      How does this recipe compare to the one on this post? I was thinking of using your first recipe and buying the meringue powder from BB since it contains SLS.

      Would you recommend using the meringue powder from BB with this new recipe? Would that eliminate the need to add SLS?

      How do you feel about using Wilton colors? I planned on using mostly yellow and a touch of brown.

      One more… my mixer will still be fine to use for food after I’m done with this and wash everything really well right?

      Thank you! I enjoy your videos a lot!

      • says

        Hi Emily!

        We tested this recipe with our meringue powder and it worked great – no need to make any changes. If you did leave out the SLS, your cupcakes probably wouldn’t have that super fun and foamy look because there isn’t a ton of SLS in the Meringue Powder. But, you can still leave it out if you’d like.

        You can use Wilton colors, but we’ve never tested them in bath bomb cupcakes and if they have FD&C colorants in them, they can bleed. We suggest trying out the La Bomb colorants which have been thoroughly tested and don’t bleed or leave rings around the bathtub.

        La Bomb Colorants:

        As for the mixer – while we recommend that you use separate tools, since you aren’t using lye in this recipe I would personally would feel comfortable re-using my mixer for food afterwards.

        I hope this helps! :)
        -Becky with Bramble Berry

  61. Anne-Marie says

    If you don’t use the meringue powder your frosting just won’t get hard, which isn’t the end of the world. You can just substitute more powdered sugar for the meringue.

    • says

      I am new to this and I have what you will probably think is a stupid question. The frosting is made in part with part with powdered sugar,but yet you put that in your bath tub? Or do you take it off then just put the cupcake in your bath tub..I am thinking the powered sugar will get gooey..Please help me on this as I do want to make these.
      Thanks much,Carolyn

  62. SweetmadeSoap says

    That’s a great tut. I tried it with my own soap frosting which did not turn out so great but I am gonna try it with yours. I wonder if castor oil could be used in place of SLS or maybe that Sodium Laurel Sulfoacetate instead of Sodium Laurel Sufate…as I avoid that one due to allergies. It never hurts to try. Yeah!

  63. Splurgesisters says

    Great video! Is there any way to make these without SLS? I know I can make the bottom part without it but I’m wondering if the topping can be made w/o SLS?

  64. TeresaR says

    I would love, love, love to try this one day! I need to use up some of my other soaping stuff first because there’s no more room to store anything else in my art room. :}

  65. Patty says

    This recipe is so yummie!!!! Wonder if I can replace meringue powder with something else.