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Can you believe the fourth of July is only two weeks away? I definitely can’t! At Bramble Berry we’re all looking forward to summer though, and earlier this week we featured a Fireworks Cold Process tutorial to get you thinking about summer-themed projects. Since the weather has been so nice lately, the kiddos and I have spent plenty of time outside either working in the garden or visiting the farmer’s market for fresh veggies.

Speaking of summer, keep your eyes on the blog, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to be in the know about an upcoming promotion. It features lots of fun tutorials to get beautiful, beach-ready hair =) Until then, take a look at my favorite pins, tweets and ‘grams from the week!


Top left, clockwise:

  • It’s amazing what you can do with a needle, some thread and scrap fabric. In this case, it’s these cute little fabric flowers! The tutorial even comes with two templates so you can make your own pansies or dahlias.
  • I love keeping houseplants, but with little ones running around I have to be careful about which ones I bring inside. Luckily, A Beautiful Mess has rounded up 7 houseplants that are both non toxic and lovely to look at.
  • Natural colorants are gorgeous, and we’ve been experimenting with them quite a bit this week. From guest posts about them to experimenting with them up in the Soap Lab, they’re everywhere! Rose clay is one my favorite natural colorants by far.
  • The colors in this Black Raspberry Vanilla soap are just gorgeous, and the technique is interesting too! Simply place a book or other object under one side of the mold to get the slanted layers you see.
  • I like a lot of color in my salads, and this Fennel and Cabbage Slaw certainly fits the bill! I like this because it’s so verstile — use it as a side or as a topping on tacos or burgers.
  • We all know time flies, and sometimes it’s hard to stop amidst all the hustle & bustle and reflect. That’s why I love this gratitude jar idea. Everyday write down something you are grateful for and then read them all at the end of the month.


We’ve been experimenting with mica painting these past few weeks. It’s a simple technique that involves dispersing mica in liquid oil and then drizzling it directly onto the soap. In this case, we got creative with swirls!


  •  This is an excellent read for people of any age. A 15-year-old asks the author what to do with her life, and the resulting essay is a refreshing take on the “follow your dreams” advice. The author’s key takeway? “The idea behind all of this is that you can’t know what you’re going to do with your life right now, because you don’t know who you’re going to be, what you’ll be able to do, what you’ll be passionate about, who you’ll meet, what opportunities will come up, or what the world will be like. But you do know this: if you are prepared, you can do anything you want.”
  • Our sister store, Otion, has launched a new website. Stop over and pay them a visit, and if you’re ever in Bellingham, stop by the store itself! They carry all our molds, fragrances and colorants.
  • If you’ve ever held yourself back from taking a risk, making a big change or trying something new, check out this list. I love numbers 4 & 9.

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  1. Kristi says

    Thank you so much for all the inspiration in this blog. You all really do it right. I just got my order today and it’s going to be tough waiting until August to play with it!!! (I’m timing my soap making for a craft fair.)

    • says

      Hi Kristi!

      Thanks for the kind message :). I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog, and thanks for your business! What kind of project do you have in mind? Waiting can be really tough!

      -Amanda with Bramble Berry

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