Goodbye Givember- 24 DIY Project Links

Givember 2013 has come to a close (sob). Throughout the past two weeks, we offered six days of deals and coupons (include a surprise free shipping offer!) on our social media outposts, shown you 24 Christmas-related tutorials and (hopefully) managed to get you in the crafty spirit. This Givember has been a huge success, and it’s all thanks to YOU! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your continued support of Bramble Berry, and I’m looking forward to many more Givembers. And for those of you that ordered at Bramble Berry, thank you (!); we are working through your orders as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality.

Keep in mind, our warehouse is working around the clock to you get our quality products, and so I highly encourage ordering early to get your supplies on time to make holiday gifts (aka right now!). The best crafter is a prepared crafter, so plan ahead: create a budget, evaluate your inventory and allow a few extras days of lead time as we catch up after the Givember rush. Transit times during the busy holiday season can delay orders even after they’ve left our warehouse, so be sure to account for that too! Whether you’re a hobby crafter creating products to give as gifts or a high-volume soaper gearing up for craft fairs and shows, we want you to be successful this holiday season.

All of our Givember projects are scattered around planet Soapy Social Media, so we’ve assembled them all below so you can quickly access them. Happy giving!

Beauty Ensemble:

Sugar Plum Nail Polish
Holiday Crimson Lip Stain
Shimmer Body Powder
Apricot Blush
Sweet Clementine Eye Shadow

Kid Ensemble:

Seasonal Stocking
Soapy Candy Canes
Jelly Roll Soap
Givember Bath Fizzies
Hidden Surprise Melt & Pour
Gingerbread Men Melt and Pour

Romance Ensemble:

Massage Oil
Soothing Bath Salts
Whipped Shea Butter
Winter Woods Candle
Pink Sea Salt and Aloe Scrub

Happy Holidays Ensemble:

Homemade Holiday Snow Globe
Holly Soap Clay Embeds
Freshly Fallen Snow Lotion
Solid Sugar Scrub
Givember Laundry Soap
Winter Clementine Lip Balm
Massaging Loofah Soap
Yuletide Swirl
Starry Melt and Pour Embeds

Happy Givember! Thank you for your participation, orders, support and cheer-leading. We can’t do it without you.

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  1. Shannon says

    I’ve recently watched the soap queen massage candle YouTube video and was very interested in making some myself. I’m a nail tech and wanted to use them for my massage during a mani/pedi service. How do I determine the wax to butters/oils ratio if I wanted to use other or additional butters/oils to the recipe?

  2. Leanna H. says

    Thanks for such awesome tutorials! I loved the different coupons too! My boyfriend got a huge order from you guys a while ago and is now waiting for another package! I’m going to be very spoiled this Christmas thanks to BrambleBerry! But it’s all for a good cause! I’m looking to start my online business sometime next year!

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