Givember Massage Oil

We’re continuing the Givember madness today with this fabulous massage oil. Jojoba Oil is a bit of a misnomer because it’s actually a liquid wax, but it’s known for its ability to absorb into skin and moisturize. Jojoba oil also has an indefinite shelf life, which make this an excellent, long-lasting gift.

This massage oil is part of our Romance Gift Ensemble, which includes tutorials on how to make bath salts, whipped shea butter, a spruce-scented candle and a pink salt scrub. Scroll to the end of this tutorial to learn how to make all four! Our Midweek Mayhem continues this week too, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on various social media outlets to be the first to hear about all the deals.

What You’ll Need:

7 oz. Jojoba Oil

1 oz. Fractionated Coconut Oil

6 drops Santa’s Spruce Fragrance Oil

4 oz. Bottles with white disk caps

Dropper with Suction Bulb

Optional: 16 oz. Funnel

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ONE: Pour about 3.5 oz of Jojoba Oil into one of the 4 oz. Plastic Bottles. You can free hand the pour, but we like using a funnel to avoid messy spills.

TWO: In  glass container, combine .5 oz of Fractionated Coconut Oil with 3 drops of Santa’s Spruce Fragrance Oil. Stir the mixture and then pour into the bottle. Repeat this process for the second bottle.

Your oil is ready to use right away, enjoy! If you like this project, you may want to try your hand at all the tutorials in the Romance Gift Set. Going clockwise, they include:

  • Soothing Bath Salts — On Facebook we shared this recipe for homemade bath salts that are perfect for a relaxing home spa evening. Scented with fresh-smelling Santa’s Spruce Fragrance Oil and colored with our improved LabColors, this is a wonderfully pampering gift.
  • Whipped Shea Butter — On our Tumblr blog you’ll find whipped shea butter. It’s a luxurious gift that can be (literally) whipped up in a matter of minutes! We added Argan Oil to this recipe for an extra special, skin-loving touch.
  • Winter Woods Candle — Over on Instagram you can add a touch of holiday glow to any room with the Winter Woods Candle. We embellished one of our 14 oz. Glass Candle Jars by cutting a few of our 12″ Brown Reeds and then hot gluing them around the jar.
  • Pink Sea Salt & Aloe Scrub — On Teachsoap your find the recipe for a Pink Sea Salt Scrub that is mild and gently exfoliating. It’s made with our Sugar and Salt Scrub Base and beautiful Small Pink Sea Salt, and we added a little Chamomile and Aloe extracts to make it even more soothing.

Try your hand at making these projects individually or give the entire set as a gift!


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