Soap Queen TV: Gingerbread Man Soap

This gingerbread man soap project has been a favorite of mine for years and is one of the most popular kits at Bramble Berry. Our gingerbread man soap mold is easy to use and the results are always adorable. I couldn’t resist sharing this classic project, but I wanted to give it fresh, new twist. So I created a little box template that fits the soap perfectly and gives a nice finishing touch as a gift.

Soap Queen TV: Gingerbread Soap Project from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

To make the soap you can just purchase the kit here or get these ingredients individually:
Gingerbread Man Soap Mold
Clear Melt & Pour soap base
White Melt & Pour soap base
Merlot Mica
Cappuccino Mica
Gingersnap fragrance

To make the box you will need:
Bramble Berry Box Template
Scissors or craft knife
Bone folder or butter knife
Glue stick or double stick tape


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  1. Anne-Marie says

    Aw, we would love to ship to you in the UK! =) You can place the order at and just check out the shipping to see if it's even feasible. Or go in with a group of friends and everyone share in the shipping load =)

  2. Magia says

    I often wish I could get some of the Brambleberry products in the UK. Looks like a fun project, though maybe I could find a similar mould and ingredients somewhere. I guess I could even use a thinner layer of soap from a loaf mould, a cookie cutter and some soap paint, as per the christmas baubal instructions!

  3. Anne-Marie says

    Ocean Rain, Fresh Linen, Fresh Snow and Cybilla Seashore are all pretty great for fragrances that smell salty and ozone-y.

    Yes, definitely have done coffee beans. The whole beans are sort of useless but the ground up beans make a great exfoliant. They don't hurt – just don't use too much.

  4. Hardy Girl says

    These are sooo cute!! I can't wait to make them 😀

    I was wondering if you could tell me what you think is the best smelling beach scented FO. My sister absolutely loves the beach and I want to make her some soaps but I'm not sure which scent smells most like the beach. Any help is much appreciated!!

    Also have you ever put coffee beans in your soap? I came across a soap project that uses whole and ground coffee beans in it…I would think that would hurt to use?

  5. Anne-Marie says

    On the Bramble Berry site we always try to include the mold capacity. But here are 2 ideas if you aren't using a Bramble Berry mold.

    1. To get an approximate amount pour water into a measuring cup and note the fill level (for example 8 fluid ounces) then pour water into your mold cavity until it is full and note how much is left. So if you have 4 1/2 oz left you know your soap mold holds ABOUT 3 1/2 oz.

    2. To get an exact size capacity (takes some extra time). Melt down some melt and pour soap and pour it into the mold. Once it has set-up, pop it out of the mold and weigh it. Voila! you have the exact amount of soap by weight that you need for that design. And you can just remelt the soap to use for you next project.

    And one more tip: Be sure to write it down so you don't have to do it again! Preferably on the actual mold in permanent marker with a piece of clear tape over it to help it last through multiple washings.

  6. FooFooBerry says

    Cute tutorial, I loved the moving gingerbread in the background at the end. Something I would love you to blog about (maybe you have and I missed it) is how do I figure out how much melt and pour soap to use for my mold. I'm always using different molds and find this a guessing experience. A) Is there a melt and pour soap calculator where you enter your log size and it tells you how much you need? b) Is there a formula out there for figuring this out?

  7. katw0man says

    Ooops! One of your Little Men
    were runnning away!

    He was saying,

    "Run, Run as Fast as You Can!
    You can't catch Me!
    I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

    LOL! Super cute!
    Thank you!

  8. Burnt Mill Candles and Soap says

    yay another great video! finally something good I can do with my gingerbread FO.


  9. Brigette says

    Great tutorial. Thank you so much. You make my job so much easier. I appreciate the templates for the boxes too. Good luck tonight.

  10. Anonymous says

    Oh Santas?! haha…that was awesome…the tutorial and the moving gingerbread man at the end 😉

  11. Anne-Marie says

    He he, I love being an enabler … =) Seriously though, I am so glad that you like the project.

    RoseValley, Great idea! I love the idea of making the white piping have shimmer too. Aren't the boxes soooo cute? They're a little frustrating to put together the first time though so don't give up! =)

  12. RoseValley says

    I started making this soap last year just before the holidays and it is one of my best sellers! I even added a bit of super pearly mica to the white so it has the same shimmer as the rest of the soap.
    Can't wait to make some boxes for my "little men" this year!