Facebook Photo of the Week (April 12 ~ April 19)

What a fun week it has been for me here at the Soap Queen blog. Earlier this week, I introduced a brand new weekly blog feature — our Sunday Night Spotlight. This new weekly feature will pick one Bramble Berry product and I’ll go over why I love it so much and a few different recipes that I’ve used it in. Have a suggestion for a spotlight? Leave it in the comments below! There was also the free giveaway from The Saponifier. Did you miss it? It’s here. We also released a new SoapyLove e-zine kit (colorants included). Learn more about it here. After that thrilling recap, I’m betting you are ready for this weeks winner? It was one of my favorites that was posted to Bramble Berry’s Facebook page this last week, and you’ll see why!

I was so excited to share this week’s Facebook Photo with you because you are getting a sneak peek of one of the soaps that has been entered into our Spring Soapy Swap.  Jennifer of Jennifer’s Handmade Soap shared this photo with us last week and I was instantly smitten by her gorgeous design. She was excited to share her finished soaps for the swap and even told us that she was able to experiment a bit with the mica-oil tops as well! Thank you for participating in our soapy swap and being a fabulous part of our community on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page. Look forward to a special little package headed your way.

Jennifer’s Facebook Page: Jennifer’s Handmade Soap

Jennifer’s Blog: Jennifer’s Handmade Soap

Would you like your photo or project to be featured on the blog? Come join us for soap talk, contests and lots of crafty inspiration on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page and share a photo of your latest project. Your handmade soap might be next week’s feature! Do you have a full tutorial to go with your soapy project? Submit your recipe to teachsoap(at)brambleberry(dot)com to get have a chance of winning a $10 Bramble Berry Gift Certificate, click here for more details!

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    • says

      We are so excited for the soapy swap and so happy Jennifer entered the ones above (they are so totes adorbs). You’ll have to share pictures with us of what soaps you end up getting. Happy Soap Swapping!
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  1. says

    Thank you Bramble Berry for the shout out! I love your products and blog and just everything about BB! And thank you Marcy, Nikki, and Jill for the kind comments! Jennifer

    • says

      We thought your soaps were absolutely fabulous, Jennifer! They really caught A-M’s eye and then we all ooohed and ahhed over them. We are all super excited to see them when they come in for the soap swap. Thank you so much for being such a great part of our amazing soapmaking community. Happy Soaping!
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      • says

        I love being a part of the community! You guys are awesome. I’ve learned so much from all of you! I love being able to share what I’ve learned too now.

  2. says

    Fabulous soaps! At first I thought the gorgeous one on top, with the heart, was a new Soapqueen tutorial. I got so excited my little heart squealed! It would be super awesome cool if Jennifer did a guest tutorial on ANY of her amazing soaps. Hint, hint. 😉

    • says

      Happy to put together a tutorial :) This is a fairly easy soap to make (just takes a two day time frame, because you have to make the hearts ahead of time). I’ll see what I can do about making one for my blog.