Easy Whipped Shaving Soap Recipe

Father’s day is June 17th. Do you need a gift idea? This shaving soap recipe couldn’t be easier using our foaming bath whip with a couple additional ingredients. The foaming bath whip is a very gentle and versatile base (check out our favorite fluffy frosting recipe and sugar scrub).  The bath whip has a great lather and a super creamy and and bubbly texture in the shower (ladies – you’ll love this for leg shaving). This easy recipe whips up a luxurious and soothing shaving soap with chamomile extract to help soothe Dad’s face. It’s scented with Blue Man Fragrance Oil which is perfectly sweet and masculine (base notes of Black Patchouli blended with Orange Peel, Sparkling Mandarin, Coriander Leaves, Star Anise and Venezuela Tonka).


1lb Foaming Bath Whip

0.4oz Chamomile Extract

0.5oz Blue Man Fragrance Oil

1 Tbps Bentonite clay

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ONE: Add 1 pound of foaming bath whip to your stand mixer. Start with the mixer on low and gradually increase it to high for about 20 seconds (or until soft like a whipped butter consistency).

TWO: Turn off the mixer and add .5 oz Blue Man Fragrance Oil, .4 Oz Chamomile Extract, and 1 Tablespoon of Bentonite Clay.

TIP: Before turning your mixer back on, mix the clay in by hand with a spoon or spatula.  Otherwise, you’ll be standing in a cloud of clay! If you want a smoother texture in your shaving soap you can premix the Bentonite Clay in your fragrance oil with a mini mixer.

THREE: Turn your mixer on medium and whip it. After 5-10 seconds on medium, turn the mixer on high.  The foaming bath whip will fluff up and grow by volume.  Don’t over whip, though!  If you push it too far, the whip can collapse.

FOUR: Scoop your shaving whip into your container of choice.  Scoop into a mug, jar or these stylish Bail Jars. Dad is going to feel so spoiled!

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  1. Anntoinette says

    Anne-Marie, I want to try this today and don’t have the chamomille extract. Can I add a little shea butter or cocoa butter? Or what other ingredient can I use. I know Im not going to get the chamomille extract. Thanks

  2. says

    This saving cream was very easy to make even though I was not sure how much to whip since I was using a whisk. It is so much better than shaving foam because it helps to get a close shave and conditions the skin. I love the Blue Man fragrance oil it stays with you. My husband liked the cream but had one request. He would like the cream be feel cooling on the skin. So my plan is to added a different of FO or an EO. Can you recommend an EO or combination of oils that are cool to the skin?

    • says

      Hi Shirley!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe :). If you are looking for an essential oil that will give a cooling sensation, you might try Peppermint Oil. One word of caution, Peppermint Oil and other oils that cause a “cooling feel” can be irritating when used in too high of concentration. This is especailly true when used on mucous membranes or sensitive areas, like the face.

      I would recommend using an extremely small amount, and making a small test batch first, just to make sure it doesn’t irritate the skin :)

      Peppermint Essential Oil:

      I hope this helps!

      -Amanda with Bramble Berry

  3. Maggie says

    Can I use Chamomile essential oil instead of chamomile extract?
    If so, I assume I would use less of the essential oil and maybe add another nourishing carrier oil as well?

    • says

      Good morning, Maggie!

      Essential oils and extracts are actually two separate types of ingredients. Essential oils (like fragrance) are used to scent your products. Extracts typically do not have much of a scent and are used for their skin-loving properties.

      If you don’t have the Chamomile Extract, you can use another extract of your choice, and you can definitely used the Chamomile Essential Oil as long as you stay within a skin-safe usage rate. For more on how much fragrance and essential oil to use in your products, you can check out this post:


      I hope that this helps!
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  4. Jennifer says

    Can i use Chamomile butter instead of extract? And do i have to use the clay, is there a substitute for this?

  5. Raven says

    My husband has become a shaving geek and was getting his shave soap from The Art of Shaving. When I say shave geek, I mean he can talk about it for over an hour to anyone who will listen. He’s got a really good brush, the bowl, the razor…now he’s working with a double-edge safety razor and wants to start using a straight edge. Anyway! It just killed me to think we were spending so much money on shaving soap when he used to be perfectly fine with the other stuff. I made a big batch of this for him and we also gave it to his brothers and father. They had no interest, but my husband loves it. He says his razor stays cleaner longer and he gets just a close a shave as the expensive stuff. I did change the scent to match what he likes and what was recommended as good oils for shaving (don’t remember what, I’d have to dig out the supplies again). Never buying the other stuff, again!

  6. Carly says

    Question – would I need to use a separate stand mixer for this recipe, or would I be able to clean off my “kitchen” stand mixer enough to be able to use it with food again? I’d rather not have all my cookies and cakes forevermore taste like chamomile and Blue Man!

    • says

      Hi Carly!

      If you are starting your own business, we always suggest having separate cooking and soaping tools as you wouldn’t want any cross-contamination. But, if you are just doing this for fun, you can use your stand mixer again for food as long as you properly clean it after you are done with this project! If you do end up making this whipped shaving cream, let us know how it turns out for you, we’d love to hear your feedback. =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  7. Brad says

    I want to try this recipe but I have a question… I like to use a shave brush to later up a cream… How would this recipe work if I only mix it up enough to incorporate the ingredients.. and when I need to shave put a small amount into a mug with a bit of water and lather it up to the consistency I prefer?? would that work?

  8. says

    can you replace the foaming bath whip for something else? i steer away from any products containing propylene glycol.

  9. heidi says

    This is next on my project list. One question, why is there no preservative, since water is being introduced everytime it is used?

    • Anne-Marie says

      Fantastic question and kudos, Heidi for being such a responsible formulator! I’m impressed.

      The Foaming Bath Whip is preserved with Germall Plus and it should be sufficient preservative for normal usage conditions.

      Will it withstand being dunked in a dirty fish bowl and mixed around and left sitting for 3 months in 100 degree weather? Nah. But under normal usage, including the recipe above, the preservative system is in place and should/will do its job for you.

  10. says

    Another thing to add to the to-do list when I get a stand mixer…..rawr. I know the crappy hand mixer I own won’t manage this without blowing the motor out. But looks great for when I manage.

    • says

      You can definitely use a handheld mixer for this recipe, but it will take a little longer for it to mix together and it won’t be as light and fluffy as if you were using a stand mixer. Good luck and let us know how using the handheld mixer turns out for you!
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  11. Cassie says

    Anne-Marie, I don’t have any Chamomile Extract. Is there a substitute that I could use instead of or is it even necessary?

    • says

      It’s not ‘necessary’ for the recipe but it does add to the soothing of the skin (which gets mildly irritated when you run a razor over it to scratch and cut off your hair!) =)

      • Cassie says

        I understand. Thank you. Is there any other ingredient that has the same effect or should I just wait until I can get some ordered do you think?
        Thank you so much again! ~Cassie

        • Anne-Marie says

          I would just wait until you get the ingredient – in the meantime, make a batch and see what you think of it! =)

  12. says

    Awesome! I’ve been wanting do to one and have a farmer’s market tomorrow that I think this would be perfect at. Would Kaolin Clay be ok to use as well? I have that but no bentonite.

  13. says

    YES! I just bought all the same ingredients to try and design my own version of a very pricey version that my husband loves and it looks like I was on the right track! It was like you read my mind! :)