Foaming Bath Whip Frosting


1 Cup Foaming Bath Whip

1 Cup Clear Melt and Pour

1 Tablespoon Liquid Glycerin

3 Tablespoons Meringue Powder

7 ml Clementine Cupcake Fragrance Oil

We tested and tried many recipes before settling on this one. Here are a few key characteristics of this recipe:

  • Hardens up and could easily be packaged.
  • Easy to frost the cupcakes.
  • Have roughly 5 minutes to work with it

Get everything you need for the frosting in the click of a button!

ONE: Add the foaming bath whip, Meringue Powder, Liquid Glycerin and Clementine Cupcake Fragrance Oil to your mixing bowl. Hand stir with a spatula before turning on the mixer (or you’ll have meringue powder everywhere). Then turn the mixer on medium and mix for about 1 minute.

Note: Clementine Cupcake Fragrance Oil will naturally discolor the frosting to a light orange hue after 1-2 days.

TWO: While the mixer is still mixing. Melt one cup of clear melt and pour soap base in the microwave. Once it has cooled down to 150 or 160 degrees, slowly add it to the mixing bowl. Mix for another 1-2 minutes on high.

THREE: Test the consistency of the mixture to make sure that it’s stiff enough to form peaks in the bowl.

FOUR: Have soap already made and ready to frost. You’ll have about 5 minutes to work with the frosting before it starts to harden up into a gunky mess making it very hard to pipe.

Do you like the soap cupcakes we made? We used Shaving Melt and Pour with a combination of Bakery Beige and Butter Cream Yellow from the Sweet Treats Colorant set and scented them with Vanilla Select. The mold on the left is the Silicone Cupcake Mold. The mold on the right is the Scalloped Round.

FIVE: Put the frosting in your piping bag and pipe away!

Alternative: OR frost the cupcake like I normally do at home with real cupcakes…by glopping it on. It looks surprisingly cute!

SIX: Add your soapylove sprinkles (or any color of jojoba beads) and let the frosting harden up for 2-3 days. The longer you let it sit out, the harder it will get.

Note: Once the frosting hardens up it will still have a spongy texture. It will never get rock solid. However, it’s hard enough to package and ship if it’s packaged properly. If you’re looking for a frosting to turn rock solid, you’ll need a different recipe. Try some of our other tutorials:  Cold Process Cupcakes or Cupcake Bath Bombs.

This is what the frosting looked like in our testing phases. It took us a couple of tries to get the perfect combination. Recipe #1 on the left. Recipe #2 top, middle. Recipe #3 on the right. Why yes, those are large slabs of soap.

Alternative Recipes

Recipe #2

Ingredients: 1 Cup Foaming Bath Whip and 6 ml Fragrance Oil

Directions: Whip the ingredients together in the mixer until it’s light, fluffy and forms peaks. Frost your soapy cupcakes just like in recipe #1.

Notes: This frosting does not harden. It’s the softest recipe of the three. This is also the easiest recipe with the longest working time, so it’s great for beginners.

Recipe #3

Ingredients: 1 Cup Foaming Bath Whip, 4 Tablespoons Meringue Powder, 1 Tablespoon Liquid Glycerin, 7 ml Fragrance Oil

Directions: Whip the ingredients together in the mixer until it’s light, fluffy and forms peaks. Frost your soapy cupcakes just like in recipe #1.

Notes: This is the thickest of the three recipes and a little more difficult to pipe. The trade off is that it’s the hardest of the three recipes after letting it dry for 2-3 days.

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  1. says

    Been dying to try this out and I finally have all the ingredients I need! However I have a question about the amount of fragrance. If the recipe calls for 6ml of fragrance, and the one I choose contains vanillin I know I have to use an equal part of the vanilla stabilizer. But if I include 6ml of the stabilizer won’t it change the consistency of the frosting by making it more liquid? Should I reduce my fragrance to 3ml with 3ml of stabilizer to equal the total of 6ml – making the fragrance weaker?


    • says

      Good morning, Elaine!

      We actually used the Clementine Cupcake Fragrance Oil for this particular frosting and didn’t use the Vanilla Color Stabilizer, so it did change colors after a few days. But, you can still add 6 ml of fragrance oil to 6 ml of Vanilla Color Stabilizer. I would do a small test batch, and if you find the frosting to be too runny, you can always add a bit more meringue powder to help it harden back up!

      Vanilla Color Stabilizer:

      Meringue Powder:

      I hope this helps. Let us know how your cupcakes end up turning out, we’d love for you to share pictures on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page if you get a chance. :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      • Elaine Lombardo says

        Hi Becky, thanks for the info! I did a small batch, and used clementine cupcake for the base and I didn’t use stabilizer either. What color did your change to? I colored the base with Bakery Beige from Soapylove. For the frosting I used vanilla select but I cut it in half and the other half I used the stabilizer. It still smelled amazing. I was worried that it wasn’t going to harden (I used recipe #3) because after a couple of hours it was still moist, however I just read above to give it 2-3 days. Hoping that will do the trick! If not, planning on adding some cream of tartar to see if it makes a difference.

        I’d like to use recipe #3 with bath bomb cupcakes to make them bubbly since I’d rather avoid the SLS right now. Has anyone had any luck with that?


        • says

          Good morning, Elaine!

          The Clementine Cupcake Fragrance Oil will naturally discolor the frosting to a light orange hue after 1-2 days. Definitely keep us up-to-date on how your melt and pour cupcakes turn out! We did try the third recipe and it was just as bubbly and lovely in the bath and shower. I hope this helps! If you get any pictures be sure to share them with us on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page.

          Happy Soaping!
          -Becky with Bramble Berry

          • says

            Hi Becky, I thought I’d follow up with my progress.

            After trying recipe #3 it didn’t harden. It was a good consistency for piping, just wouldn’t get harder than how it was when I first frosted it. So I scooped it off, and added twice the amount of meringue. Re-piped, and although it was stiffer after a couple of days, it still stayed creamy.

            After doing a bit of research, I decided to experiment. I melted down white M&P (twice the amount as the foaming bath whip I used), scooped off the frosting I already made and added it to the melted m&p. I also added about a tablespoon of warm water and beat it on high until it became like marshmallow fluff. I was able to pipe it (not perfectly but close) and after an hour or so it hardened up.

            I still need to perfect my ingredients and amounts but I think that’s the way to go if you want a hard frosting. The combination of the Foaming Bath Whip, Glycerin, Meringue, warm water and Melt & Pour made a good consistency to pipe and then harden.


        • says

          Hi Elaine!

          We love you getting back to us with your review on recipe #3. We always encourage experimenting with recipes until you find something that works for you. If you want another “frosting” type recipe, I would check out these blog posts:

          I’ll Have the Honey Ale (Soap), Please.:

          Reimagining Honey Ale Soap:

          The topping on these soaps give it a frosting-type look, but be aware that it does setup quickly, so you will need to work fast. I hope this gives you some extra soapy inspiration. :)

          Happy Soaping!
          -Becky with Bramble Berry

  2. krishka says

    Iv had a go at re-melting and re-whipping the frosting it took longer to whip up but it did and i managed to pipe it was slightly spongier so the end bit of the cupcakes looked not so neat im thinking if you re-whipped it and added more liquid glycerine it would be fine to re-use. Yay less wastage

  3. says

    what would be the best way to package these for shipping? For my shows, I just package in a cello bag but I have been leery of shipping them.

    • says

      Hi Nicole!

      For these particular soaps, the best way we’ve found to package them would be in a cello bag and a box for shipping. The frosting actually hardens up quite quickly so they are easily packagable. =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  4. krishka says

    Hi iv been heating up the base of the cupcake with a creme brulee type kitchen gun to melt it slightly soft and then piping on the top to help it stick as my dad said the top fell off when he used his soap! Has anyone tried re melting the left over frosting to re-use yet i always get alot of wastage, thanks for all the advice guys x

    • says

      Good morning, Krishka!

      If you are having a bit of trouble getting the frosting to adhere to the base, make sure you are spraying the M&P base with a bit of rubbing alcohol (70%) before adding the frosting. If it still isn’t sticking, go ahead and use a bit of M&P base as “glue” to make them adhere together. I hope this helps!

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  5. says

    Hi Michelle,
    This frosting should stick to the base if you spray a little 70% rubbing alcohol on the surface of the cupcake. You can also heat a little melt & pour and use it like glue to get the frosting to adhere to the cake!

    -Kirsten with Bramble Berry

  6. Allison says

    I can’t wait to make this recipe! For the first recipe, can I add color? If so, what kind do you suggest?
    Thank you so much!

    • says

      Good morning, Allison!

      You can definitely use color with the Foaming Bath Whip Frosting! I’d suggest something like a mica or LabColor. With the micas, you’ll want to keep the color around 2-4 mini-scoops per cupcake and with the LabColors, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions. =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  7. Aami k says

    Mine actually did begin to mold a bit on the bottom if the frosting.. I followed the recipe exactly too. ;(

    • says

      It might not be mold but it could be the fragrance you were using. Some fragrances that discolor do tend to look like mold at times in the bath bomb cupcakes. Which fragrance did you use?
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  8. says

    Would it be possible to add sugar or salt to the frosting? I’m thinking it might be a little “perk” to the frosting only being able to be used once. A little exfoliating soap for the first bath, then use the rest of the cupcake for future baths.

    • says

      Good morning, Dawn!

      We’ve never tried that before, but you could definitely try it out and let us know how it works for you. In the foaming bath whip frosting, it is the meringue that usually causes that frosted peaks.

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  9. Ellie says

    Would this bath whip frosting be able to be spooned into a silicone soap frosting mold ( I had swirl frosting for soap cupcakes specialty made…..) and be able to pop out and then attached to a soap cupcake base or would this frosting not get hard enough if it’s in a mold?

    • says

      Hi Ellie!

      We’ve never tried sticking it into a silicone soap mold before, but the frosting does harden up quite quickly and could (in theory) work. If you try it out, let us know how it turns out! :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  10. says

    I love this recepie and it is flying off my market stall. I make cupcake bases with shea butter in a variety of colours then frost with this recepie. I think it is like piping fresh cream. it takes about 4 days to harden fully I have found. I package them in in plastic dome shaped cupcake tubs (just make sure your base mould is small enough to fit). A selling point is that it melts like ice-cream. if you haven’t tried this DO. I see no need to change any of the ingredients. Well done Ann-Marie and team.

  11. Hunter says

    Hi there! I was thinking about trying this recipe but I’m a kind of a beginner at soap making… I’m concerned that the mix will harden before i get to frost all my cupcakes. Could this be re-melted and then re-whipped? If so would i need to add anything like water or liquid soap before re-melting and apprx. how many times could i re-melt/ re-whip before it ruined the mix?

    – Thank You!

    • says

      Hi Hunter!

      With this sort of whipped frosting, it does harden up quickly, but you do have about 5 minutes to work with it. If you are worried about it hardening up too fast, I’d suggest making a small test batch and play with it until you feel comfortable enough to make a bigger batch.

      But, we’ve never tried melting it down before, so in theory you could try to do that and pipe it on the cupcake if you are worried about having time to work with it. If you do try that, let us know how it turns out for you! :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  12. Dyanna says

    Wondering could this foaming bath whip be used to create a shaving cream type soap which will not get hard but will remain soft and fluffy in a jar?

  13. Inès says

    is it possible to replace the foaming bath whip with anything else? Because its expensive to order from Bramble berry to France and i dont know wether there is a french website that sells them… Thank you x

    • Anne-Marie says

      They’re more like a marshmallow that have been left out for a few weeks – spongy but definitely solid enough to ship if you pack them carefully. =)

  14. says

    I have been using 4 parts M&P to 1 part Liquid soap and it pipes wonderfully, but does stay very marshmallowy. Would adding a small amount of meringue powder help it become harder?

  15. says

    I’ve just finished frosting my first lot of orange cupcake bath bombs with this recipe. Looks amazing. I’m so very pleased with them.
    Although I think I may try a 2:1 ratio next time and only 1 tablespoon meringue powder.

    Much nicer than the recipe I previously used.

  16. kristin says

    instead of meringue powder i tried just MP and Whip, then added some oil..would i want to use a preservative, it got nice and hard no problem but im concerned about it going bad, or molding. =) thanks

    • says

      If you’re just playing around with the soap and the oils then there’s no need for a preservative. You’ll only need a preservative if you add water to the project.

      There is water in the Foaming Bath Whip but it already contains a preservative.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  17. says

    I was wondering if I could harden up this frosting by adding some stearic acid to the M&P soap. I’ve never used it before but I understand it can be used to harden M&P soap.

    Anyone ever given this a go? What would be the suggested usage for the recipe above, and do you think it would work? All my customers are international so I need the frosting to be robust enough to be knocked about a bit in transit.

    • Anne-Marie says

      Haven’t tried it but if you do it, I’d start at a 5% and keep in mind that the Stearic Acid will go pretty hard pretty quickly if you add it to cooled product so you’ll want your entire mixture to be warm enough that the wax doesn’t instantly harden up on contact.

    • says

      They are both ingredients used in cooking that we can also use in our soap frosting. They harden and stabilize in the recipe.

      -Courtney from Bramble Berry

    • Anne-Marie says

      “Real” hard? No, it doesn’t get rock hard. It’s more like a marshmallow that’s been left out for a few weeks. It’s a little spongy but you can still ship it. You just need to pack carefully. =)

  18. Sherri says

    I like this idea! I don’t really like the the way the other icing recipes . They are kind of disappointing to dissolve.

    • says

      Kids will love it in the tub. Then can smash it between their fingers and use it as a sudsy soap! Gotta love foaming bath whip!

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  19. says

    Wow! I just tried this for the first time on my first attempt at Mini-Soap Cupcakes. It was super easy! It piped so great I thought I was really working with frosting. Can’t wait to make big cupcakes with this. I did add about .50oz of Shea Butter to the mix. Just because I have to add it to everything. ;o)

      • says

        I posted a picture of my mini cupcakes on my blog. (Click on my name to see) And added a link to the recipe. :o) My Frosting hardened up in just a few hours, and now they are packaged as amazingly cute little baby shower favors. ;o)

  20. Sarah says

    Another question! How many cups are in the 16oz of bath whip and the pound of soap? I’m trying to figure out how many batches I could make if I ordered a pound of each :)

    • says

      There are 8 ounces in one cup. So (roughly speaking) there will be about 2 cups of foaming bath butter per 16 ounces. Same with the soap base. Their densities are a little different so that’s not an exact conversion (but close).

      Courtney from Bramble Berry.

  21. says

    Yes, these will be a one time use soap as far as the frosting is concerned. The soap can be used way more than that though.

    Courtney from Bramble Berry

  22. Stephanie says

    How long does this take to harden? I’ve tried 2 batches, and they’re both still the same consistency as when I piped them? Maybe I should whip them longer? I’m using a handheld mixer, so perhaps I’m not whipping them enough? Thanks! Love your site!!

    • Anne-Marie says

      Our hardened pretty nicely over a few days (4 maybe?) and then over the weekend, they got pretty hard. They’re not like rock hard but they are definitely hard enough to ship and still hold their shape. It might have to do with being in a more humid climate or not too?

      • Stephanie says

        Definitely not that humid up here in Canada :)

        Would it work with less bath butter and more m&p? Trial and error I guess. I made them Sunday night, and they’re a LITTLE harder than when I piped them, but still not hard enough to package. I’ll wait a few more days and see how it turns out! Thanks :)

        • says

          Give it a try. We’ve heard from a couple customers that they use more melt and pour for a harder consistency.

          Courtney from Bramble Berry

  23. Lisa Geeck says

    Is this foaming bath whip the same as the foaming bath butter you guys used to carry? Or is it a different product all together?

  24. Sarah says

    How many ‘cupcakes’ should this recipe frost?

    This looks absolutely lovely and I can’t wait to try it on bath bomb cupcakes! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  25. says

    Does the bath whip stick to the hardened soap well? Do we need to spritz with alcohol first (as if we were pouring layers?) and lastly, is the bath whip topping a one use thing?

    Thanks! These are too cute! I make cupcakes from a cupcake tray mold with a cupcake frosting mold and then stick the two together. This seems like it would be easier!


    • says

      No need to spray rubbing alcohol. They stick to the soap great. Yes, these will be a one time use soap as far as the frosting is concerned.

      I hope you give it a try. It’s a fun and unique way to make cupcake soaps!

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  26. nancy says

    Is this product used as soap in the bath or shower? Forgive me, but I am having trouble visualizing its purpose, other than it looks like something you could eat.

  27. Catherine Witt says

    Just curious, in experimenting, did you try a 2:1 MP to Bath Whip (twice as much MP as bath whip) with just 5% glycerin) – no meringue powder? This dries up nice and hard.

  28. says

    I’ve worked with meringue powder for years in cupcake “frosting”…and no, it doesn’t go bad or affect your soap or your body in any way.

    Thank you…thank you…thank you Bramble Berry for doing this experiment! I was wondering if your foaming bath whip could be used as cupcake “frosting”. My only concern was if it would harden up if you added meringue powder or not. You’ve just answered that question! Thanks 😉

    • says

      The longer you let it sit out the harder it gets. It will always have a spongy texture but they are definitely hard enough to package. I’m in love with this project.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

    • says

      The meringue powder won’t go bad. It’s designed to get hard which is why it works for the recipe.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

      • Paola says

        Hello, I followed this recipe, my cupcakes look so pretty but the frosting did not get hard enough… do you know why?

        • says

          Hi Paola!

          The frosting in this recipe does harden up, but it will still have a bit of a spongy texture and doesn’t get rock solid. Is that how yours looks like?

          -Becky with Bramble Berry