I’ll Have the Honey Ale (Soap), Please.

Honey Ale Melt and Pour
5 Tablespoons Liquid Soap

8 oz White Soap Base

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ONE: Melt 25 ounces of Honey Melt and Pour soap base in the microwave and mix in .5- .75 ounces of fragrance oil.

TWO: Whisk the melted soap until you have frothy bubbles on top. Switch between whisking and stirring the soap. The goal is to suspend the bubbles in the soap (to look like carbination). Stir until the soap is gelatinous and pour into the mold. Do not spritz with rubbing alcohol. We’re keeping the air bubbles this time!

THREE: Once the soap has cooled make your frosting recipe for the “foam”. Combine, 5 tablespoons of liquid soap, with 8 ounce of White Melt and Pour and .25 ounces of Honey Ale Fragrance Oil and blend on medium/high with an electric mixer (or super strength elbow grease). See this Soap Queen TV episode on Soap Cupcakes with Whipped Frosting to learn more about soap frosting.

FOUR: Once the beer soap is completely cool and the frosting recipe is frothy, spritz the first layer of soap with rubbing alcohol and pour the soap frosting on top. No spritzing alcohol on the frosting. You don’t want to deflate the beer froth.

FIVE: Once the soap has cooled, carefully release from the mold and cut into adorable cubes and give them away or keep them all to yourself.


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  1. Wendy says

    I tried this recipe using the Dr. Bonners liquid soap (1 Tablespoon less). The “foam” part is very soft. It dents and squishes with any kind of pressure like unmolding it or picking it up near the top. Is it supposed to do that? If not, where did I go wrong? Otherwise, it smells great and looks awesome!

    Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Everything is totally fine! It may be a little soft and dentable at first, but it will harden up over the next couple of days. It will never be rock hard, but it will be a hard “foam” texture. If you are packaging it, it will be just fine to sent out!
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  2. Wendy says

    I have everything I need for this recipe except for the liquid soap. Is there something I could pick up locally that would work just as well? I just made a huge order (it arrived yesterday) and my husband will shoot me if I make another order so soon :)

    I want to try this recipe in a cupcake mold. The cupcake shapes fit perfectly in the little clear 9oz party cups (I use them to package the bath poof cupcakes aka Soap on a Loofah Puff, as they are hard to wrap in plastic and “shrink wrap”).

      • Wendy says

        Does it matter what kind of liquid soap? I’m going looking for Dr. Bronner’s at the local health food shop tomorrow.

        • Anne-Marie says

          Any of them will work – it’s okay if you can’t find Dr. Bronners. Theirs might be a little too watery so if you end up using theirs, start with 1 Tablespoon less.

  3. Mechayue says

    Hi Anne-Marie, right where I am in Malaysia, they don’t sell anything other than plain old clear MP base! If I were to make my own honey soap, can I just mix in some honey and will it go bad?

  4. kellyanntaylor says

    you copied me.
    just kidding, lol.

    isnt’ it fun making beer soap?

    This fragrance is on my wish list…… sounds too yummy!

  5. Lustercanyon says

    YUM! I have honey MP that I have been wondering why I bought it…now I have a project…well after I order the scent. :)
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Courtney Beard says

    Another winner Anne-Marie! The first thing that popped into my head was Shrek – “can’t we settle this over a pint?” :)