Shea Butter Soap Cupcakes – Cold Process soap

Hi Everyone! Please welcome Erin from Naiad Soap Arts who generously offered to help me out while Anne-Marie is away. Erin’s soap craftsmanship is mind boggling, not to mention beautiful. She created this amazing tutorial just for Soap Queen, enjoy! ~Amber

Have you been drooling over all of the cupcake themed bath and body treats lately? I have! Here is another to add to the collection – a deliciously sweet Cold Process Soap Cupcake scented with Strawberry and Cream cheese! The end result smells just like a cupcake!


If you unfamiliar with Cold Process consider this DVD or this Book. For your safety please do not try this until you are familiar with the Cold Process method of soap making and are familiar with safety precautions when handling Sodium Hydroxide. Many thanks ~ erin
Now let’s get started!

Soap recipe for 6 cupcakes:
7.5 oz. Coconut oil 76 degree
7.5 oz. Palm Oil
6.25 oz. Olive Oil Pomace
2.5 oz. Castor Oil
1.25 oz. Shea Butter
7 oz. of distilled water
3.5 oz. of Sodium Hydroxide
1 oz. Cream Cheese Frosting Fragrance Oil
1 oz. Strawberry Fragrance Oil
we will be soaping at 100 degrees
There is a little extra soap incase you want to add more frosting than I did!
If not, have a small plastic container ready for extra soap!

Other supplies:
• Round Cupcake Silicone Mold
• 6 paper cupcake liners
• Flamingo Pink High PH Lab Color
• Iridescent Glitter
• Disposable Cake Decorating bag
• Plastic Star Cake Decorating Tip or stainless steel decorating tip
• Stick Blender
• scale

• safety goggles
• gloves
• plastic spoon
• stainless steel whisk (for thorough stirring)
• one, 2 cup microwave safe glass measuring cup
• one, 4 cup microwave safe glass measuring cup
• one, 8 cup microwave safe glass measuring cup
• one, 2 cup plastic or glass cup for measuring sodium hydroxide. (I have one measuring cup I use for sodium hydroxide and nothing else and I suggest you designate a sturdy measuring cup for this task)
• thermometer(s) that reads up to 200 degrees
• box large enough to fit the mold, and at least 6 inches deep.
For all supplies without a link you can do a web search to find them and many of the cake supplies will be available in a local craft or baking store. The measuring cups can be found at any big box store that sells kitchenware.
1) Get everything out and within easy reach. Line the cupcake mold with paper liners, cut the tip of the plastic disposable decorating bag so that the plastic star tip fits in it, weigh out your 1 oz of fragrance oils and set aside ( I like to save empty fragrance oil bottles for this), double check that you have all of your supplies ready.


2) In your 8 cup measuring glass, weigh out your Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Shea butter. Microwave until melted about 4 minutes
3) Add your olive oil and castor oil and set aside.


4 ) PUT ON YOUR SAFETY GOGGLES AND GLOVES. They will be on from here on out. :)
5) In your 2 cup glass measuring glass weigh out your water, set aside. In your 2 cup glass or plastic measuring cup weigh out sodium hydroxide. VERY IMPORTANT: in a well ventilated area mix the sodium hydroxide into the water (never the other way around). Be sure not to inhale any of the fumes as they are toxic. Stir with your plastic spoon until the solution is clear and all of the sodium hydroxide is dissolved – about 2 minutes. Set aside with your thermometer and wait for the temp to reach 100 degrees. Start with ice water to expedite this part!


6) Once the sodium hydroxide is just above 100 degrees, take the temperature of your oils and make sure they are also at 100 degrees. If it is too hot pop the container in an ice water bath and if it is too cool pop in the microwave for just a few seconds at a time. NOTE: temperatures can be within 5 degrees of each other.Slowly mix the sodium hydroxide solution into the oils while mixing with the same plastic spoon you used to mix the sodium hydroxide solution. Finish off by mixing with your stick blender until you achieve a light trace (looks like thin pudding). This took me about 1 minute.


7) Separate out 18 oz. of soap into your 4 cup glass measuring cup, add 1 oz of Cream Cheese Frosting FO, stir well, pour into your cupcake mold, and tap on the counter to level out soap. Set aside.


8) To the remaining soap add your 1 oz of Strawberry FO, and 40 drops of Flamingo Pink labcolor or until you get a pink that you like. The soap should be getting pretty thick at this point. Stir with your whisk until the soap is very thick and can hold shape.

9) Fill your disposable decorating bag with the strawberry pink soap. Make sure you hold the decorating tip securely in the bottom and keep it in place until the bag is full of soap. Twist the top or secure with a twist tie.

10) Begin piping frosting onto the tops of your cupcakes in a circular motion, building up tapered layers as you go. Repeat with all six cupcake soaps. I used a small star tip to get a tight ridge on the frosting but a larger tip will make for the big fluffy frosting look you have probably seen!

11) Sprinkle with glitter when you are finished.

12) Place a box over the top of the mold, tall enough for clearance for the soap frosting. Cover with a blanket and let sit undisturbed for 24 hours. After 24 hours your cupcakes should be very firm and easily removed from the mold. You can peel the paper at this point or keep it on. Let them cure for 4 weeks in a cool, dry place!

Afternote: the Cream Cheese Frosting FO will start to darken the soap because of the vanilla in the fragrance. I think the end result is going to be a tan color and you can see that starting to happen in the photo. If you do not want this to happen choose a non-discoloring Fragrance.
Happy Soaping!


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  1. Bev says

    So my oils arrived and they sent me fractionated liquid coconut oil? Does any one ever make cold process with this? If not I guess I will have to wait to make these.

    • says

      Hi Bev!

      Did you order the Fractionated Coconut Oil or the regular Coconut Oil? I want to make sure you got the item that you ordered! You can still definitely use the fractionated in your CP soap (and this recipe)!

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  2. wendy weiland says

    Yes I have cold process cupcakes made already. But did not realize i had no more palm oil. It’ll take at least a week or more to receive my shipment of more palm oil. Can the cupcakes sit that long before being frosted. Can you let me know as soon as possible. Thank you Wendy

    • says

      We typically suggest frosting the cupcakes as soon as you can so the two halves stick together. But, if your soap has already hardened and you want to frost the top, you can use a little bit of M&P base to help “glue” the two pieces together. :)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  3. Bev says

    Love these! I make cold process soap and just wondering if I can just use my own recipe and follow the instructions for the piping?

    • says

      Good morning, Bev!

      You can totally use your own recipe for the soap, just be aware that if you are using a recipe that has fast trace that you will not have a lot of time to work with the frosting. We are super excited to see how yours turns out, keep us updated! :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  4. ArianaTowell says

    Im super exited about trying this project! and i have all the ingredients execpt for the flamingo labcolor, i have lots of other colorants such as your electric bubblegum, your non bleeding-red, red/blue mica and a few others…Are there any other colorants you guys would suggest for the frosting??

    thanks :)

  5. says

    I made these today and they are curing. Used the buttercreme and snickerdoodle fragrance sample I received last month. My neighbor thought I was baking cookies.

  6. says

    Hi Ladie,
    I wanted to share my soaping experience with this recipe. I followed the basic instructions and used Grade A olive oil in place of the pomace due to reading some other posts about the acceleration. I also used birthday cake FO for the bottoms and equal parts vanilla color stabilizer and cream cheese frosting FO.
    I soaped with both my lye solution and oils at 96 degrees.
    It went great! My batter poured off perfectly for the bases and it took a good 30 minutes for my frosting to set up enough to even be able to pipe it so I may use the olive oil pomace next time. I wondered if perhaps it could have been a naughty fragrance oil that gave someone trouble with acceleration in a past post. I wish I could post a photo. So far, so good. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.
    Thanks for a great tutorial!

  7. Cassie says

    Just had a question about the color turning because of the vanilla in the Cream Cheese FO. Can you use Vanilla Stabilizer with this to keep them from turning?

  8. Judy says

    Just made the recipe exactly as called for, and they look super. I had to wait quite a while for the frosting portion to get to a thick enough trace to frost, but that was fine. I’d rather have that than pudding!! Thanks for a great recipe! Can’t wait till tomorrow to see them. I put them in paper liners so I hope they come out easily for my customers. It is soap after all, so I’m sure that at the very least they can get it wet the first time they use it and the paper will come right off.

  9. Kim says

    I have wanted to make CP cupcake soap but wasn’t sure where to begin. I made these a couple days ago and they came out perfect!! My first try. Yay! There was plenty of soap batter to make 7 cupcakes with a nice tall frosting peak. Thanks for the tutorial :).. I did a happy dance!!

  10. Leanne says


    Is the secret to all of this the whipping of the frosting, or is it a must to use those particular ingredients?

    I don’t have shea butter on hand so was wondering if I would be able to use my own ingredients and then whip the frosting? Is this going to get the same result?

    Thank you

  11. lyn says

    I have seen so many variations of recipe’s for cupcake frosting…. some include cream of tartar; powder merreinge (?spelling), foaming bath whip. Im super confused as to getting a recipe for frosting! Is there a Melt and Pour one that can be used with cp? And then there are the recipe’s for the bath fizzy’s…… pls help me out 😀

  12. Denette says

    A quick question about your colorant (pink flamingo LC)…did you use 40 drops of diluted LC or 40 drops of undiluted LC? I can’t really tell from the pic? TIA!!

    • Erin Pikor says

      Hi! Great question! Sorry for not being more specific. The colorant is diluted. 10ml in 1 oz of water plus preservative. :)

      • Denette says

        Thanks so much for the reply! I finally have all the supplies that I need make these…except I already diluted my flamingo pink LC in 8oz of water, so all I need to do is figure a conversion for the colorant. 40 drops times 8 maybe?!?! Thanks so much for your help and this fabulous tutorial! 😉

        • Erin Pikor says

          You’re welcome! Just add color until it matches the light pink in the project pictures – It should gel if insulated well and the pink will turn that bright pink like in the first photo. :) Have fun with the project!

  13. says

    They do stick a little bit but are pretty easy to peel off. Erin used them and her soap turned out beautiful! If you don’t want to use paper, I’m pretty sure they sell reusable silicone cupcake liners.

    Courtney from Bramble Berry

  14. says

    One more thing, does the cp soap stick to the paper cupcake liners that you use? I have read on some blogs thats a common no no but how else to achieve the pretty corrugated cupcake look?

  15. says

    I have a question-Can you make the cupcake bases in advance and then add a whipped soap topping a couple of days later for the icing? I’m concerned that there may be separation of the whipped soap topping from the cp cupcake base. Am I worrying for nothing? I like the idea of doing it in two stages so I can make large quantities and vary the topping. Plus I have wanted to try my hand at whipped soap for some time now and thought doing it in two stages would be nice.

    I just don’t want the top to pull away from the cupcake base when the soap is used. What do you think?

    • says

      Timing is very important when making layers in CP. I’m concerned that the layers won’t stick together if you let one of the layers completely harden. And then there’s the issue of the two layers evaporating differently which may also cause problems.

      -Courtney from Bramble Berry

      • says

        Thats what I thought…what about using cp soap for the topping too and forget the whipped soap topping? Do you think that would make a difference?

        • says

          In this recipe the topping is a Cold Process recipe. So the base and top are CP soap. And while it would probably stick (since CP is less finicky than melt & pour when it comes to layers sticking together) It is definitely something you should experiment with to make sure it works well for you.
          – Amber with Bramble Berry

  16. Erin Pikor says

    We are definitely on the same page with the water reduction! I think if you used 30% water then go with that and try the Extra virgin olive oil. Let us know how it turns out! Hope you were able to salvage the other soap – maybe for a rebatch project?

  17. Steph B says

    Thanks Erin for your very quick reply!
    My 19 months old daughter loves my cupcakes soaps anyway and thought it was food. 😉

    I put the oils and water in the Soapcalc.
    The in % of water in oils was 30%. I thought that was what you used.
    Hopefully this is what you meant in terminology. Can 30% to 28% impact so much the trace?
    I always use 38% in my soaps and have been for years, so this is much lower to me.

    I used 7.2 oz of Lye in total as I had put a very tiny little bit more oils.
    This is what the soapcalc told me to use.

    I think that the thick trace might be due then because of the difference of Pomace oils according to what you are saying. I seriously didn’t know that it could impact so much on the recipe.
    I use Refined oil and Extra Virgin oil all the time and am not as familiar with Pomace.
    I think that I will try again with Extra Virgin oil and 28% water in oils then?
    Thank you so much for your help!

  18. Erin Pikor says

    I am sorry that it was a disaster! I think there could have been a few things. 1) Olive Oil Pomace traces very quickly and I have seen a lot of variation from brand to brand. Try Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    2) I used 28% water not a 30% discount. The Weight of the water is just 28% of the soap making oils rather than a larger percentage – I have seen 35% to 38% as a standard. Maybe I have that terminology wrong but just to be clear I did not decrease the amount of water by 30%.
    3) Did you recalculate the sodium hydroxide for the double recipe or just double it? When you double the oils the sodium hydroxide comes out to 6.9 oz rather than 7.
    You can always increase the water a bit or hand stir the batch rather than stick blend if that is the method you used. Hope that helps!

    • Anne-Marie says

      Also, just reading this again – if you were soaping at 100 for the cupcakes, that might have been a little bit low since the recipe could easily drop fast and the solid-at-room-temp oils become solid, inside the mixture, leaving you with an accelerating trace? Just another idea to toss out there. Steph, I hope you can HP it out at the least. =)

  19. Steph B says

    Hi Erin!

    I hope that you still read the comments.
    I made the recipe today and it was a disaster for me unfortunately… :( Not sure why and I want to understand!
    I followed the recipe to the letter and I am not a first time soaper at all.
    I used the 30% water discount and wanted to make 12 cupcakes.
    As I was just getting to trace, my batch got SO thick that I could hardly divide it in two, before even putting an FO in it.
    So, I really don’t understand what went wrong?
    I didn’t blend more than 1 minute.
    My temperatures were at 100 degrees for both Lye and Oils.
    My mix was way thicker than a pudding and I couldn’t pour in the cupcake liners. I had to use a spoon. I saved it though but the frosting part was really hard to mix.
    My cupcakes (4) look like spaghetti cupcakes and the rest of the frosting got really hot and went into gel phase, so I poured into a mold as well as I could.
    So, I would really like to understand what went wrong please.
    Thanks for your help! :)

  20. Mel says

    Hi there this looks amazing & I’m getting ready to try it… just wondering – it seems like such a lot of fragrance oil for just 6 cupcakes – do you find it needs this much? Seems to be nearly 10 grams per cupcake! just wondering if I’ve converted it wrongly or have misunderstood? This is an amazing resource thanks so much! Mel, NZ

    • Anne-Marie says

      We do about .7 ounces to 1 ounce of fragrance per pound of soap and in this case, that’s pretty right. But if you like a less strong smelling soap or you use less, definitely start with less and see if you’re happy with the scent =) Scent is very much a personal preference.

  21. Anne-Marie says

    I wouldn't recommend subbing any oils in the recipe. You don't have any olive oil at all? You could sub Canola Oil (same SAP value) but that's about it for Pomace.

    I haven't done a cost breakdown but it really would vary based on what size oils you're buying in.

  22. Linda says

    Since I don't have pomace on hand, I'd like to substitute some other oil that I have. Can I substitute any oil as long as I recalculate the recipe on Soap Calc? Or are there certain oil substitutes that I shouldn't use because I won't get a good result due to their particular qualities? Besides the virgin olive oil mentioned above, what might be some other (common) subsitute oils for this recipe?

    Also, has anyone done a cost breakdown to get a ballpark idea of what these cost to make (per each cupcake)?

    Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful tutorial. I'm hoping to see another tutorial sometime on your wonderful new strawberry M&P soap that you just posted on Facebook :-)

  23. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Hi Linda, You could but I would not recommend it. You would not be able to use it for food and the soap will most likely corrode your pan if it contacts the metal. Also, the silicone helps keep the soap insulated allowing it to go through the gel phase. If your soap does not gel it will be very difficult to remove them from the pan without ruining your frosting or shape of the "cake" part of the soap.

  24. Linda says

    Thanks for that info! Hey, does that mean Pomace is cheaper than regular olive oil? Just wondering . . .

  25. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Pomace is the ground pits and flesh of the olives, the remains of the olives after they have had their first pressings, so it is a lower grade of olive oil, but still edible. It is preferred by soap makers because it saponifies more quickly than EV olive oil. You can use regular olive oil in this recipe if you can't find pomace. Sometimes wholesale grocery store's like Smart and Final, or restaurant suppliers will carry it, Its high smoke point for cooking. If you do an online search for "Pomace Olive Oil" you should get a list of suppliers that you can purchase from online.

  26. Anonymous says

    What is Olive Oil Pomace? I tried to look it up on the Bramble Berry site so I could order it, but I don't see it listed anywhere.

  27. Zalasoaps says

    Thank you for your reply, Erin.
    And thanks for your suggestions.

    I think indeed that I stickblend my soap mixtures a little too heavy and too long. I will try partly handstirring my next batch. Together with low temps and no water discount I hope I will finally be able to get a decent swirl…!
    And if not so, from now on I can always make soap cupcakes out of my thick concoctions, lol!

  28. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Zalasoaps – Thank you for the compliments!

    I did use water as 30% of oils. You do want this recipe tho thicken quickly so you get a nice consistency for the "frosting" soap.

    The soap thickening quickly could definitely be the water, percentage of solid oils, soaping at a higher temp or FO/EO oils that seize.

    If you are using a stick blender now you can always hand stir your batches that get a swirl.

    This recipe should be thick thought!

    I hope you have fun with this project!

  29. Zalasoaps says

    Don't know if you still read the comments, but what a great tutorial! Thank you so much for your efforts, Erin!
    And I think it is not only a beautiful soap, but also a very nice one to use. Cause I wanted to convert the recipe from ounces to grams, I put the formula through Soapcalc and it showed very nice numbers. Am I correct that you used a water discount (water as % of oils=30)? I always soap with full water amount, cause my problem is that my soap is often thickening up way too fast to do a good swirl. I am quite generous with fo's (I like the scent lingering on the skin) so maybe that is the culprit? I've started to soap at room temp and it seems to help.

  30. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Hi p-lee! I hope you had a chance to try out the project this weekend! I have used the soap and it has a nice creamy lather and to me, it made my hand feel soft after use and not "over cleansed". The first use took a little bit to lather but once the soap has that initial use it lathers like a dream. I find this happens with most soap I use and make but just wanted to mention it. I like the size of the soap too. It is easy to hold onto because of the rounded shape and the size. Happy soaping!

  31. p-lee says

    So excited about making this soap this weekend!!! I was wondering how the soap turned out lather-wise and moisturizing-wise. With the coconut oil and castor oil, I imagine it would have a nice lather and with the shea butter, it seems like it wouldn't dry your skin out. Just wondering if anyone has actually used the soap because I would love to know more about the final product.

  32. Denette says

    Thanks so much for your response! Using some colorants to enhance the color of the FO is a great idea…thanks!!

  33. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Hi Danette – the soap continued to turn a light brown color but not as dark as a straight vanilla. You can add some cappuccino mica or brown oxide to accentuate the natural color of the fragrance oil!

  34. Denette says

    Just curious…did the Cream Cheese FO end up turning the cupcake all the way brown, or did it stay the tan/light brown color in the picture after curing? I noticed on the BB website that that particular fragrance will turn soaps brown and was wondering if that was true for this particular CP recipe? Thanks, and I can't wait to try this out!

  35. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Subbing EVOO is ok but not another oil.

    Each oil requires a different amount of sodium hydroxide to completely saponify it, so if you sub any other oil you will have to recalculate the amount of sodium hydroxide for the recipe.

    Happy soaping and I hope you have fun making the cupcakes!

  36. Indulge says

    I'm just getting ready to try this. This is my first try with CP so I want it to be just right. I know, I know, I should try a simple one first, but…:) Can the Olive Oil Pomace be substituted with Virgin Olive Oil? If not, can it be substituted with another oil, say sweet almond or jojoba?

    Can't wait to get started. They look beautiful.

  37. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Thanks Tammy – if you are ever in my hood you can come over and have a one on one CP cupcake class!

    Ladybug – I am glad that this tutorial has re-inspired you. If you are already familiar with CP it will be a piece of cake (or cupcake!) By the 6th cupcake you will be very good at doing frosting!

    Tip for all: if any soap frosting gets messed up, just scrape off, put back in the pastry bag and try again!

    Happy soaping!

  38. ladybug says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I've been doing CP for a few years and was wondering how I could do cupcakes. I tried the whipped method but it was a lot of work. Think I can handle it thanks for the inspiration.

  39. milk and cookeez says

    Erin I LOVE IT! I wish I had the opportunity to try CP. You made it look so easy and nonintimidating. I love the frosting! Very Cool, thanks for the great tutorial-Im def marking it in case I try Cp someday :) Thanks

  40. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Hi Denette.

    You can certainly use another cake type of fragrance and I am sure it will smell fantastic! Sometimes fragrances smell a bit different in CP than straight out of the bottle and I liked the cream cheese frosting because mixed with the strawberry, and used in a CP recipe, it makes the soap smell just like strawberry cake!

    I love the Flexy Fast Molding Putty idea Anne-Marie! That stuff is awesome!

  41. Denette says

    Wow!! These look beautiful! Thanks for the great tut with fab pictures! I feel very inspired!

    I am VERY interested in making my own soap (CP method) and I have just started to do my research to begin this process, however, there is one thing that I don't quite understand that maybe you could shed some light on it. For this particular recipe, why did you use cream cheese FO instead of say a cupcake FO or cake batter FO? I guess in my simple mind that make more sense 😉 Any help in understanding this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  42. Naiad Soap Arts says

    A corrugated mold sounds neat! Perhaps you can use the crinkle soap cutter that brambleberry sells, to trim the sides of the bar?

  43. KeepStriving says

    That looks amazing! I have a question: I am wanting to make a corrugated bar (on both sides) but can't find a corrugated mold anywhere. Any suggestions of what I could do?

  44. Amanda says

    These are amazing! I've done soap cupcakes before with melt and pour by whipping the MP base with a little water, but they turned out way too foamy for my taste. This is just the texture I've been wanting to re-create! Thank you so much! Now I just need to order some more shea and I'll be set!

  45. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Hi Susannah!
    Yes, on top is just standard iridescent glitter, not mica.

    I am so glad there is interest from everyone to try out the project!

  46. Anne-Marie says

    Susannah, Erin can confirm but I believe that is normal glitter and not a mica. =)

    I'm so excited that you all are liking the project. It is incredible, isn't it? Erin did an awesome job!

  47. Joann says

    Wow, those are just beautiful. i think I might have to try them. Can't wait to see how they turn out. Thanks for such am in depth tutorial

  48. Susannah says

    I have been wanting to make cupcakes for a while now, but have just put it in the hard basket. Looking at your tutorial has inspired me again these look so good yummy enough to eat. The glitter that you put on top is that just a standard glitter and not mica?
    Thanks for sharing with us

  49. CL Field says

    Wow! I can't wait to give these a try. So adorable and great tutorial pictures. Thanks for the lesson!

  50. Amanda says

    Looks like I just found my next project!! Thanks so much for all you're hard work!! I love seeing all the creative things y'all come up with!!

  51. T.A. Helton says

    Too cute! I'm going to try this the next time I make my Shampoo & Body bar soap (I always have extra after pouring into my pvc mold). I make cupcakes now that are bath fizzies and everyone loves them.

  52. TeresaR says

    Absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to tackling this in a year or so when I have more CP experience, but in the mean time, thank you SO much, Erin, for sharing the recipe!

    This was also good advice for frosting *real* cupcakes…LOL!

  53. Anne-Marie says

    Hi Michelle –

    There is lye to deal with in the recipe (sorry). The 3.5 oz of sodium hydroxide is just a fancy way of saying 'lye' =)

    I'm so glad that you all like the project that Erin designed for you. I agree, it's great!

  54. Joan's Garden says

    Sometimes I'm a little jealous of all the cute soaps that can be made from MP soap…but this is adorable for CP. You have given me other ideas for CP soap with just a small snip of a plastic bag corner…thank you…Joan

  55. Naiad Soap Arts says

    Thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments! It makes me really happy! I will be checking in regularly so feel free to ask any questions you might have! Happy soaping!

  56. Natalia says

    Wuaa! I want to know how to make Cupcakes with MP soap? …thank you! :) (but after this, i want to take some CP class!! it!)

  57. Sunbasilgarden says

    Erin- These are adorable! Amazing work as always…makes me want to try some cp soap. Nahh- I think I will just come to you :) Thanks so much for sharing your techniques.

  58. Soapylove says

    These are just as adorable in person as they are in Erin's beautiful photos! She showed me one this morning and it was so pretty. The glitter was especially sweet! I was also impressed how firm the frosting is despite its very creamy look.

    Awesome project, Erin!

  59. innerearthsoaps says

    Wow, these look great, and CP too! I bought a frosting set yonks ago with the intention of trying my hand at soap cupcakes, and these have re-inspired me.