Five Days of Father’s Day: Army Soap

It’s Father’s Day week on the Soap Queen Blog so get ready for a fun, five day count down of my favorite soapy projects for Dad. Today’s project is Army Soap! It is so fun and easy to make a cool camouflage soap using our non-bleeding liquid oxides. But my favorite part of this project is the Blue Man fragrance, I just can’t get enough of it!


14 ounces Clear Soap Base
5 small mugs and spoons
1 large microwave safe container
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ONE: Melt 14 ounces of clear soap base in a large microwave safe container. Once the soap is melted, stir in .25 ounces of Blue Man Fragrance Oil. Mix well.

TWO: Separate the soap into 4 small containers (or mugs) and mix in your colorants. Make 4 separate soap colors using Liquid Green, Liquid Black, Liquid Brown and a combination of Liquid Green and Liquid Black for a darker green color (1 part to 1 part). Mix each colorant well with a spoon

TIP: Have a mug of boiling hot water ready to clean your syringe between uses.

THREE: Once all of the colorants are mixed in, use your syringe to randomly marble your camouflage colors. Squirt a blob of each color into the cavities of the mold spritzing in between colors, to ensure that the colors stick together. Remember to rinse the syringe in hot water between colors.

FOUR: Once all four colors are randomly dispersed and cover the bottom of the mold, it’s time to pour in the rest of the colored soap. You can make distinct layers for each color or do what I did and pour them in all at once creating a camouflaged swirl effect. Let the soap cool for 4-6 hours before popping the soap out of the mold.

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  1. Anne-Marie says

    Way to persevere through the soap hardening up. That is great! The smaller the bowl, the faster it sets up. Were you using our house base or the bulk base? I notice the bulk base sets up faster than the clear house base so I usually work with the clear house base for small detail work like that. =) I am so glad your project turned out great =)

  2. Angie says

    Well, it’s a little late for Father’s Day, but I just made my first batch of these soaps so I’m excited to see how they turn out when I unmold them! Unfortunately, my bowls of colored soaps kept setting up everytime I was trying to add one to the mold so I had to keep re-heating, which was difficult at the end trying to get them all in there. I found that I was about 1/4 of a bar short of glycerin so I’m a little bummed :( (I even scraped down all the edges to get all that I could). Anyway, my daughter was invited to a “camouflage” themed birthday party and if they turn out well enough, we may just give some to the birthday boy!

      • Anne-Marie says

        You can always heat up the soap warmer or toss it into the microwave for 10 seconds at a time to keep it nice and liquid’y =)

  3. Wonder Turtle Soaps says

    No worries! I just wasn’t sure how if my comment was going to post the way I wanted it to as a Guest, but it looks like it did! :)

  4. Anne-Marie says

    It doesn’t look like Disqus (our comment organizing service) supports OpenID yet. But setting up your profile on Disqus is really easy and it looks like more and more blogs are using it for their comments. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. SharonPJ says

    I think this is truly a wonderful idea!!! Qeustion, how many bars were made using this recipe?

  6. Wonder Turtle Soaps says

    Hi, Anne-Marie! I’m having trouble signing in using OpenID …

    What a super cute idea! Love the camouflage. I plan to try some Blue Man FO the next time I place a Bramble Berry order! It sounds wonderful :)

  7. elaine says

    what a great idea anne-marie! i will try this one for sure, my ‘lil boys will get a kick out of…easier getting them in the bathtub perhaps!? yay;D