Five Days of Father’s Day: Golfer Soap

It’s day 2 of Father’s Day Week on the Soap Queen Blog. Today’s soapy project is for the Dad that loves to hit the links. It’s a personal project that couldn’t be easier (seriously, it’s a three step project). I call it the Pebble Beach Soap!

Golfer Soap Mold
14 ounces of Clear Soap Base
1 ounce of White Soap Base
Liquid Blue or Liquid Green
Grass Stain Fragrance Oil
Syringe or Dropper
Spatula tool (optional)
Buy everything you need to make this kit right here.

ONE:Melt 1 ounce of white soap base in a microwave safe container. Use a syringe to fill in the border and outline of the golfer. If you accidentally “color outside the lines”, no problem. Once the soap dries, use the mini spatula tool to clean the edges.

TWO: Melt 14 ounces of clear soap base and mix in 1/2 ounce of Grass Stain Fragrance Oil. Add 10-15 drops of Liquid Green colorantand mix well.

THREE: Once the melted soap has cooled to about 120-130 degrees, spritz the white soap in the mold with rubbing alcohol and pour the second green layer. Spritz with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any pesky air bubbles. Let the soap set-up for 4-6 hours before unmolding.

Ready to get started? Add everything you need to your Bramble Berry shopping cart by clicking here.

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2 Responses to “Five Days of Father’s Day: Golfer Soap”

  1. kellyanntaylor says:

    i am so bummed! here it is almost Wednesday and I never knew Brambleberry had this cute golfer mold! My husband is a golf teaching pro and I could have gotten these into the pro shop!

    I will be sure to get this mold and Grass Stain is the perfect fragrance too!

  2. Jan says:

    ugh me too!! I live near Lawrence Welk Golf Resort in California, but my test market needs a different scent… I have the mold, but Grass Stain did not sell well locally…. any other suggestions for scents?

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