Lavender Goat Milk Melt and Pour Bars

Made with lavender essential oil, these Lavender Goat Milk Melt and Pour Bars have a relaxing and floral scent. The Swiss Alps are bustling with wildlife, including marmots, red deer and foxes. Another familiar sight is goats grazing on the hills. Not only are goats adorable, but their milk can be for a variety of projects, including soap. It gives the soap a creamy, silky feeling. The Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base from Bramble Berry is made with 10% goat milk and feels amazing on the skin.

Made with lavender essential oil, these Lavender Goat Milk Melt and Pour Bars have a relaxing and floral scent. The goat milk base used in this Lavender Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap adds luxury and a touch of shimmer. The goat milk lettering is a beautiful contrast to the base, which is colored with the Ultramarine Violet Color Block. To go along with the shimmery purple, an earthy blend of Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil and Spring Meadow Fragrance Oil are used. You’ll have a blast making this easy and beautiful soap!
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Milk Project Roundup

Milk Project Roundup
Soap making with milk is popular because of milk’s natural moisturizing properties. For the past two weeks, the blog has been full of soapy projects made with milk and milk powders. Milk can replace up to 100% of the water in your cold process recipe. Because milk contains natural sugars that can burn when introduced to sodium hydroxide lye, it’s important to keep temperatures cool. My favorite way to prevent scorched lye milk is to freeze the milk in advance and add the lye slowly. For more information on creating the lye and milk mixture, check out the How to Add Lye to Milk for Cold Process Soap blog post.

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Lemon Goat Milk Melt & Pour Bars

Lemom Goat Milk Melt & Pour Bars

Goatmilk is a popular soapmaking ingredient for good reason. It creates a lush lather and leaves skin feeling soft. Goat milk contains capric-caprylic triglyceride, which is a fatty acid that helps skin form a barrier to inhibit the loss of moisture. If you want to receive all the benefits of goat milk in melt and pour, the Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base is your answer. These adorable Lemon & Goat Milk Melt and Pour bars are made with the Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base, which contains 10% fresh liquid goat milk.

Lemon peel and Lemon Essential Oil give these bars a fresh smell and natural texture. Approximately 1.7 ounces per bar, the small guest size is perfect for traveling, party favors or even samples. The scored lines on the Guest Goat Milk Tray Mold make cutting the slab of soap into smaller bars easy.

Lemon Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap

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Goat Milk & Oatmeal Cold Process Soap Tutorial

Goat Milk and Oatmeal Soap TutorialGoat milk may be the most popular type of milk when it comes to soap making. Moisturizing and nourishing, goat milk contains lactic acid which helps keep skin smooth by naturally exfoliating skin. Goat milk also contains vitamins A, D and B6. Many soap makers find fresh goat milk via local farms and markets, or raise their own goats. When fresh goat milk is unavailable, goat milk powder is a fantastic option. Simply add the goat milk to distilled water to reconstitute and receive all the skin loving benefits. For more information on working with milk in soap, check out this How to Add Lye to Milk post, and the Buttermilk Bastille Baby Bar video on Soap Queen TV.

This Goat Milk and Oatmeal Cold Process soap is made with powdered goat milkoat extract and colloidal oatmeal for a bar that is gentle on the skin. Colloidal oatmeal is extremely fine ground oatmeal that is fantastic for irritated or sensitive skin. Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Fragrance Oil gives this bar a warm and comforting scent. The fragrance also lends its vanilla discoloration to the top layer, which darkens the Brown Oxide used to color it. For more information on fragrance discoloration, click through the Why Did My Soap Turn Brown post.

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Domino Soap Video Tutorial

In this episode of Soap Queen TV, I show a fun melt and pour technique for creating soaps that look like over-sized dominoes. I used a luxurious blend of Honey and Goat Milk melt & pour soap to make the perfect ivory color.

To make this soap you will need:

Get everything you need to make this soap.

Note the video lists 16 oz of Honey M&P but we actually used 18 oz. using a little less in the final layer won’t ruin your soap, so if you only have 16 oz of honey soap – it will still work!

Jabbering with Jangle Soapworks

There’s no doubting the popularity of goat milk soaps, and Janelle of Jangle Soapworks has elevated milk soaping to an art form. Janelle lives in rural Wisconsin with her family and her small herd of alpine dairy goats. The goats are milked by hand and then the fresh, raw milk is added to the soaps for extra skin-nourishing goodness. All of Janelle’s beautiful soaps include 100% goats milk instead of distilled water, and her favorite way to scent and colors soap is with natural colorants and essential oils. Read on to learn more about Janelle and her happy herd of goats!

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Goat Milk Soap Mold Debut!

Raise your hand if you were at the Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild Conference in Portland, Oregon. Whoop de whoop! We hope you had a chance to see these soaps in person (and gave them a sniff). We used the Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap base with Fresh Snow Fragrance Oil and Activated Charcoal for colorant. Oh, and how could I forget, we used our brand new Goat Milk Soap Mold that we designed just for you milk lovers. Got goat milk?


Goat Milk Mold

Bulk Goats Milk Soap Base

Fresh Snow Fragrance Oil

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