Soapy Social Media Roundup

Welcome to the second-to-last-week of November, everyone! I can hardly believe that next week is Thanksgiving, and I’ve got a ton of prep to do because this year I volunteered to host both Thanksgiving AND Christmas at our house (in retrospect, what was I thinking?!). Needless to say, it’s been a happily chaotic week.

As a side note, we’re still busy getting out orders from the Givember rush, and we appreciate your patience as we soldier on through this busy holiday time. We have a dedicated warehouse team that lovingly packs each order by hand, and they’re working ’round the clock to get your goodies shipped out. To tide you over, take a look at our favorite soapy social media items from the past two weeks.



  • Such a great quote. Just more reinforcement that doing nice things for others is often times the best medicine for yourself too.
  • These past few days we’ve been waking up to freezing temperatures which means winter weather has arrived (booo!). Cold winter air means chapped lips, and this Winter Clementine Lip Balm provides the perfect barrier against the chilly cold.
  • My mouth is watering as I type this because these peanut butter fudge squares look too good to resist! I’m trying (very hard!) to cut sugar out of my diet, but I might make an exception for these treats!
  • These are cute little thank you tags that you can easily whip up after the holiday gift-giving season ends. I often find that it’s the little things like these little tags are the things people appreciate most.
  • As a contrast to those indulgent peanut butter fudge squares, these Sweet Potato Chocolate Chunk Cookies are probably more up my dietary alley!
  • Why wrap presents in wrapping paper when you can turn the whole package into a confetti bomb?! These are four great ideas for spicing up holiday packaging.

Instagrams and Vines:

The warehouse has been so busy these past few weeks so we hired a few of our Givember Gingerbread Men to help us out. They are providing comic relief for the whole team.

Here is a quick look at how we made that super cool Mt. Mica Lava soap that came out in the newsletter yesterday. Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on future awesome projects!


  • If you tend to carry around all sorts of credit, debit and gift cards like I do, you might be interested in a new service called Coin. It allows you to combine all your cards into one super card! I pre-ordered mine last weekend :)
  • I’m always looking for strategies to help keep me organized. Evernote is great, and Penultimate looks pretty interesting too.
  • If cats could soap, I’m sure this little guy would be soaping up a storm!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and try to stay warm!

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  1. Melissa says

    So cute!!!!! Happy Holidays to Brambleberry and have fun and good luck with holiday hosting Anne-Marie. It will be a challenge but you have so much to celebrate this year, it is appropriate to host in your home! <3

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