Fall SOAP Team Search

Looking for a New SOAP Fall/Winter Team

We’re itching to test some of our new Fall fragrance samples that were specially formulated just for Bramble Berry. Do you want to be on the Fall/Winter S.O.A.P. team and be the first to test them?

What’s the S.O.A.P. panel you ask? Soap Opinion (Awesome) Panel members will receive 9 one ounce fragrance samples of our top Fall choices for Fall/Winter 2011. Give the cutting-edge fragrances a sniff AND test them in any product you like (really, anything you want). Then fill out a survey to help distinguish the top choices. We want your honest opinion and notes on testing!

How to apply: Tweet, Facebook or Blog about your favorite Bramble Berry product (including links) and why you should be selected for the S.O.A.P. team. We’ll announce the finalists on Wednesday, August 17th so get your tweets, posts and blogs done by next week (you’ll have all weekend to work ont it)! Note: your Tweets should have @brambleberry someplace in the body of the Tweet (but make sure they don’t just get directed directly to @brambleberry or else no one else can see them)!

Fine Print: We will be sending the fragrances out by the end of next week and we would like the surveys complete by September 30th, which gives you about a month to test the fragrances. Please keep these dates in mind before you enter. We are looking for an accountable and enthusiastic panel! Because these fragrances can’t ship internationally, we are not able accept international entries.

Emily from Soap and Restless did a great job on the last Summer SOAP Team. See her creative CP soaps above. Thanks, Emily! Check out Emily’s Blog P0sts: SOAP Opera Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Wow, everyone has such impressive blogs and posts! I am definitely a soapy amateur,lol! I didn’t make the team but I can’t wait to read about everyone’s adventures with the new scents! My poor little post didn’t even have a picture of my favorite items, I will have to make a better one next time I “try out” for the team. Maybe by then I will have ventured into selling my creations instead of just experimenting on friends and family, and I can have a real website and blog! Congratulations to everybody! :)

  2. says

    Is it too late to get in on this? We have spent a lot of time in the hospital this year…My son has had 5 surgeries and I just had spinal surgery…I am getting back to doing what I love…making soap!

    • Anne-Marie says

      You have until the 17th! Blog it, FB and Tweet it UP! =) And congrats on getting back in the soaping saddle =)

  3. says

    restless soaper has prodded me into a try out! LOL

    I too would be willing to test fragrances for the fall, a favorite time of year in our home! There are two products I’d like to use for the test.

    My fb has a favorite Bramble Berry product that I can’t do without listed. Here is the link for you on facebook


  4. Tamra says

    Hi! I just finished my blog post about this today :)
    I have loved reading all the blogs from the past two SOAP Panels and would love to help out in this panel! If there’s enough fo I’d love to test in CP, M&P, lotion, and body spray- well, there’s also the big If I get chosen to help! Hehe. Thanks for considering me 😀 And good luck to everyone else who wants to participate, too!

  5. Elizabeth says

    Tweeted today on ElizabethLamm1 about my favorite (hard to choose just one!) product lateley, which is the Foaming Bath Whip! I am having a blast making scrubs with it and experimenting with different additives and scents! Favorite combo so far is Cucumber Melon sugar scrub with a little ground walnut shells added. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite FO, but I have been loving the Toasted Rice, which I made some body powder with last week. I have been making melt & pour soap, rebatch, scrubs, powders, bath oils, candles, and perfumes/sprays as a hobby, but maybe one day it will be more than a hobby :) I couldn’t fit all that in my tweet so I will have to post on my FB page too. I would love to be on the SOAP team, I love to experiment with new scents and love to make samples for friends to get their opinion on my efforts. I think I am good at giving descriptive feedback (although sometimes long-winded) and I would love to participate!

  6. Linda Wise says

    I would love to be on your test panel. We make cold process soap , my company is in it’s 3rd year. We also make and market body butter, foor butter and body powder.

  7. Amanda Miller says

    I would love the chance to be on the panel. I have been using BrambleBerry for years and you guys are second to none!
    I make CP Silk & Shea Soaps and am starting to make a batch every 2 weeks with the Baltic Birch 72 bar mold and donate ALL to the local Women’s Shelters in the area. One gets one batch, one gets the other every month :)
    I have posted to FB and tweeted :) I will continue to sing the praises of BB :) You guys are really super and tell everyone I can about you guys! I just might start a blog for the SOAP panel :)

  8. says

    I REALLY want to be on this AWESOME team! I just started with M&P and LOVE IT. Made 300 mini guest soaps for my SIL’s baby shower–couldnt have done it without my tool kit!

  9. says

    Facebook comment made 😀 (www.facebook.com/JenniferSoap)

    Blog post getting scheduled for tomorrow (will come back with the link tomorrow!)

    I want to test some fragrances 😀