Facebook Photo of the Week

It’s the beginning of a brand new feature on the Soap Queen blog — Facebook Photo of the Week!  Every week we will be choosing one photo from Bramble Berry’s Facebook page submitted by you and feature it in its very own blog post.

Brooke LaFevre

This week’s photo comes from Brooke of Her Best Apple. In this soap, Brooke used our Relaxing Fragrance Oil and said, “I just LOVE this FO, it smells awesome. It does turn cold process soap dark, but it smells so good that I can work with that!” I know how frustrating it can be to work with discoloring fragrances, but Brooke, you totally blew it out of the water with your positive attitude and gorgeous design! Check out some of her other soaps:

Brooke LaFevre

Brooke’s Blog: Soap It!

Thank you so much to Brooke for being a fan and regular contributor on Facebook and sharing your awesome soapy creations with us — expect a little package of goodies to be sent your way!

Would you like your photo or project to be featured in a blog post? Come join us for soap talk, contests and lots of crafting inspiration at Bramble Berry’s Facebook page and share a photo with us of your latest project. The week’s photo of the week pick could be yours!

8 Responses to “Facebook Photo of the Week”

  1. Carrie says:

    Hello, I just started making soaps and I would like to submit a picture for the facebook picture of the week contest. Below is a link to the picture, but I have no idea where to go to submit the picture and or how to submit it? Could you help direct me please?


    I would also like to say that you have been a wonderful inspiration to me and I am gratedul to have discovered your company. I enjoy watching your videos and reading your blog. Thank you for making soap creation such a great experience.


    • Hi Carrie!

      All you need to do to submit a photo to Bramble Berry’s Facebook page, is upload to our timeline page.


      To do that, go to our main page and find the tab that says, “Status, Photo / Video, Offer, Event +” Click on the tab that says photo/video and upload your photo to Bramble Berry’s Facebook page with a description of what it is!

      Let me know if you have any problems doing that! :)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  2. Wow!! Imagine my surprise when I saw this in my Facebook newsfeed. I am so honored and grateful – thank you for picking my soap as photo of the week.

    Thank you! thank you! thank you!

    ~~I HEART Bramble Berry~~

  3. Tracy/Aiya says:

    Brooke your soap is soooooooooooo beautiful!

    I also agree entirely with Carrie’s comment. Soapqueen has been a great inspiration to me as well. I jsut received an email that my first order has been shipped, I am so excited I can’t stand it! Yay!

    Thank you!

  4. Wow, you are all so talented! Beautiful soaps! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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