Facebook Photo of the Week (June 29th ~ July 5th)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July spent with  family and friends. Our little family (including the newest addition, Lily) was able to participate in all the daytime festivities and had a fun time in the sun (and a tense time in the evening; Miss Lily was up past 1 a.m., crying. Right or wrong, I’m blaming the fireworks). Yesterday we announced the winners of our Fourth of July Challenge, and you can see the winners here. To see all the other creative entries into the challenge, check out our #4th of July Album on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page.  In addition to the amazing entries into our challenge, we have a real treat for this weeks Facebook Photo of the Week. Are you ready to see who made these adorable soaps?

The winning soaps this week could not be cuter! These adorable little Koko-Girls  were made by the talented Maria, of Kokolele Soaps. Maria is a fantastic melt-and-pour soapcrafter, and the intricate details in her work is inspiring.  If you’d like to learn more about Maria and her talent, check out this interview.  These party favor soaps were made using Bramble Berry’s Round 3D Mold, and Maria even has a Koko-Boys set in progress (I can’t wait to meet them!). Thanks to everyone each week for being such amazing part of our soapmaking community on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page.

Maria’s Website: Kokolele Soaps

Maria’s Facebook Page:  Kokolele Soaps

Be sure to post pictures of your soap creations on the Facebook page each week for a chance to win a gift package from Bramble Berry, and don’t forget to check Soap Queen regularly for soapy news and updates!

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  1. Maria Thayer says

    ahhhhhhhhhhh…thank you so much dear Sylvia, I am enjoying a lot your soap….and how I told you, I am having 3 baths a day to use it very fast and get more fabolous SV Soaps…:)..many hugs from Arkansas!!!…:)….♥

    • says

      Lol, that’s a lot of baths Maria. I am glad you are enjoying the soap. Love your soaps. Keep up the amazing work. Congrats again hun☺

      • Maria Thayer says

        heheheheeee…I need to try your soap with Mango something, like the sample you sent me….it smells sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

        thanks to you…:)


  2. says

    Congrats Maria! You are such a fabulous soap artist and such a sweet lady. I am so happy for you. Hugs from Idaho♥

  3. Maria Thayer says

    ~~~~♥ Super-Pretty-Queen..thank you so much!!…you made my day!….kisses and hugs from the beauty Arkansas to you and all the great team, specialy Becky and Kristen, they have always time to write something nice to everybody and Kristen make me laugh alot when I place that the Koko-boy was born and she wrote…”congrasts mama”..hahahahhahahaaaaaaaa…♥…thanks super-BB!!!…:)

    • says

      Hi Maria!

      I am just so happy that your soaps were picked, I knew I loved them the second I saw them! You really do put so much love, creativity and soapiness into your creations and we are always oohing and aahing over your posts in the office. Thank you so much for being a part of our amazing soapmaking community! :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  4. Janet says

    All her soaps are so beautiful, I know they’re far beyond what my patience or skill level will ever be. I would like to know one thing though: how does she get them so shiny?

    • Maria Thayer says

      ~~~ Thank you sooooooooo much Janet !!!!…the shinny???…oh well..no problem…I will tell you….first, the mold…I take care my molds like babies..after I used them, I clean them with warm water and liquid hand soap…I have special towel only to clean my molds……another thing , second…it is the base, this Premium BB base is so great, so soft, so cute, so pretty…I don’t know but the soap comes out from the mold perfect, like glass…:)…and the last thing is….my stupid little camera, I don’t know how this camera can take good pictures because it is not a expensive stuff…but I move all the button it has, I take around 645465758585 pictures and I got maybe 2 or 3 are good…..I made a “Photo studio” in my bar, with big papaer, lights everywhere..6 hours making the fancy photo studio and…..the last…pray!!!..I pray alot to all my Angels..I think they are with me because when I got a good picture it is like a…miracle!!!!….:)..put your heart and all your love and all the good energy on everything you made and only wait—->miracles…:)

  5. says

    The Koko-Boys and Koko-Girls are so cute! And the other soaps are all fun, beautiful works of art, too. Congrats, Maria!

    • Maria Thayer says

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jenny, thank youuuuuuuuuuu…sooo much!!!…you all are so sweet…..I tell you, these BB 3d Molds are great….now I am wating the “Turtle Fedex” arrives someday over the rainbow..hehehehee…with my other molds I got the last week…It is coming the….the…the…ROUND 3D!!!! omg!!!…I have already around 455657686 ideas with this round stuff…..heheheheee..:)

  6. Michele says

    They are so precious. I thought I saw a pic somewhere (they may have been the boys)where they had a smattering of freckles-so cute!

    • Maria Thayer says

      Thanks Michele…♥..yes, first I made the girls for a Party Girl, my customer asked me something cute and I made them..but when she saw the girls, she following in love with them and she asked me…”maria, and waht about the boys, I need favors to the boys too”….heheheheeee…My brain star to make….”ti ti ti ti” like light on the police car, hehehee..and I told her…”don’t worry, be happy”…and…and…and I made the Boys…and she was so happy, jumping like a frog and I was happier tan her, only to see you can make somebody happy….worth everything…..now I am thinking to make the “DOG” and the “CAT”..because they need their pets…hehehehheee…:)