#Natural Colorants Winners!

I’m excited to share the winners of the #Natural Colorants Cold Process Challenge. We had an amazing turnout and at last count, there were over 145 entries! There were so many incredible soaps that I just had to feature more than four this time. Check out these inspiring (and all-naturally colored) soaps!

Top Row

Alicia from Clean by ali, llc – Poppy Seeds and Annatto Seeds

Jabones KarunaRose Clay

Rachelle from Stripped Soap Co. – Peppermint-infused Coconut Oil and Peppermint Tea Leaves

Middle Row

Rhonda from Theodora SoapsAnnatto Seed, Alkanet Root, Paprika, Safflower and Sandalwood.

Kristen Mehlbauer: Cocoa Powder and Coffee Grounds

Nicole Mathiasz – Calendula-infused oil, Calendula Petals, Spirulina, Parsley, and Turmeric

Bottom Row

Monica from Green Lady Creations:  Pumpkin Puree

Natalia MijnZeep – Italian Rose Ochre, Red Clay, and Spirulina

Jean from SoapArt – Mauve Clay and Activated Charcoal

Many thanks to everyone who particpated in the #Natural Colorants Challenge, we were so happy to see all of your incredible work. Now get ready for this week’s challenge, #Unique Tops in Cold Process Soap!

Happy Soaping!

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  1. says

    WOW! All I can say is beautiful! Each and every one. That is what I love about soapmaking. You always will have a unique special bar of soap every time you make a batch. The natural colorants look phenomenal!

  2. says

    Uauu, what a nice window of natural soaps. How did I lose this chance to be among all this marvellous works and friends? Congratulations to everybody, and to you Ann-Marie for this event. You must call me the next time you will do this ! ; )

  3. Kimberly Williamon says

    Congrats!!! To all the winners,…Oh, how I would love to smell and feel the sweet bubbles of them all. :-)

  4. Ann says

    Beautiful! Congratulations to All!

    I have a question for Ann-Marie,
    Can you tell me from your experience what is the most popular CP soap at Brambleberry and Otion?