Make it Monday: Cold Process #UniqueTops

Last week’s Make It Monday challenge was such a blast, and we had over 100 soaps submitted in the #natural colorants theme of the week. We saw everything from Calendula to Activated Charcoal to amazing homemade blends of different herbs and spices! Take a look at our Facebook album to see all the soapy goodness.  Check back later today to see the winners of last week’s challenge.

Are you ready for this week’s challenge?  Drum roll please…

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

  • Create a unique soap that follows the theme for the challenge of the week. This week is all about cold process soaps with unique tops (think whipped tops, additives, peaks, embeds, sprinkles and swirls).
  • Post your pictures of your soaps with unique tops to Bramble Berry’s Facebook page during the entry period (September 10th -September 24th).
  • Your entry must have the hashtag of the week in order to be entered into the contest. This week, your picture must have the hashtag “#UniqueTops”
  • At the end of the two weeks, Team Bramble Berry will pick our favorite soaps. The winners of the challenge will be featured on the Soap Queen Blog. You have until Monday, September 24th to post your Cold Process #UniqueTops photos. Please submit your photos by 12 pm (pacific standard time).
  • You can submit up to three different pictures.

Here is some extra fun inspiration to get you started on your cold process #UniqueTops

Stevie’s Soap, All Grown Up!Luck of the Green BeerLoofah Cold Process Soap
Invigorating Shampoo Bars, Soap Puffed Marshmallows , Neapolitan Cold Process
Pretty in Pink: Salty Cold Process, Shea Butter Soap CupcakesChai Latte Love

Make Swirled Hearts Cold Process Soap from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

Ready! Set! Soap!

6 Responses to “Make it Monday: Cold Process #UniqueTops”

  1. Jen says:

    I’m confused the last one said we had till today to enter, but you posted the winners already. So do we get our pics in by the 23rd then?

    • Sorry for the confusion. We probably should have clarified that in the blog post. Good catch! We whipped up the winning blog post today around 4(ish). The deadline is still Monday the 24th with a 12 pm (pacific standard time) deadline. We still want to see your beautiful naturally colored cold process. We can add it to the Facebook album =)

  2. Susan says:

    Darn, I missed the deadline for the natural colorants. But I will definitely enter some soaps in the next challenge!

  3. Thank you so much for the Facebook help, Becky. If you ever need advice on how to do something old fashioned (like making out a check, for example) don’t hesitate to ask. BB customer service is the best!

    -Leslee with RainTree Botanicals

  4. [...] an experiment with a Cinnamon Apple Cider Soap that I plan to enter into the Soap Queen’s Make It Monday: Unique Tops challenge. I won’t say much more about it now because I need to see how it turns out when I cut it [...]

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