Soap Puffed Marshmallows

As promised (on Facebook; what, you’re not reading our Facebook fan page obsessively? Shame. Shame), my Hot Cocoa Soap recipe in all of its chocolaty goodness! I used an advanced technique called  ‘In the Pot Swirl’. Basically, you split up your batch into two different colors and pour 1 color into the second pot in various places. The soap batter naturally swirls the colors together when you pour the soap into the mold (I used the 5 lb Wooden Log Mold). I also used real cocoa powder as my brown colorant then mixed in Super Pearly White Mica (in about 12 ounces of soap batter) for the swirling color. Swirling a thin layer on top adds a nice touch so save a little extra of the Super Pearly White soap. You can use any swirl technique that you want though. However, if you want to see exactly how the ‘In The Pot Swirl’ technique is done, check out the premium Soap Queen TV episode and watch the step by step process.

The Recipe (screen shot from the SOAP iPhone App)


I do have to admit that I made this recipe to test a new fragrance called Hot Cocoa that Bramble Berry is bringing in for the holidays. It’s pure chocolate bliss and passed the cold process test with flying colors. I’ve already ordered it so keep your eyes peeled on the Bramble Berry site. In the mean time, I would suggest a combination of Dark Rich Chocolate and Vanilla Select.

And now the secret to my ‘mallows! They were totally inspired by Soapylove’s Soap Frosting recipe (check out the guest blog post here and a Soap Queen TV episode here). They smell delicious and look positively edible!
2 Tablespoons Liquid Soap
Electric Mixer
ONE: Melt 4 ounces of white soap base in the microwave. Use an electric mixer to blend the melt and pour soap base with 2 tablespoons of liquid soap, 1 ml of Vanilla Select and 1 ml of Vanilla Color Stabilizer. Once the mixture is fluffy, scoop it into a silicone tray mold and let cool for about 30 minutes.
TWO: Once the mixture has cooled, gently release (or pry) the soap from the mold and cut evenly into marshmallow sized squares. Use your hands to round out the corners (they mold really easily).
THREE:Pop them on top of your CP soap at thin trace for a sweet accent!

Get everything you need for the soap and the marshmallows with the click of a button. The only thing you’ll have to get on your own is the olive oil. I’ve also included the 5 pound wooden mold but if you already have one, remember that you can delete anything that you don’t need from your shopping cart. 



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  1. Candy says

    i just got the hot chocolate fragrance oil and it smells horrible
    it stunk up my whole house and it smells toxic

  2. Anne-Marie says

    Yes, you can re-melt the marshmallows – no problem. It sounds like there isn’t enough liquid soap in there. Did you use Bramble Berry bases? I notice that when I was using base from JoAnnes in my testing that it didn’t work very well.

  3. Isoapy says

    I totally understand about the holiday’s, please don’t feel bad! You had important news to share with your family! Congratulations! So, I made my marshmallows with the recipe you listed, the only ingredient that was not from Bramble Berry was the liquid soap. I used a shower gel/bubble bath base that I had on hand, made by “Something Fabulous.” It’s from Hobby Lobby, it is meant to be heated, and just have color and fragrance added to it. Here’s the ingredient list: water, SLS, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauramide DEA, triethanolamine, lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea, tetrasodium EDTA, methylparaben, citric acid anhydrous, propylparaben, & sodium chloride. I was going to use my own homemade liquid soap, but I didn’t have any that was unscented! I thought this soap base was similar to the BB liquid soap concentrate, so I thought it would work. I noticed on the Soap Queen TV episode when you made the frosting, the liquid soap you added to the M&P soap looked thinner than what I used. I used the M & P Bramble Berry Base, the one that is like cold process. So the recipe listed only filled less than a quarter of the square silicone mold, and was very crumbly and dry. I pressed it into the pan anyway, and later cut it into squares. When I try to round off the corners, it just crumbles, looks kind of like blue cheese (only white)! But definitely no marshmallow shapes. Can I melt it down and whip it again, and maybe add a little water, since my LS was thicker? Any ideas would be appreciated! Oh, I did want to mention I used the Cranberry Fig FO today, and did an in the pot swirl with pearly white and burgandy oxide, and it turned out AWESOME! It smells great, and looks very festive. I oven processed it, so I get to try it right away, I can’t wait!!

  4. Anne-Marie says

    Hi Isoapy,

    Sorry for the long response time. I was out of town for Thanksgiving and I checked emails and blog and stuff and still managed to miss yours. My apologies.

    Tell me more about the raw materials you’re using =)

    As for the Fragrance Oil, I use .7 ounces per pound of the recipe. I really like a strongly fragranced soap. =)

  5. Anne-Marie says

    Did you use all Bramble Berry products? The Bramble Berry Base + the Bramble Berry soap? It sounds like there might not be enough liquid soap in there if they were crumbly.

    Yes, you can remelt and try adding more liquid soap.

    I would do .25 – .5 ounces of fragrance per pound of product for the frosting.

  6. Isoapy says

    For the fragrance oil, I meant how much hot cocoa fo for the recipe, not the marshmallows, forgot to specify that:) I still need to know what to do with these darn marshmallows, though! I was able to cut them into squares, mostly, but if I even try to round the corners, they just crumble. That whole recipe only filled my square silicone tray not even a quarter full. And I really, really need to get this made, soon. THANKS!!

  7. Renee says

    Yup.. I’m on FB. I’ll post a pic to the Brambleberry page. (There are a couple photos of it in progress on my page too) Going to try it again though, and see if I can get the marshmallows not to melt. LoL! (I’m totally a sweets kinda gal too! I LOVE my chocolate!)

    On a totally separate note. I’ll be sending off my swap soaps tomorrow. I’ve tucked a little package in there for you… so that you can have your own sample of the soap (plus another goodie!) 😉 Thanks for all you do to educate, inspire and support all of us!! You (and the entire BB family) are WONDERFUL!!


  8. Anne-Marie says

    It’s got to look adorable with the melted marshmallows. And you’re right, it
    is totally realistic! =) And quite frankly, I prefer my milk chocolate to
    have like triple servings of marshmallows. LOL! I’m a sweets girl through
    and through.

    If you are on FB, would love to see photos of the melted marshmallow soap =)

  9. Renee says

    I insulated. I normally insulate my CP soaps… and didn’t think anything of it until I unmolded it tonight. I have enough FO left for another batch… so I’ll give it a go. Who knows… maybe some people won’t mind the melted marshmallows so much because that’s what happens in real hot chocolate? It smells wonderful… and the swirl turned out nicely… I can always shave the tops too. Going to take a couple to work with me tomorrow and get the girls’ opinions. 😉 LoL! They’ll let me know what they think!

    Thanks for such an awesome project, Ann-Marie!!

  10. Isoapy says

    I tried making the marshmallows today, but it was crumbly, still kind of fluffy, but when I tried to mold them a little, they just crumble into pieces. What did I do wrong, and can I fix it? I wasn’t sure if I could melt it back down and try mixing it again now that it has the liquid soap base in it. Also, how much fragrance oil, .5 or .7 ppo? Thanks!

  11. Anne-Marie says

    Oh no! I let my marshmallows ‘cure’ for a day. I wonder if that made a difference? Did you insulate? I didn’t insulate mine …

  12. Renee says

    Made a batch last night…. and my soap marshmallows melted all over the top of my CP soap =o( Ah well…. just like the real thing, I guess! 😉

  13. Mold Testing Service New York says

    Oh it was a pleasure to visit this site..visit again soon.Liked it !Thank You!!

  14. Anne-Marie says

    They turned out great! I love how you really embedded the Marshmallows into the soap so that the side cut has them in there quite clearly. Very neat soap. Good job.

  15. Anne-Marie says

    The recipe is in the blog post above but if you don’t know how to make CP Soap, I’d definitely watch the CP how-to series at SoapQueen.TV (they start here:… and go on for 3 more episodes). The swirl is an In The Pot swirl. The premium SQTV episode on that is here:… (first video). If you know how to make CP soap already, is there a particular step that is confusing you? Would love to help!

  16. Helen says

    I insulated- I was worried about getting a partial gel :-( Well, we’ll see how it looks when I cut it. Will try again with the rest of my f/o. Wish me luck!

  17. Helen says

    I was so excited to try this! I bought the Hot Cocoa f/o the other day at Otion. Last night I made this and wrapped the mold to insulate overnight– this morning, POOF- my beautiful marshmallows melted FLAT during the gel phase :-( I was a little worried about that but since you mentioned that you did full gel to get even colour I thought it would be okay…wah!
    I’m SO disappointed because I made a large loaf too….boo hoooooo

  18. Anne-Marie says

    It can definitely be your own liquid soap base. I often use our all natural castille soap base with no trouble at all. =) Let me know how it goes!!

  19. Isoapy says

    When you say liquid soap for the marshmallows, does it have to be liquid soap base, or can it be liquid soap? I make my own liquid soap, because I don’t like the chemicals in the liquid soap base, but I wouldn’t know how to make sure the consistancy was the same. Did that make sense??

  20. Elena Z says

    Hi Anne-Marie!
    Incredible idea, I love it!
    Quick question – how much coco powder should I use for 2lb recipie? And when should I add it, to oils or at trace?
    Thank you!

  21. Anne-Marie says

    Are you using a stick blender when you’re making the recipe? Usually separation is from the fragrance oil or from not using a stick blender. Tell me more details =)

  22. Trishnicol says

    I tried to make this soap twice – but both times it separated and went kind of grainy before it got to trace. :( Any ideas why? I followed the recipe to a T. Any way to salvage?

  23. Anne-Marie says

    I typically keep my superfat to 5% and under; this one is at a 2% I think? I get less soda ash with the lower superfats in my experience.

  24. Janier says

    I have done cocoa soap before, but the “mallows” is something else.. One question, what % do you use to superfat your soap, specially this one?

  25. Anne-Marie says

    ITP is easy once you get the hang of it. The secret is not to swirl too much. Just once around the pot one way and once around the pot the other way. Have you watched the Christy Rose video at BB yet? I think it’s pretty helpful (but then again, I’m biased!) =)

  26. Anne-Marie says

    Definitely – you’ll get slightly brown lather but nothing too worrisome. I notice it but my husband doesn’t at all. I’m so glad that you like the project.

  27. Anne-Marie says

    The slices of soap smell incredible – absolutely drool-inducing yum. I cannot wait to get the new Hot Cocoa fragrance into the warehouse so I can just smell it all day long.

  28. Anne-Marie says

    Or as I like to call it “Marshmallows with just a litttttle bit of cocoa”. I swear, the melted marshmallows are the best part of hot chocolate. =)

  29. Anne-Marie says

    Aw thanks. I was just thrilled that it all came together nicely – the swirl, having time to plop the marshmallows on, the full gel phase (so there was no uneven coloring), and the smell – man, the new Hot Cocoa fragrance totally rocks. I cannot wait to get it into the warehouse. It is soooooo nummy.

  30. Anne-Marie says

    Oh please do! That’s why I blog these projects – to share them so others can use them. If you do your ‘twist’ on it, post the link to photos. I would love to see them.

  31. Anne-Marie says

    Ooooh, if you make it, I want to see photos. The soap looks so so so cute now that it’s been curing a few weeks. The swirls are getting even more striking.

  32. SoothingSuds says

    wow, this is co cool! your creativity inspires us all A-M (you too Soapylove!), thanks so much for sharing your ideas…..a Hot Cocoa soap was in the works for my winter soap collection, now I just have to try this;D

  33. Hibryd says

    I hope you don’t mind, but I am totally stealing this idea. (I might use layers instead of a swirl to create a lighter “foam” layer on top with the marshmallows in it, mainly because my swirls tend to suck.)

  34. Hibryd says

    In my experience, yes, cocoa will darkly color both soap and suds alike.

    What I *really* love about using cocoa is that it can also double as an exfoliant. Cocoa is oil soluble, so if you put it in before you take the stick blender to it, it will dissolve. If you mix it in at the last minute and work with lower temperatures, it will stay in powder form.

  35. TeresaR says

    Just when I think I’ve seen the best projects you can share with us, you surprise me with something that tops them all (and this one tops it with marshmallows…LOL!)! Can’t tell you how much I LOVE this project! I love it so much that I’m picturing it in a poster format and hanging it on my craft room wall. 😉

  36. Mariana says

    Hola Anne!!!

    MMMMMMmmmm!!! luxurious and delicious at the same time. You always have new creative tecnics and soaps.

    Gracias por compartir tus clases y videos

    Mariana swirling English and Spanish!!!

    from Mar D. Jabones

  37. Christina says

    If you wanted to do the whole thing MP could you layer the marshmallows in a loaf pan mold? Like the Hot cocoa cups Soapy Love did?

  38. Celine Blacow says

    Do you find the cocoa gives you browned bubbles on your soap?

    Lovely looking, I could take a bite right now!

  39. Lustercanyon says

    Your swirl is great…I cannot seem to manage an ITP swirl, but am inspired to try now. Love the ‘mallows!! Another must try. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  40. Charity Tensel says

    That soap is so fun! I made chocolate CP soap once for a friend and I did not think I would like it, but I loved it.