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The only way to make soapmaking better is to have a friend craft along with you. Join the Soap Crafting club, and receive personalized attention from Amber and I, but you’ll also be able to interact with fellow soapmakers from around the country. Two Soap Crafting club sessions have been held so far, and they are fantastic places to ask questions, get advice and show off the lovely soaps you make along the way. There is a catch though – we cap the participants and over half of the subscription for the Spring Session have been reserved. The Soapcrafting Club Sprint Session starts in April and we would love to have you join us.

When you purchase a three-month Soap Crafting Club subscription, you’ll receive pre-measured oils, lye, pre-measured colorant, pre-measured fragrance and the soap mold. All you need to provide is the distilled water and the tools! With little to no measuring, most of the work has been done for you to have a successful, easy batch. Each month included in your subscription will feature a different soap from the book. Kits for each recipe are typically sent out at the end of each month, and that’s when you’ll have time to make the recipe yourself, ask questions in a private online classroom and tune in to a live soap making session where I demonstrate how each recipe is made.

Below are a few of the soaps created by club members from the past two sessions:

Fall 2013 Session

Top left clockwise: Natural Colorant bar by Connie, Neon Swirl by Audra and LabColors Ombre by Mary

Winter 2013 Session

Top: Avocado Moisturizing Bar by Jeanne
Bottom: Funnel Pour by Janet

 The Winter Soap Crafting Club is full, but the Spring Club is right around the corner. The spring session features the Black & White soap, Coffee Grounds soap and the Wine Twist. You’ll receive the popular Vertical Mold with your subscription – in addition to the live Soapcrafting sessions, private video, private forum and pre-mixed ingredient boxes.

Register for the Spring 2014 Soap Crafting Club here!

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  1. Aymernia says

    Hi Amanda, i fallow everyday your youtube videos and know this page. I am very sad because i think i can’t be part of the sessions correct or can i? Even i living in Portugal?
    Thank you for your inspiration on soaping :)

  2. says

    Yay! I signed up for the spring session too and I’m so very excited. Can’t wait to bump virtual shoulders with y’all in the classroom. ; ) What a great and perfect way for me to accomplish one of my SMART goals this year, making CP soap! Thanks for the opportunity.


  3. Cheryl says

    I just signed up for the Spring session, and I’m very excited. I’ve had my eye on that vertical mold for quite some time, and this seems like the perfect excuse to treat myself. After all, wouldn’t I get more use out of the book my husband so thoughtfully gifted to me for Christmas? And having the guidance through these projects will be empowering :)

  4. Lianne says

    I just got my Soap Crafting book yesterday in the mail! Along with a bunch of other goodies. (Kelp powder, Alkanet root powder, some clays, and or course some new moulds to try out!)

    I just have to wait for my coconut oil shipment to arrive. Unfortunately, I can’t order everything from Brambleberry because shipping internationally (To Canada) is a real pain. There’s always extra charges at the door for GST and Customs, depending on what the products are. Oils are one of those things I get taxed on and dinged real bad by the brokerage fees.

    Aside from that though, trying out the soap crafting club might be a good idea. I’m very excited about having the book finally! I’ve already learned some new tricks and information on soap making and I can’t wait to give them a try.

      • says

        Hi Lianne!

        I’m sorry about the shipping regulations, I wish there was something we could do about that! I’m glad to hear you picked up the Soap Crafting Book, at least that way you can still try all the fun projects :) What recipe are you wanting to try first?

        Thanks so much for your business, and for being a reader!

        -Amanda with Bramble Berry

        • Lianne says

          Its quite alright. I still have the book, which I’m still all excited about. I’m most definitely going to try the soap cupcakes. I make soap cupcakes already, but I’ve never made them the way Anne-Marie does them.

          • says

            Hi Lianne!

            The soap cupcakes are such a fun and cute project. If you get photos, we would love to see them on our Facebook page :)

            -Amanda with Bramble Berry

  5. Anne says

    Ooops – sorry – ignore my previous question. I just went to the registration page and saw the restrictions which were in the back of my mind when I asked. :) One of the downsides of living so far from much of the world – but plenty of other compensations :)

    Cheery bye :)

  6. says

    I always follow because my hobby is soap crafting. I make algae (seaweed) as additives in natural soap because Indonesia has affluent seaweed, example at Bali, Lombok, Kupang. Now, I and coastal women community have a business “Natural Seaweed Soap” in Indonesia.

      • says

        thank you Amanda:). your creativity become my inspiration to share it for coastal women community, so they can make soap. In 2013, I got support from PERTAMINA FOUNDATION to empower coastal woman in Sangrawayang Village, Sukabumi Region, West java, Indonesia. Now, they have the local business SEAWEED NATURAL SOAP “SABUN RATU”. Furthermore, I hope,I can share about soap crafting in Bali, Lombok, and Wakatobi island (they are wonderful islands in Indonesia). and I hope too, one day, you will come to Indonesia 😉

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