Facebook Photo of the Week 12/31 – 1/4

2013 is here and is it just me, but does 2012 seem very long ago now? I had fun looking back on some of Bramble Berry’s achievements of 2012 in this post. Onward and upwards in 2013; we’ve already posted a few tutorials (click here and here), a brand new Soap Queen TV episode, and we’ve already seen some incredible bath and body products shared with us on our Facebook page.  Speaking of Facebook, our Facebook Photo of the Week! Drum roll please…

Jasmine Hales

This week’s photo comes to us from Jasmine Hales.  We first met Jasmine when she posted a comment on the Hot Process Series: Crock Pot Camo tutorial. She told us that she had just started soaping with goat’s milk (her family raises goats) and that she is 15 years old. I was totally stunned, and knew I wanted to know more about her. Since then, Jasmine has become part of Bramble Berry’s Facebook community and I’ve really enjoyed seeing her interact with other soapers and post her gorgeous soapy pictures. Jasmine told us that this soap is a Cucumber Puree Soap made with coconut milk and scented with Bramble Berry’s Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil. Thanks for being part of our Facebook page and keep your eyes on the lookout for a fun little package being sent your way!

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  1. Judy D says

    Good for you Jasmine, I was 60 before I made my first bar of soap. We raise 4 lambs each year and I finally got the idea to make soap with the fat. It makes wonderful soap.

  2. Jasmine says

    !! I Can’t belive I won this week! :) I check soapqueen.com daily and browse…Well sometimes twice a day…lol. :) I saw my picture on here and reloaded the page twice to make sure my computer was not playing tricks on me. :) Thank you so much! I have a bunch of Valentine orders coming in so I should be ordering more soapy supplies soon!
    I <3 BrambleBerry

    • says

      We loved your soap and were totally in awe of your talent, Jasmine. We’d love for you to share more pictures of your soap on Facebook and can’t wait to see your Valentine’s soaps. Expect a special little package being sent your way. =)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  3. says

    That is awesome! Jasmine is very talented in both soap and photography, I am drooling! LOL, thanks so much for sharing! I also want to welcome Emily with a big hug to the soap world too, I am so happy to see young girls getting involved in the craft!

  4. says

    That soap looks amazing! I am 14 and homeschooled making soap for people all over the usa! It is a huge encouragment to me to see otheer girls my age making natural soaps,and helping out their family!