April Showers Are Here

We loved our November Givember promotion so much that we’re bringing it back – April Showers style! What does that mean for you? Well, let’s start off with two bonus newsletters each containing never-before-seen projects from Bramble Berry. Plus, a free gift with purchase for orders of $100 or more at BrambleBerry.com.

And finally, a game. No wait, an adventure! The April Showers Scavenger Hunt will be a cross-media bonanza where you find clues that lead you to the answer of the riddle and the prize: a $15 Bramble Berry gift certificate.

April Showers

Free Gift with Purchase

What’s this, you say? Well, we’re giving away a limited number of gifts with purchases of $100 or more (before shipping) with the coupon code APRILKIT! If you loved the Waves of the Sea cold process tutorial from last week, this is the kit you need to make it. Don’t forget to enter your coupon code when you check out! Free gifts available while supplies last.

Two Bonus Newsletters

I know you’re thinking, “Didn’t I already get my April newsletter?” but wait, there’s more…two more, in fact. I’ve created two additional newsletters for this month jam-packed with exclusive never-before-seen tutorials. Keep an eye on your inbox; the first one ships today!

April Showers Scavenger Hunt

We are going to give you a series of clues. You take the information from those clues, and guess which Soap Queen tutorial or kit we are talking about. Excited? Here are the details:

  • Set up a separate board in Pinterest and call it Bramble Berry Scavenger Hunt. Pin the clues to the Pinterest Board.
  • Clues will be released on April 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th. It could be any time of day. Clues will be labeled with the hashtag #BBScavengerHunt so you know what to look for.
  • Each clue could be released on any one of the following Bramble Berry social media outlets: the Soap Queen Blog, Facebook, Bramble Berry Newsletter, Tumblr, Vine (profile name is Bramble Berry), or Twitter. Our Vine account cross-posts to Twitter so be on the look out on the days listed above on Twitter for the clue if you’re not following us on the Vine app.
  • Pin your clues to your Bramble Berry Scavenger Hunt Pinterest board. The final clue will be released on April 10th, and the first 25 people to email contest(at)brambleberry(dot)com with a link to their Bramble Berry Scavenger Hunt Pinterest board AND the correct answer will win! Remember, the clues are guiding you to a Soap Queen tutorial or kit.

And guess what? Just to get you off on the right start, here’s your first clue:

Bramble Berry Scavenger Hunt ~ Clue #1 ~ Silicone Loaf Mold

Silicone Loaf Mold


On your special Bramble Berry Scavenger Hunt board, you would pin this product and then wait for the next clue.

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  1. Mercedes says

    I think I’ve figured it all out, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to pin some of the clues. Some of the clues I can’t find a “Pin It” button. Any ideas how I can pin them?

  2. Sarah Pruiett says

    in keeping with Rebecca B’s line of questioning:

    right now we have 3 clues… i i’ve got those clues pinned on my pinterest board.

    if i were to send in an answer right now, are those 3 clues all I need? or do i need to go ahead and add the rest of the clues, even though we’ve not received them?

    hope this makes sense.


    • says

      Hi Rebecca!

      Thanks for the great question, as long as you have the correct clues posted to your Pinterest Board and email that link to contest(at)brambleberry(dot)com, you can answer the scavenger hunt. And, it is only one entry per person. I hope this helps! =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

    • says

      Hi Toni!

      Like it says in the blog post, we will release the clues on April 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th, so be sure to keep your eyes open on all of our social media sites that we mentioned. Another clue will be released tomorrow. =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      P.S. We will only be releasing one clue a day.

    • says

      Hi Melissa!

      To pin the product to your board, all you need to do is pin the clues from the websites you find them on. If you are having problems pinning it, you can actually drag and drop the pin button from Pinterest’s website onto your browsers menu bar. Here are some directions on how to do that:


      Or, you could even just copy and paste the URL and create a new pin on your board. I hope this helps. =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  3. Chrissy says

    not a fan. This kind of just promotes all these darn media programs. sorry but I have no intention to tweet, or pin, tumble, or vine. it is bad enough that I have a facebook account. People spend way too much time doing all of these things. I would love to have a $15 gift ceertificate and play a game but not when I would be required to open up an account on all these media programs.

    Sorry but I refuse to be a bird. *tweet*

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