Sunday Night Spotlight: Foaming Bath Whip + Green Tea Shaving Cream Tutorial

Light and creamy, Foaming Bath Whip is a product that can be used in many different projects. From scrubs, bath bombs and soapy frosting, this versatile whip adds a fluffy texture and moisture. The main ingredient is glycerin, which attracts moisture from the air and leaves your skin feeling hydrated.

Easy to customize, Foaming Bath Whip will accept up to 5% fragrance or essential oils. Simply pour the fragrance in, and use a hand mixer or stick blender to beat the Foaming Bath Whip to achieve a soufflé-like consistency. Very mild with a pH level of 5.5, this product is ideal for dry or sensitive skin. Looking for even more moisture and skin loving properties? Extracts and fixed oils can also be added to Foaming Bath Whip.

Left to right: Rose Clay Sugar Scrub, Sweet Summer Scrub

Foaming Bath Whip is perfect for creating rich and creamy scrubs. Simply add color, fragrance and the exfoliant of your choice to make your own unique product. Pictured above (left to right) is the Rose Clay Sugar Scrub and the Sweet Summer Scrub. Both projects use Foaming Bath Whip, sugar and a bit of added Sweet Almond Oil for additional moisture.

Left to right:  Luscious Lemon Cupcake Tutorial, Foaming Bath Whip Frosting Recipe

If you’d like to incorporate Foaming Bath Whip into your soapy projects, it’s the main ingredient in the Foaming Bath Whip Frosting Recipe. Melt and pour soap and glycerin is added to the base to give it a firmer texture, making it perfect for soapy cupcakes! If you’d like to try making your own melt and pour cupcakes, check out the Luscious Lemon Cupcake Tutorial.

Left to right: Coconut Cream Pie Cold Process, French Macaron Inspired Bath Bombs 

The Coconut Cream Pie Cold Process Tutorial uses Foaming Bath Whip frosting to give cold process soap a creamy topping. The frosting is also perfect for bath fizzies, as shown in the French Macaron Inspired Bath Bombs. Simply throw these cute “cookies” into the tub and enjoy as the Foaming Bath Whip adds moisture to your bath water.

Looking for yet another way to use Foaming Bath Whip? This simple Green Tea Shaving Cream tutorial is rich, creamy and made with skin loving ingredients such as Vitamin E Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil and Green Tea Extract. Using a fresh blend of Green Tea Fragrance Oil and Eden’s Garden Cybilla Fragrance Oil, this shaving cream is great for both men and women.

What You’ll Need:
8 oz. Foaming Bath Whip
1.5 oz. Green Tea Seed Oil
3 mL Green Tea Extract
3 mL Vitamin E Oil
3 mL Green Tea Fragrance Oil
1 mL Eden’s Garden Cybilla Fragrance Oil
8 oz. Glass Bail Jar (One Jar)

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ONE: In a medium sized container, combine Foaming Bath Whip and Green Tea Seed Oil. Use a hand mixer to blend together.
TWO: Add Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E Oil and continue to blend.

THREE: Add fragrance blend and blend until all ingredients are thoroughly combined. Once all the ingredients are incorporated stop beating. You don’t want to over beat the Foaming Bath Whip, as it can collapse.
FOUR: Transfer the mixture into the 8 ounce Glass Bail Jar, and enjoy!

Have you used Foaming Bath Whip before? What is your favorite project to incorporate it into?

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  1. Angie says

    I made the foaming bath whip but there were chunks in the bath butter that clogged up my piping nozzle when I tried to pipe it into the jar. Is it possible to hear and strain the bath butter and let it cool before use or will this ruin it?


    • Kelsey says

      Hi Angie!

      Hmm, that’s strange! Typically, the Foaming Bath Whip is smooth and doesn’t have any chunks. Did you add any additional ingredients to the recipe? If not, I would imagine whipping the butter for another 15-20 seconds would help make it nice and smooth. :)

      -Kelsey with Bramble Berry

  2. Angie says

    Hi, my husband would like more “bubbles” in the melt and pour bases I have used (I bought a sampler kit). Would you add this to the goat’s milk base, for example, and at what rate? Thanks! He wants to use my soaps, but really wants more bubbles, not just lather.

  3. Lisa says

    Forgive me if this is a dumb question but I am very new to making my own products. I was wondering if it would be ok to add water soluble things to this base. I know the extract you used is oil soluble but the green tea extract I have is water soluble. I was also thinking of adding aloe or rose hydrosol, would those types of ingredients be ok & how much would you suggest?
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Kelsey says

      Hi Lisa!

      No worries, we are happy to help! Adding water soluble ingredients to this recipe would be tricky. Because they’re made for water-based products, they wouldn’t mix in well with the shaving cream and may separate. I would recommend using oil-soluble ingredients. :)

      Also, we haven’t tried those products in this recipe so I’m not entirely sure! I would recommend making a small test batch to be sure. Typically, we recommend 1 tsp. of additives per pound of product.

      -Kelsey with Bramble Berry

  4. Barbara says

    If I wanted to make a more manly shave cream using two pounds of foaming bath whip what additives would be best. Can I just use the green tea exact with another type of oil aside from the Green tea seed oil? Can I use about 2-3 oz castor /avocado oil. Can the foaming bath whip handle that amount of oil plus .75 oz fragrance oil. I just not sure how much oil I should use if working with 2 pounds of foaming bath whip.


    Also…how long should I be whipping the cream? Just got a kitchen aid mixer and don’t want to over mix?

  5. Cher says

    I asked this question yesterday, but it appears as though my comment has been deleted, because it’s no longer here. Not entirely sure why it would be gone, since I was asking for help….

    In any case, I purchased the bath whip the make shaving cream for my husband. Made it yesterday; used grapeseed oil instead of the green tea seed oil, which is back-ordered. I followed the directions to a T, aside from that & adding a couple of drops of Optiphen, since watery hands delve into the jar, and the final product turned out grainy. Do you have any ideas as to why it turned out that way, and how I can avoid it in the future? I should say that aside from the graininess, the fragrance and actual whip of the product were spot-on. Thanks! :)

    • Kelsey says

      Hi Cher!

      Wednesday and Thursday we were updating our blog, so some of the comments may have gotten lost. So sorry about that!

      I’d love to help you troubleshoot! Can you tell me a little more about your process, for instance, how long did you whip the cream? Thank you!

      -Kelsey with Bramble Berry

      • says

        Gah, I am SO sorry! I totally missed the reply notification for this, and forgot to check back!

        I whipped for the recommended amount of time, but I also added a few drops of the Optiphen to it, since I knew wet fingers would be digging into the jar. I’m not entirely sure where the graininess occurred, but it never remedied itself, and since my husband ended up not liking it (more on that in a sec), I used it all to shave my legs. LOL

        Now, on to why he didn’t like it. He gave it his best effort; used it every single day for a week straight, and had terrible razor burn with it, where he doesn’t ever get razor burn with that commercial junk. I am certain I can make this so that he’ll love it & won’t get road rash on his face, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Could I add a tablespoon or 2 of pure vegetable glycerin to it to alleviate that? What about other liquid oils, or even butters? He clearly needs something that is far more moisturizing & has a little more “slip”, but I’m at a loss. Thanks so much in advance for your help! :)

        • Kelsey says

          Hi Cher!

          No worries! I’m a little stumped as to why the recipe was grainy. Sometimes, if butters are heated up too much they can cause graininess. However, this recipe only has oils so I’m not sure why that was happening! I’m thinking the Foaming Bath Whip may have been colder and had some chunks that didn’t get fully mixed in. Whipping it a bit longer may help make it smoother. :)

          Adding about 1 tsp. of bentonite clay per pound of shaving cream can help! It adds a nice slip to your product.

          Bentonite clay:

          Also, the preservative may be causing some dryness. Because Foaming Bath Whip already has a preservative in it, we recommend using a .5% usage rate so as to not over preserve the product. :)

          -Kelsey with Bramble Berry

  6. Tara Rufo says

    This may sound weird, but what exactly IS foaming bath whip? Is it a whipped soap? Is it soap at all? Could foaming bath whip be replaced by shea butter in most recipes? Thanks so much!

  7. Jan Pace Candelaria says

    What other kind of oil would do instead of the seed oil above? I have your Argan, Sesame, Grapeseed and of course since I live in Fallbrook CA Avocado capital about a gallon of Avocado oil
    Thanks !
    Jan Pace Candelaria

  8. Barbara Hochstein says

    What other type of container is best to sell shave cream . Some containers will leak and sweat? I want to sell this for men in a low profile container. Can you recommend the right kind of jar for this project. The bail jars are expensive. Is glass better than plastic?

    Any info would be helpful. I am looking for 4-6 oz containers. Any suggestions.

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