Fall Mash-Up

Let’s take a look back at our favorite SoapQueen Fall projects from years past, including some yummy (food) recipes that would be great for Thanksgiving appetizers!
Fiery Energy BarWe’d hate for you to miss any of the great inspiration from years past. Click through to the links if any of them sound unfamiliar to you.


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  1. Megan says

    haha I think it was me, but like I said, I couldn't figure out what post I put it on. You can even link it up with kits / supplies on the BB website. That would be awesome!

    ps I made some bath fizzies in your cupcake mold and they look awesome! I also added some epson salt to them, so it's more softening for your skin. Is it okay to mix salt with the baking soda / citric acid?

    I also embedded some stuff in them, so you get a surprise when they fizz. Two of them had plastic rings embedded (those were for brides) and some little hearts (in heart ice cube trays) had those little grow in water animal sponge thingies. Those would be great for kids!

  2. Anne-Marie says

    France, I'm so glad you're liking the blog! =) Yippeee!

    Anon, Good old washing your hands is the best recipe against cold and flu. If you make anything that you label as 'fighting flu and cold', it's considered a 'drug' by the FDA and falls under different labeling laws and testing requirements than plain ol' soap so I'd stick to telling people about the awesome study that came out that proved that plain soap was just as good as antibacterial products (information on that here: http://www.webmd.com/news/20051020/fda-panel-no-advantage-to-antibacterial-soap)

    Hi Megan,

    Yes! One of my awesome readers suggested it and it could definitely have been you. It was a brilliant idea and I want to do it for the BB site as well one of these days.

  3. Megan says

    Did I make this suggestion? For the collection of fall / seasonal / holiday tutorials? I vaguely remember saying something. But now can't find the post. haha Anywho, great list! Thanks for putting it all together, and for getting Soapylove back on! :) You rock, Anne Marie!

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi, am wondering if by any chance you have any colf & flu MP soap recipe(s)? Since this is the time for many people to catch cold virus, it would be nice to have a soap for this. Thanks in advance!

  5. France says

    Oh wow! Thanks for compiling these for us. I keep wanting to go back to the beginning (I started) and read my way through the present on this blog… but life gets in the way, etc. So Thank You for enabling me to have a bit of a journey through time with you!