You Like Us! You Really Like Us!

The results are in, and thanks to a gracious readership, Bramble Berry was been named in Saponifier Magazine’s annual awards as Favorite Soap/Cosmetic Ingredient Supplier, Favorite Essential Oil Supplier, and (drum roll please…) Favorite Overall Supplier! Wahoooo!

We're number one!

We are super grateful for the awards (and your support and your business and your parenting advice and your humor and so much more!). But, really, it’s all about the team and this award is definitely for them. What better to show them how awesome they are than with SUGAR! (duh!) Voila! Cupcakes, cookies, and balloons!

AM Sneaking Out to the Warehouse

Sneaking out to the warehouse with the surprise treats…

Cupcakes and Cookies

Delicious Shortbread Cookies and Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes from Pure Bliss Desserts

Norman from the office window

Bramble Berry COO Norman helps to celebrate from his office window overlooking the warehouse.

Cupcake Party!!

A few of the Bramble Berry warehouse staff: Austin, Rachel, (Me), DJ, Michelle, Cyrus, Ryan, and Caitlin. 

DJ and Rachel enjoying some sugary delights

DJ and Rachel enjoying some deliciousness

Cupcake on a box

These awards are an honor and such a privilege to receive. We really are so thankful for all of your support over the years and feel lucky to have the best customers, fans, friends, and commenters in the entire world. On behalf of the entire team here at Bramble Berry, thank you to everyone who voted for us!

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  1. says

    YAY YAY YAY!! Congrats to you all. Well earned and well deserved!! Thanks for being such an awesome team of really cool people. :)


  2. says

    Brambleberry has been one of the most influential sites that has supported my efforts to sell soap and bath goodies. From quick deliveries, monthly samples, Soap Queen and Teach Soap to answering my crazy email questions.

    Congratulations on this victory, You deserve it!

  3. Erin says

    I’ve been a BB customer for about 8 years and would like to say “WELL DESERVED”!! Your products and customer service are the BEST!!

    Heavenly Scent Soaps

  4. Tracy/Aiya says

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO congratulations! I am so happy for your alls success! I am awaiting my first order, and can’t wait to make my first batch of soap! Nickie I am excited too for your first batch, share it with us! and I promise to share mine when its done!

  5. Nickie says

    YAY Congrats! :) Y’all deserve it.

    I’m going to (finally!) be making my 1st CP batch this weekend. 😀 Thanks to the SQTV episodes on CP & the BB lye calculator & fragrance calculator, I’m sure that my soap will turn out great. I’ve watched the CP episodes a gazillion(?) times lol. They’ll be done in time for the holidays 😀 Can’t wait!

    Thanks for being an awesome bath/body supplier! 😉


  6. says

    Congrats to all! It’s a pleasure doing business with you for over 10 years! Well deserved awards. Norman is looking positively Mary Poppins-like! I know it’s a big team effort, thank you to all Bramble-berrians with whom we have contact, and those we know are working hard behind the scenes.

    Jude and David
    Aussie Soap Supplies

  7. choi chin says

    Do you want to open a branch in Malaysia to serve the Asia Pacific countries?

    I hope I can be the business partner of Bramble Berry partner to promote homemade products and supplies.
    Please contact me if you have such intention, I’m serious. We have resources to set up the business.

    Congratulations again!

    • says

      Good morning, Choi Chin!

      If you are looking to be a distributor for Bramble Berry products in Malaysia, you can send an email to info(at)brambleberry(dot)com and we will send it on to our business development team!

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  8. Jennifer says

    I am so happy for you all! This is just fantastic and well deserved. Your entire staff is wonderful, such a helpful bunch in all ways! Thanks for being so great!!!!!

  9. Connie Lucot says

    Congratulations!!! The entire team deserves it.. Outstanding products, supplier and staff :)