Fair Ivy 2013: Sneak Peek!

Monday was the deadline for the Fair Ivy 2013 Contest and we are energized by all of the creative bath and body products that came in. I’ve had so much fun opening up the packages and being able to smell, feel and try out all the fabulous handmade items. We’re in the middle of choosing which items we’ll be sending along to Fair Ivy (and we’re announcing them next week!) but we didn’t think it was fair to keep all of this eye candy to ourselves.

Sneak Peek: Fair Ivy Contest Entries

As you can see below, the task of choosing finalists is NOT going to be easy. I know, I know, my job is so hard… =)

Sneak Peek Fair Ivy Contest

First Row: Calise Soapworks & Such, Soapy Confections & More, Love Soaps, Medieval Soap

Second Row: Royalty Soaps, Sudsie Q Soaps, Tea Time Creations, Recherche Organics

Third Row: Do Me a Favor Designs, Bubblina’s Soap Boutique , KiyiKiyi, Salud Soap

Fourth Row: Southern Hospitality, A Wing &  A Prayer Farm, Village Soapsmith, Next to Godliness

Sneak Peek Fair Ivy Contest

First Row: Everything So Pretty, Twin Ridge Naturals, Hatch Blossom Soap Co., Handmade By Cladar

Second Row:  Jennifer’s Handmade Soap, Villainess Soaps, blissbain , Shamrock Soaps

Third Row: Faire Ivy Soap,  Homestyle Bath and Body, Sweet Soap Bakery, Floppy Ear Farm

Fourth Row: Alive Soap, Sudsy Chick, AvieMarie Body Care Products, Gingerleaf Creative

Not pictured: Brown Bag Soap Company and Soap & Enzyme Lover

Thank you to everyone who participated. It was so much fun to come into work every day and see all the packages that had arrived the night before. You guys really outdid yourselves! Don’t forget to stop by next week to see the winners that we’ll be passing along to Fair Ivy to make their wholesale account(s) choices from.

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  1. Carol says

    Wow! These are all so nice! So hard to choose. Even the packaging is fantastic. Makes me want to go into soap making but I guess I’d rather leave that to the experts who have the flair for creativity as well :)

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