Facebook Photo of the Week 11/19 – 11/23

After a short work week and a great Thanksgiving celebration, I was browsing Bramble Berry’s Facebook page and realized it was time to pick our Facebook Photo of the Week (what a fun way to end my week)! We had so many fun photos to pick from this week and it was just so hard to pick one! Drum roll please…

Juli of InspiriBody

This week’s photo comes to us of Juli of Inspiri Body. It really has an artistic flair to it and it reminded of some yummy artisan chocolates that I’ve seen (and eaten)! Juli said, “I used two techniques in one soap. First, I used a discoloring fragrance (Warm Vanilla Sugar) to my advantage and tried to make a Mantra Swirl from the Soap Queen Tutorial. It is not perfect, but I love how it came out!” I loved the techniques you used to make this soap work for you, Juli!


Juli’s Etsy: Inspiri Body

Juli’s Facebook Page: Inspiri

Juli’s Blog: Inspiri Spa

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    • says

      We thought your soap was gorgeous and so creative! Thanks for sharing your soapy creations with us and we look forward to seeing more. :)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      P.S. Be looking for a special little package in the mail!