Did Someone Say S.O.A.P?

We are in search for the new Soap Opinion (Awesome) Panel!
This panel is all about FLORALS!

What’s the S.O.A.P. panel you ask? Soap Opinion (Awesome) Panel members will receive 6-7 one ounce fragrance samples of my top floral choices for Spring 2011. Give the cutting-edge fragrances a sniff AND test them in any product you like (really, anything you want). Then fill out a survey to help distinguish the top choices. I want your honest opinion and notes on testing!

How to apply: Tweet, Facebook or Blog about your favorite Bramble Berry product (including links) and why you should be selected for the S.O.A.P. Panel. We’ll announce the finalists on Friday, February 18th so get your tweets, posts and blogs done by the 17th. Note: your Tweets should have @brambleberry someplace in the body of the Tweet but make sure they don’t just get directed directly to @brambleberry or else no one else can see them! =)

Fine Print: I will be sending out the fragrances by Wednesday the 23rd (at the latest) and I would like the surveys complete by April 4th, which gives you about 4 weeks to test the fragrances. Please keep these dates mind before you enter. I’m looking for an accountable and enthusiastic panel!

Have you been on the S.O.A.P. panel before? Feel free to enter again!
Check out the members of the very first S.O.A.P. Panel.


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  1. Hilary says

    I’m not a last minute kind of gal but I think I made the best pitch I could on FB — http://www.facebook.com/aslice… and tweeted too– I just got inspired (husband on biz trip, 3rd night getting twins to bed, surrounded by soap scraps and just not tired enough to got to sleep even though I should!) – so I wrote, then had to cut, still not short enough, cut, not yet 420 characters, darn change the four to a 4 and the to to a 2. YEAH! – Enjoy my post.

  2. Odette/ Riverlea Soap says

    Oh well I am really disappointed not to be considered due to the distance and time constraints but I do undertstand. I hope the panel has fun.

  3. Anne-Marie says

    Odette, I SO love your cupcakes. You are one talented lady.

    We are not doing overseas for this particular panel because of the tight
    deadlines but it would sure be fun to have one with our overseas friends for
    certain! =)

  4. Jennifer Cole says

    I LOVED doing the SOAP panel last year, so I think I’m going to sit this one out and let someone else have all the fun!!!

  5. Anne-Marie says

    Only USA for now; the deadlines are so tight that any extra shipping time
    will really mess up the panel =(

  6. Odette/ Riverlea Soap says

    Can overseas people participate? South Africa. i would love to be part BUT I know the distance may penalize me.

  7. Pam says

    Pamela Ludemann-Leis posted BB on her FB! As soon as she learns her tweets better then there will be more progress.

    Thank you Anne-Marie and Team for keeping it new for us!

  8. Anne-Marie says

    If we had more time in there for shipping you the products, I would have normally said YES yes yes …. but with the short time in transit for samples, I’m worried that if your shipment takes over 5 business days to get to you that you won’t have a good amount of time to test and make products. (sad face)

  9. Anne-Marie says

    Great! I can’t wait to see your entries =) The florals are really fun. I’ve tested them all myself already and some of them are quite strong. I can’t wait to get feedback.

  10. Anne-Marie says

    Great! I look forward to seeing your blog post, tweet or your post on your FB wall about your favorite BB product. It sounds like you’d really love the floral panel – and I just am so intrigued with your OMH/Lavender blend. Wow. That sounds awesome.

  11. Cecelia says

    When I was a little girl I loved to lay on my stomach to smell the hyacinths in my Mother’s Garden. I would love to be on your panel to find that scent which makes me want to do exactly that same thing again. I love the cybilla fragrances that you sell. One of our best selling fragrances uses the Oatmeal Milk and Honey and Hungarian Lavender combined.

  12. Anne-Marie says

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you come up with =) This is a fun one – all florals for Spring/Summer.

  13. Akstoermer says

    I have tweeted and Facebooked! I would love the opportunity to do this! Either way, I am always excited to follow what the other soapers have to say. So fun!!!

  14. amywarden says

    So cool! Funny thing, I just got home from the liquor store to get fancy beers to soap the sample fragrances you gave us for helping with the last (or should I say, first) SOAP panel! Better polish my resume…