Exfoliating Kisser Scrub

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2.5 oz White Sugar
4 ml Lip Smakin’ Sweetener (optional)
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(does not include sugar or sweetener)

ONE: Combine the beeswax, shea butter and liquid oils in a microwave safe container and heat until the beeswax has completely melted (doing 30 second increments in the microwave).

TWO: Once all of the oils are in liquid form, stir in your flavoring oil of choice and sweetener. Mix well.

THREE: Stir in 2.5 ounces of white sugar pour into your lip butter pots and let the mixture harden.

How to use the Kisser Scrub: Use your finger to apply a small amount of the sugar scrub to your lips and rub in a circular motion for 30 seconds (or longer if you want extra exfoliation). Then wipe the scrub off with a damp towel and apply lip balm. Your lips will feel silky smooth!

BONUS BALM: Try the Bramble Berry Lip Balm Base for a super easy balm. Just melt, add a flavor, pour into lip butter pots and let cool. Couldn’t be easier. If you have never made lip balm before, check out this premium episode of Soap Queen TV.

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  1. Art says

    Awesome recipe, I used BB’s Strawberry flavloring oil and the Red mica – it’s delish! Would the Lemon Cake, Pink Grapefruit or Lime fragrances work for the scrub? Could you recommend any of them or any other BB citrus oils for lip balm? Thanks!

  2. Romey says

    Hi Anne-Marie,
    Can I substitute the sugar with brown sugar or turbinado sugar?
    Also, I do no currently have a scale as I am a complete newbie and this will be my first ever project! Would it be possible for you to send me the recipe converted in a way that I could measure by using my regular kitchen measuring cups and such? Or if what I’m asking you is completely ridiculous? Lol, sorry I have no clue

    • says

      Thanks for the question Romey! It is totally fine to use brown sugar, but it will be a little less scrubby. We do have an excellent recipe that should work just fantastic for you.

      1 tsp. Yellow Beeswax
      1 tsp. Avocado Oil
      1 tsp. Sweet Almond Oil
      1/2 tsp. Vitamin E Oil
      1 Tablespoon Shea Butter
      2 Tablespoons White Sugar
      6 ml Buttercreme Flavoring
      4 ml Lip Smakin’ Sweetener (optional)

      It won’t be EXACTLY the same, but it will be very close.

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  3. Caz says

    Forgive me – that was a stupid question – if I reduce another ingredient – I’m back to where I started.

    Sorry :(

    • Anne-Marie says

      Hehe no worries, percentages and things definitely get confusing. Hope the suggestion works! =)

  4. Caz says

    I made this and it’s a tad thick – need a small spatula type thingy to scoop it out. If I were to make it a little more “loose” – would I use less of the sugar? (I used Caster sugar in mine – not sure if that’s what made it really thick?)

    Or is it supposed to be thick?

    Thanks! Love it otherwise!!

    • Anne-Marie says

      A little softer? Use more liquid oil and that will take care of it for you. I’d go with an extra 15% liquid oil in the recipe. =)

      • Caz says

        Thanks Anne Marie – forgive me, the recipe posted is in ounces. I converted it to percentages and the total Avocado and Sweet Almond is around 22% – are you saying to increase that to approx. 37%?

        What do I reduce by the 15%?

        Many thanks!

  5. Leigh says

    I’m a newbie at this and I’m confused! :( An earlier posting said that the recipe is by weight. How do I measure out the oils by weight? I make lip balms using pre made base, which I weigh, and add flavoring using a pipette so I thought I’d do the same with this for sugar scrub but now realize I’m not sure how to weigh the oil??? Or do you only weigh the butter and the wax but the rest is by fluid oz???

    • Anne-Marie says

      We usually use a scale to weigh out our oils which works for liquid products as well as solids.

      Let me know if you have any other questions =)

  6. Bri says

    Is this recipe by weight or by fl oz? It seems like the recipes are generally posted by weight, but I wasn’t entirely sure. Thank you for your help! :)

  7. Elizabeth says

    I was wanting to make a grapefruit lip scrub, would it be reasonable to substitute grapefruit essential oil for the flavor oil in this recipe, and if so, would I use 6 ml, or should I use less because it is an EO?

  8. Elizabeth says

    I wanted to try to make a version of this with grapefruit essential oil. Would it be ok to add this in place of the flavor oil, and if so would I just add 6 ml or should I add less?

    • says

      You could substitute the Grapefruit EO for the flavor. Just remember that Grapefruit is a photosensitizer so you’ll want to not sit out in the sun with the exfoliating balm on your lips just to be on the safe side (small chance of that happening I know, but just wanted to put it on to be on the safe side =)

      • Elizabeth says

        Thank you! I had thought about putting something on the label informing people about grapefruit oil being a photosensitizer, so they may want to follow up with a balm with spf protection or avoid too much sun exposure. I can’t wait to try out the recipe with the grapefruit EO now! :)

        • Anne-Marie says

          It’s a rinse off product so there’s very little chance of any of the Grapefruit EO being left on the lips so there’s a small chance of anything happening so keep that in mind if you run into labeling issues with your small label space =)

  9. Melissa says

    Is it true that only the micas you mention are lip safe so? I have a chocolate flavor I wanted to make this scrub with, is there a lip safe brownish colored mica I can use, I didn’t see any

  10. Anne-Marie says

    Yes – though it will be very oily in the shower and will cause a lot of slippiness so keep that in mind.

  11. Anne-Marie says

    You don’t need a preservative because there’s no water in there. The shelf
    life is the shelf life of your shortest-life oil, in this case the Shea
    Butter so 1 year should be safe but I’ve had shea butter last longer but
    conservatively, 1 year.

  12. Kimberly says

    Any suggestions for an alternative to use if you have a nut allergy (like me) – as almond oil is out! Thanks!

  13. Anne-Marie says

    Candilla would work great and I’d do an 85% substitution for the beeswax. It tends to be harder than Beeswax.

  14. Anne-Marie says

    When you make it, I dare you not to instinctively lip your lips. It tastes SO yummy! Thankfully, in addition to tasting yummy, it works really well too =)

  15. Anne-Marie says

    Funny you should mention that! We just made the CUTEST holiday onesie soaps
    for the holiday banner =)) You guys are always keeping me on my toes ….

  16. SilviaCa says

    Hi, i love this lip scrub recipe, i just have a question, what its the shelf life of this recipe if we dont add preservatives???

    Thanks a lot,


  17. Thevelvetpod says

    Hey Anne-Marie, Have you looked @ the banner of the blog or maybe you wanted it that way. Isn’t it amazing how busy we are this time of the year.

  18. Kristy says

    What would be a good vegan replacement for the beeswax.. or more importantly, the equivalent amount of it?