The Great Outdoors

AM and Jamisen

Truly it may be said that the outside of a mountain is good for the inside of a man. 

~George Wherry, Alpine Notes and the Climbing Foot, 1896

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  1. says

    Hi Anne Marie, first thanks for your comments in my blog, you are very kind. I agree with George Wherry, when i feel bad i go for a walk with my dogs and i breathe fresh air from the mountains or walk in the forest taking pictures… so i feel sooooo good. Kisses from the forest ❀ Silvia.

  2. Nickie says

    SO TRUE!!!! My grandfather has a house in WV & we were there alot between July 4, just to visit, living w/ them for a few wks @ a time (Mom & I, parents in process of divorce), & going up there for vacation. So I practically grew-up there. I’m 18 & I consider it my REAL home… the mountains are BEAUTIFUL!!! To be in the mountains out in the country/boonies away from the craziness, it’s very relaxing & comforting…& just AMAZING!


    • Anne-Marie says

      Oh funny! They are official Olympics gloves from the Vancouver Olympics – but the way I’m swinging my arm, it looks just like the sign way behind me is an extension of my hand! =)

      • says

        That is soooo funny! I thought they were some kind of safety gloves. Like, let’s say you are stranded and you need to wave down a car or something! =) Maybe I need to patent that!

        Hope you are feeling well and can’t wait to see what that little bump is!!!!

  3. says

    I hope to visit Washington this year! I live in Colorado and just love our forests and mountains. Since following your blog I’ve been eager to see the outdoor scenery there! Lovely photo!

    • Anne-Marie says

      If you do visit, I hope that you can get a chance to see Otion and visit charming Bellingham =) The PNW is absolutely stunning with its greenery and beautiful trail system.