Stupendous Session of Soaping


The first official day of Soap Weekend Intensive was today and it did not disappoint. Dare I say that it was the best SWI yet?! (See SWI blog posts from the past…SWI 2008, SWI 2009and SWI 2010.)We had a record 21 students this year and rented a building within walking distance to Otion. We had extra assistants on hands because we wanted to make sure that each and every student had lots of opportunities to learn and ask questions from our fully-trained soapmaking ninjas.

friday mp2

I did a brief overview of Melt and Pour Soapmaking and Cold Process Soapmaking on Friday night to ensure that everyone was on the same understanding and knowledge level for both of these types of soapmaking. It was a quick ‘n’ fast class and a challenge to get as much information in during the 2 hours as possible. We were happy and surprised when almost all of the students showed up for these optional classes, despite most of them already having some soapmaking experience.

This morning, I did a brief overview of the different colorant options (natural herb infusions, oxides and pigments, FD&C colors and micas) and chatted about essential oils versus fragrance oils. I had lots of example soaps for students to see where the soap science stops and the art starts.

Then, we were off to the soapmaking races and wow! were our minds blown by the amazing classes taught by Kristy from Kristy’s Lovely Lathers. She taught two different classes utilizing advanced techniques (including masterbatching oils and using room temperature, pre-mixed 50% lye solution).

Kristy's Class

The entire class was completely taken with her use of Bramble Berry Neons. Her easy going nature made for a super fast couple of Advanced Cold Process Classes.


I taught Liquid Soap, Part I. Liquid Soap from scratch is surprisingly easy to work with (not able to come to the class? Click here to be taken to the Online (paid) Video, the online downloadable PDF instruction booklet, or the Liquid Soap Guru Kit which comes with supplies + the video and PDF instruction booklet). Notice my awesome cupcake apron? I’m lovin’ it!


Because Kristy was such an efficient, easy going teacher (and the students were super fast learners too), we were able to throw in a bonus class of Advanced Swirling with the famous Kat from Otion. I was so happy to end with swirling with Kat because it’s a high ‘WOW’ factor class.

Kat's Swirls

Today was Demo City – the students were mostly listening and getting their minds filled to the brim with soaping facts and techniques. Tomorrow is Hands-On City! They will be making soap, painting soap and diluting liquid soap. And of course, then it’s graduation and cupcake time at Otion.

Reporting Live from the heart of Bellingham on my new Chromebook, this is Anne-Marie signing off for the night. =)


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  1. Sharon says

    I had an awesome time at the soap intensive weekend. Thank you to Anne Marie, all her lovely assistants, Kristy, Jill and Paula! You were all so awesome. I can’t wait to try all the new things I learned about soaping!!

  2. says

    This weekend was just amazing! My head is swimming with all I learned. I have plenty of new ideas inspired by my experience at this workshop. The teachers were passionate and generous. The Brambleberry people are just fun and wonderful. Everything was well prepared and well thought out. Anne-Marie called it controlled chaos, but the control came from the preparedness. Thank you for a jam-packed quality program.

  3. says

    I had the time of my life and can’t wait to go home and practice what I learned. And I want to do this again next year! Thanks to Anne-Marie, her team and our awesome instructors. This weekend was great!

  4. Michelle says

    It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. That master batching technique looks great and something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. My problem I switch my soaps sizes around a lot so I end up making my soap as I need it.

  5. says

    Any session at Bramble Berry is a fun session! I tried to talk my sister into attending (since she lives in Vancouver and just started making soaps) but she couldn’t do it this time. I just love seeing all the photos and living vicariously. 😉

  6. jill says

    This class is amazing! You will learn a ton- great for the hobby soaper or for the business soaper wanting to add a lot of extra somethings to their line(s). This is also a great little town, so if you come next year, add a day or to to check it out 😉

  7. Jennifer Young says

    Can you tell me where to get those goggles that you are wearing? I am so fed up with my uncomfortable soaping goggles that make me itch and fog up…. thank you! xo Jen

  8. Stephanie B says

    Oh!!! I have lots of questions!
    -How do you make the little balls that Kristy had on her soap if they were CP soap please?
    -Where do you get the round mold logs? I live in NYC and I am really not sure of where I could find this.
    -When are the next classes? :)

    • says

      We can’t give out too much information on Kristy’s tutorial since it’s a trade secret for the SWI students. The round mold is actually a custom cut PVC pipe and the round melon ball mold was custom made for Kristy too.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry