Soap Swap and a Baby?

This was baby Jamisen’s first day at the Bramble Berry office. We tried to get him to help out with the swap organization but his Mamma put him in a pretty deep food coma. He was out like a light! And could he be any cuter? I mean…could he possibly. Be. Any. Cuter?

I know you’re all excited about the soap swap. It’s like Christmas in May! Team Bramble Berry has been hard at work getting everything organized so we can get these swap boxes out the door this week! Feast your eyes (below) on just a small fraction of the soaps that came in for the swap.

Cold process swappers!

Melt and pour swappers.

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  1. Bubbles says

    Soap Swap???!!! How did I miss this? Is it done annually? What a wonderful idea!

  2. CCJ says

    Eeeeeeek! CuteSplosion!

    Thank you for sharing photos of the adorable Jamisen and the adorable soap! *lol*

    Missed this swap but now I really want to be a part of the next one…

  3. says

    Oh my gosh he is so beautiful. Oh yes and cute and darling and so sweet and tiny! Thank you for sharing him with us!

  4. says

    dear anne marie,

    Does it possible to you to make a video about CREAM SOAP, here in france we dont understand all on the yahoos group, and nobody know how to make it. please help us!!! :)

    thank you

  5. Sara Parker says

    How cute! I just love babies and I love soap! Can’t wait to get my box of goodies!!!

  6. Stephanie Bismuth says

    Should have done a baby theme soap swap! :)
    But this was extremely fun and I can’t wait to get my package and see what soaps I get!!! Thank you BB!
    And Jamisen, you are SO adorable!

  7. says

    Those are some pretty wonderful looking soaps, but I must say the baby takes over the shot. He could. NOT. be. any. cuter.

  8. says

    By the way, as a new soaper, I’m getting some great ideas about packaging, colors, etc. just by looking at these photos. I hope you took lots of photos of all those beautiful soaps.

    If the box of soaps I sent to Bramble Berry for the swap doesn’t turn up soon, I’m going to be sooo upset :-( :-( :-(


  9. Bonnie says

    I think our soaps frame the cute little bundle of joy very nicely! I have so enjoyed this new hobby and was tickled pink to see my soap in the photos!

  10. Linda says

    Adorable photo! I love it.

    Please, please, please tell me you found the box of soap swap soaps I sent in. The last I heard, you hadn’t yet received them :-(


  11. Kim and Lisa says

    My daughter and I were so delighted to see that some of our soap entries made the pictures! We have started this hobby years back and it has become something that everyone wants to come over to our house and participate in. Our friends are hooked. Soap makes a wonderful gift especially since you have so many options to choose from.
    Best wishes with the newest addition to the Brambleberry family- he is adorable! Enjoy and thanks for all that you do. We love the swap and can’t wait until the next one.

  12. Kristin says

    Oh, how cute! And the soap looks delightful too! =)

    It looks like so much fun, I’m sorry I missed this one, and I’ll be sure to catch the next.

    • says

      Anne-Marie isn’t back full time yet. She has a great at home office and but we love it when she stops by with the baby =)

      Courtney from BB

  13. Margo says

    OK, You keep the soaps and I will take that cute baby instead for my soap swap item :)

  14. says

    Oh, I’m so excited, I even have the boyfriend excited about the swap! Or at least he is acting excited~good boyfriend~