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Maak Soap Lab is from Portland Oregon, just around the corner from Bellingham! (Well technically 4 hours down the coast, but you get my drift). We first discovered Maak when we hosted a contest with Fair Ivy (read about the contest here). We fell in love with their detailed packaging, ‘modern rustic’ look and clean website design and it’s a double bonus that they’re located in our neck of the woods, the fabulous Pacific Northwest! Check out the goodies I just bought.

The soaps arrived in a neatly packaged and in a hand stitched envelope. It looked so cute I didn’t even want to open it. I got over that pretty quickly (after I took a photo) and I ripped into it!

Don’t you love the modern packaging style? Maak  found a theme and design that worked and they ran with it! I love that they consistently executed that look and feel across the entire line. Their items all fit together nicely and are clearly designed to go together.

I also bought Cedar Essential Oil just to check it out. What can I say, I’m an essential oil enthusiast. The Cedar label was on waxed muslin which made the essential oil seem all the more special.

Get your soap from MaakSoapLab.Com and catch up with them on the Maak Blog.

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  1. says

    I always enjoy other soapmakers unique ideas ….thoroughly appreciate all the details and work to make their shop & soap special.

  2. says

    I almost had a mini panic attack when I saw this because it’s so similar in appearance to the theme I went with for my rOUgh SOAP product line (! (I even wrap my body bars in oatmeal pinstripe Kraft brown paper and stamp my packaging with a giant rubber stamp!) But on closer look, they definitely have a distinct look that is unique to them. They really capture that antique feel. I use splashes of color to balance the rustic with a more boutique look, so I guess I’m safe for now! lol.

    • says

      Your soap looks great! And I think this is a wonderful example of how the same materials can be used to get different and unique packaging. =)

  3. says

    I love this site…from another time…still fresh. You are like the mainstay of soap making. Now I am going to go to look your site over some more.

    Take care,

    Kathleen “Rusty” Beauchot

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    Very cool that you featured a soap maker on your personal blog. I’m sure it has helped drive traffic to their website which is clean and nicely done. We’d love to get your opinion on our website!