Fave Pins of the Week

Happy Monday! Here are my favorite pins from last week from my Pinterest boards (just in case you need a little breaky break from a solid Monday morning of work) =)

Pins of the Week 3/15

Someone’s got a birthday coming up and I’m loving this train theme for a party. We’ve got a crazy plan to buy used train sets (already located and purchased 2 used ones) and deck the house out in trains, trains, and trains so when Jamisen wakes up from his nap, it’ll be like a magical wonderland of trains. I just hope he still likes trains in a month!

How cute for a nursery is this Washi Tape Wall?

I can’t wait to try out this yummy-looking Greek yogurt muffin! I am obsessed with Greek yogurt lately (as is Jamisen) and this looks like a fantastic way to get more protein in my vegetarian diet.

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  1. Susie says

    My dtr just did a train party for our 3 year old grandson. They had it in an actual caboose. We did a train cake – which took hours to decorate but was sooo neat. She had special printed tickets with his name as the admission to the party, train books around. Have fun with it as they outgrow those years so fast! He also dressed up as a train for halloween and if I do say, that was the cutest costume I have ever seen.

  2. Angelique says

    Hi Anne-Marie :)
    I just recently started making bath bombs after a trip to LUSH and thinking to myself, “Hey, I can do that!”
    And hey, I can :) After posting some pics on Facebook, I find I have friends asking to ORDER them from me….so THIS is how businesses are born :)
    My plans are to keep perfecting my bombs and then move on to learning the art of soapmaking. You and Bramble Berry have been an inspiration.

    And hey, even more so now that I read you are a vegetarian and book addict too! (I do the 52 books a year goal as well.)

    Anyway, thanks for all you do and for the inspiration….and the wonderful products…got my first order from you last week :)

    • Anne-Marie says

      You do 52 books per year as well!? So great! Any favorites you want to share with me? I literally am on the hunt for 10 to put in my Nook right now. I’ve got a bunch of samples that I’m working my way through right now.

      So glad that you’re finding that you have a business opportunity – I agree and you wouldn’t believe how many people start that way. =)

      Thank you for being a customer and a reader.