Online Petition for Toy Act

If you’re interested in doing even more than what you did back in this post, click here to be taken to an Online Petition to request that the law be reexamined with small business exemptions in mind. The actual text of the petition is this:

Reformation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) HR4040

We, the undersigned, believe that HR4040 unfairly targets small businesses that manufacture or sell products for children by implementing regulations that require redundant testing. Such requirements are excessive and cost prohibitive, retroactively impacting billions of dollars of current inventory. The current Act has circumvented the public discourse necessary to truly ascertain the CPSIA’s impact on small business.

To read more about this act and learn what you can do to help, click here to be taken to my December blog post on the issue.

Update: They listened! The CPSC voted unanimously to issue a one-year stay of enforcement for selected testing and certification requirements.


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  1. Pajama Mama says

    I signed it…As part of the homeschool community, the home businesses within will be tragically affected…many closing down, hoping for amendments/changes and SOON!