Indulgence Interview – Day Two

Welcome back to the Indulgence Soap interview with Silvia. If you missed the first part of the interview, get caught up here. Now, back to the interview.

Anne-Marie: What inspires your recipes? Do you follow trends? Listen to your customer’s?

Silvia: My inspiration, when I create soaps or body products, is definitely desserts. I love baking and I find that I get inspired by looking through cookbooks and looking at desert recipes online. I am not huge on following trends. I tend to go with the seasons, my customers feedback and what ever sounds good to me at the time.

Anne-Marie: How did you come up with your unique flare?

Silvia: I love painting, baking, and art in general. I was bored with the plain look of my soaps and figured out a way to incorporate my love of art and baking into my soaps.

Anne-Marie: What’s your favorite product (that you sell)?

Silvia: I love selling my soaps. It is wonderful to hear the customer’s feedback and their excitement when they receive them. It keeps me inspired to keep creating new and fun products.

Anne-Marie: I notice you have a lot of Vegan products. What got you started on the vegan kick? Are you a vegan?

Silvia: I have been around quite a few Vegans through out my life and find their philosophy amazing. I would love to be Vegan but so far have not had the will power. Although I do try to eat a very limited amount of meat. When I first started making soaps I dabbled with animal fats in my soap bars but found that I much preferred the feel of Vegetable based soaps on my skin. Also, tallow soaps and body products can be an issue for vegans, vegetarians, or just about anyone so Vegan products are friendly for all. I find it a very healthy approach to skin care.

Anne-Marie: Do you have any other venues (other than your websites)?

Silvia: I currently have my three websites. One on Etsy, 1000 Markets, and my independent shop.  I occasionally will do fairs but am looking to open a store front in the future.

Anne-Marie: What’s the best advice you can give someone wanting to start their own business?

Silvia: Be creative, find your unique niche that separates you from the masses. And just enjoy what you do. Try to always keep it fun and interesting. And above all have a lot patience.

Anne-Marie: What type of things do you outsource (if any)?

Silvia: All of my products are made in-house and it is important to me that no matter how much my business grows that I keep it that way.  I want to be involved in every aspect of my business, now and always.

Anne-Marie: Is there anything else you want the Soap Queen Readers to know about you?

Silvia: I am passionate about my business. I am always striving to learn because I believe there is always room for improvement. I believe that great customer service is extremely important.

Anne-Marie: A girl after my own heart! It totally agree. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and knowledge with the soaping community. You’re company is an inspiration and your products are absolutely gorgeous!

Remember to check out Silvia’s Website, Etsy Shop and Blog and see more of her beautiful soaps featured in The Art of Soap Book.
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