Etsy Poster Winners

Etsy came out with their Poster winners this week! This one is my favorite. I like the way the colors interact with each other. The green seems particularly soothing.

The link to see all the winners is here.

Some of the posters chose by theme (sculls, anyone?) and some of them went with color coordination (like my fave) and others followed a scheme only decipherable in their imagination.

It was genius of Etsy to come up with this mash-up poster concept. 901 people entered the contest. Etsy had 901 people scouring their site, in search of the filling the perfect square. Perhaps in search of the perfect final filler, those 901 people also bought something? Etsy promised nothing to the winners – just the glory of getting a shot at being on an Etsy promotional poster. Buzz was created, 901 people entered (and shopped) and Etsy gets marketing material for free.


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