Contest Prize Winners

As a thank-you for bearing with us during the 3-day blog freeze, we are (drum roll!) doing more than just the initial number of prizes we promised! Three readers from last week are all winning a copy of our DVD on melt and pour soapmaking or cold process soapmaking (their choice) and Five 3-D molds (their choice again!).

So, Jennifer (the Jennifer from post #2 from last Monday), Mary Helen, and Renee, please drop me an email at info (at) with your addresses and your choices of soap molds and DVD.

The page to view the soap mold choices is here.

The page to view more information about the DVDs is here.

Thanks for participating. Check back in the next few weeks with another contest (sneak preview: it will include one of the Moon Valley Lotion Bars as a prize).


5 Responses to “Contest Prize Winners”

  1. Michelle says:

    Congrats Mary, Helen, Jennifer and Renee. Have fun with your new goodies!! :)

  2. Arrianne says:

    Happy Day! I bet you’re so excited!!

  3. Anne-Marie says:

    I hope the winners excited and that they check back to see who won.

    I don’t have their emails so hopefully they write us (info (at) with their addresses and choices. I very much want to give out the prizes! =)


  4. Anonymous says:



  5. Jennifer says:

    Woo hoo!

    YAY! I’ll send an e-mail in a few!

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