Claire Dann 2012 BBAC Update

It’s time for another Bramble Berry Athletic Club charity shout out! If you’re a daily Soap Queen reader you’re probably familiar with BBAC and know that Bramble Berry donates a portion of our profits to local non-profit organizations. Starting BBAC was a way to connect with some of our customers equally as passionate about giving back and a way for Bramble Berry to donate to a wider variety of charitable causes that touch the lives of our customers.

Claire Dann Graduated from UW in 2012 and is now on her way to Oxford for grad school. She was one of the top fundraisers for the UW Relay For Life event and loves making lip balm from Bramble Berry in her spare time (when she’s not studying). Thanks for representing BBAC, Claire, we’re so proud to have you representing Bramble Berry!

Tell us about your charity!

Relay For Life supports the American Cancer Society. Because cancer never sleeps, the event is 24 hours long. The event honors cancer survivors and remembers loved ones that lost the battle with a candle light ceremony at dusk (always very emotional). My team, Paul’s Pals, camped out overnight and took turns walking and running around the track. Thanks to Bramble Berry’s charitable contribution, my team was able to raise over $5000 for the cause!

Why is this charity so special to you?

The number one reason I chose this charity is because I love my Dad. After beating a form of kidney cancer called “renal call carcinoma” in August 2009, we found out that the cancer had returned, was stage four, incurable and very serious. The news rocked my world and changed my life perspective. While the cancer is not gone, it has remained stable thanks to new medication on the market. That’s why this charity is so important to me. By raising money for the American Cancer Society, I feel like I’m directly helping my Dad. It gave me something to focus on so I could do something proactive to fight for him. He’s now a survivor in my eyes!

My Dad was so proud to wear his “survivor” shirt this year. It was a special moment for my family. I definitely didn’t cry…ok…I cried like a baby. The whole event can get very emotional, especially if you have someone to fight for!

What’s your favorite Bramble Berry product?

I love the Bramble Berry Vegan Lip Balm Base! Since I made my first lip balm (just for fun) I’ve never been back to the old grocery store stuff. Yuck. I’m totally addicted and will probably be making lip balm for the rest of my life. My favorite blend is 1 part Blueberry Bliss and 1 part Buttercreme. It’s reminds me of blueberry pie!

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  1. says

    Yay, Claire and family (and all BBAC members)!

    I’ve been a silent, lurking BBAC member (down almost 20 lbs. this year). I’ve wanted to apply the past couple of years and haven’t. After the family flu this year, I realized how little a person could eat and still be healthy! Eating for comfort, not hunger has been an issue of mine for years and the flu helped me realize my problem. I was stressed the other night and I wanted to gorge, but as soon as I took a bite, I knew I wasn’t hungry. I only took 2 bites at different times before I started laughing at myself! 😉

    No, I’m still not perfect, but I’m on my way to healthy & happy living! Thank you for being part of my inspiration. Thank you for talking health and giving. All good things go hand in hand.

    Happy day,

    • Anne-Marie says

      Wow! Down 20 pounds? That is awesome! I’m so proud of you. =) That is awesome. And we would love to have you apply next year for the team. It sounds like you have some great drive and motivation to start adopting 9and keeping) healthier habits. Congrats again on the 20 pounds; that is amazing.

      • says

        Thanks, A-M! I think it (common sense) has finally sunk in!

        Next year, our girly girls will be big enough to do a little something, too. So, we may be a BBAC Family. :)

  2. Kimberly Green says

    Thanks for sharing Claire’s story and a great big THANK YOU to Claire and BBAC for supporting research to find a cure for kidney cancer. My husband is currently in treatment at Johns Hopkins for renal cell carcinoma, also stage 4, so I know how scary this is and how important fundraisers, like the one Claire participated in, are to finding a cure.

    Kidney cancer is rare and because it is rare, it doesn’t get the kind of support for research and development as the more popular types of cancer. And right now, researchers are making huge progress to bring drugs to the market to stabilize kidney cancer (and hopefully, one day, cure it). These drugs weren’t available just a few years ago.

    Thank you, Claire, for your work to bring attention to this form of cancer and for your fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society. Your Dad must be very proud of you. And I thank you, on behalf of myself and my husband. Together, we can find a cure!

    • Anne-Marie says


      I can’t imagine what you are going through as a family and you are 100% in our thoughts and prayers here. I am so amazed that you’re able to see the silver lining with the kidney cancer and the types of drugs that are coming to market.

      We are so happy that we’re able to support worthy events, like this one, and are mentally cheering you and your family along from Bellingham, WA.

      • Kimberly Green says

        Anne Marie,

        Thank you for taking the time to reply. I can only imagine how busy you are, especially with the new little one on the way. I really appreciated the effort you made and for all the good work Brambleberry does!