Baseballs, Burgers and Bells

Have you ever thrown out the first pitch at a baseball game, or tossed a giant pair of dice in front of hundreds of people? Chalk it up to a day at the ballgame for Team Bramble Berry!

The Bellingham Bells are a team of collegiate-level players who participate in the West Cost League. They play during summer break from school, and travel from all over the west coast to compete. We were lucky enough to catch a game between the Bells and the Kelowna Falcons in a battle for the first place slot in the league! The Bells took the game, and I’m sure it was due to Team Bramble Berry’s well-established enthusiasm and cheering abilities. Those big lungs and big hearts were comforting when I was asked to throw out the first pitch (!) and Rachel and Carla from customer service were brought onto the field between the first and second innings to participate in a fun game of (GIANT) dice throwing! Get ready for a picture-heavy post…

Reserved the patio for the night – with awesome catering from Boundary Bay!

From left: Linda our bookkeeper, Becky and Rachel from customer service, Jason from the warehouse, and Carla from customer service

First time ever trying Mac’n’Cheese; the kid was enraptured by all the fat ‘n’ carbs in one bite.

Jamisen having fun with his newest skill – walking!

It’s a dance off! With Carla from customer service, me, my assistant Kristen, customer service team leader Courtney, and Rachel from customer service

The Bells getting warmed up before the game

Throwing the first pitch; I am cheering because I threw it to the catcher – yeah!

Getting the game ball signed – by the umpires and the catcher.

I got to keep the ball I threw – and it was promptly taken by a nearby baby.

Jamisen is stoked about his newly signed baseball!

On deck; go Bells!

The game gets underway (notice epic sunset starting to appear?).

Carla and Rachel from customer service about to throw the huge dice. Rachel won a year’s subscription to the Bellingham Herald!

The Bells make an amazing play! Go team!

Michelle from processing is checking to see if there are any delicious brownies left…

Cyrus from the warehouse (and coach of the Soapy Sluggers baseball team) explains the finer points of the game.

With Emily, Bells Promotions Coordinator and Nick, Bells General Manager

All in all, it was an awesome experience. I highly recommend it for a great team building experience if you’re looking for an inexpensive opportunity (group discount info here)! Not to brag – but Bells Promotions Coordinator Emily told us that Team Bramble Berry was the best group (aka: loudest, possibly the most obnoxious) they’ve had on the patio yet. So if you decide to visit Joe Martin Field, you’ve got a lot to live up to.

Batter Up!

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  1. Gretta says

    Anne-Marie you look so tanned :) Great photos and brilliant story!! I love this blog 😀

  2. Sara Jane Tinker says

    This looks like a totally FUN time!! Great Ideal…. besides, training especially needed since Jamisen is now walking! Perfect that the SUN was out for you folks!!

  3. inspiration says

    wonderful pics. It’s amazing how you lead and keep your team together.
    Being inspired from you, I do belly dance and/or yoga with my people since one month every day early in the morning before we start working.And it keeps fit and awakens the mind.
    Wish you eternal joy and fun.